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Jett Rocket (Any %) (Single Segment)

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Christian Kudahl!

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Jett Rocket (Any %) (Single Segment)

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Waiting hurts my soul...
I have no experience with this game, so I don't know how tight the controls are. It seems the sliding animation ends with a bit of slowdown, but a small hop seems to avoids this yet it's used infrequently.

Audio + Video: Looks good.

Tutorial - Does it always take that long to trigger the camera adjusting?

Get to the Mountain Top - Route looks optimized.

Jett Ride - The line used to get through the course seemed a little off in a couple places where the runner started zig-zagging, and he missed the last boost.

Riddle of the Sawblade Canyon - Looks good. Runner explained the platform lift isn't on a global timer, so it's always missed the first time.

Uncanny Bay - At 10:35, using the bounce plant seems like it might be slower based on the amount of time spent airbourne. You come back to it at about 11:55 and once again it looks slower than dashing over to the steps and jumping up.

North Pole

Three Towers - At 16:15 the runner flys around a large rock, but would it be faster to dash around the other side? After this, he slides down a ramp instead of jumping over it and dashing on the other side, which looks like it might be slightly faster. The setup for the first hoverboard jump seems like it could be improved upon.

Silent Path - Some delay in choosing the level. Mistake made costing 10 seconds at 23:36.

Icy Fortress - Many minor mistakes made bumping into walls, dropping a bomb, and breaking more ice than necessary. Can you move during all cutscenes? This is the first I've seen the runner do it, and I remember other cutscenes where it'd be beneficial to move during. Also collected one solar cell than necessary.


Toxic Swampland - Without the worry of collecting this level seemed to go really well.

Jungle Garrison - Another good overall route and little time wasted.

Jungle Maze - Is the moving platform in the beginning really faster than tredding water diagonally? At 37:59 is it possible to climb the gear without activating it? Failing that, might it be faster to just fly/swim/jump to the end of the level?

Final Boss

Why didn't you roll around the boss? Seems the extra speed would help to get around him.

Overall the run is obviously well planned and executed.

Edit history:
dustman: 2013-03-11 11:08:56 am
The hop will cancel the animation, but the time it takes you to hit the ground means it will take longer time for you to be able to roll again. So basically, it depends on the situation. If it is a long stretch, you will just keep roling.

I don't think it is faster to skip the bouncing plant but the second time I mess up the first jump so there it might cost me half a second.

It is not faster to dash around the other side of the large rock at 16:15 since this path is much longer. I think sliding down the ramp is the way to go (look how far he glides into the snow) but something went slightly wrong on this slide as he is stuck there for a quick moment. I agee that the first hoverboard jump could have gone smoother, as you may suspect the controls are not as tight as one would wish.

You are completely right about the silent path Smiley

Icy fortress has it's mistakes too and could be optimized some. However, the ice breaking was close to optimale (some ice is blocking other in one place and I need the solar cells inside it). I only see one too many broken because I roll and it gets targetted automatically.

I've only found you able to move on these bomb cutscenes, and it requires you to be already moving when it starts.

Junglemaze: You cannot just walk through the water since you will die (I think the third time you lang in the water). And no you cannot climb the gear without activation it (i have tried it and it almost works :)) The reason you cannot just walk/jump to the boss is that you will die here too.

You would think that roling on the final boss is an advantage, but it places you too far away from him and with a delay so he will turn around and you won't be in position to attack him.

Thanks a lot for watching and giving your comments. I am sorry if I am not supposed here, but I just thought a lot of your concerns deserved answers.
Not a walrus
You're certainly allowed to discuss your run in this topic if you don't care about anonymity, yes. Smiley
The Great Farming Empire
Video Quality - Good, although the game itself looks a bit strange at small resolutions.
Audio Quality - Nice and clear!

Most of my concerns seems to have either been already asked by Zenic or are answered in the submission comments.

Overall, This run was well planned and well executed. There are some mistakes in turns of execution that probably would have costed around 5~10 seconds out of the whole run, but they are all rather minor.

I give this run an Accept. Congrats to the runner!

Now if you excuse me, I gotta play this game now. This looks hella awesome.
Happy to hear that I inspired you to try it Smiley the game is great, but not that well suited for a speedrun ^^
Just a reminder, there are only a couple of days left for this public verification. If you have any comments to post, please do so quickly!
Willing to teach you the impossible
I like it. Accept.
Verdict Posted.
Edit history:
dustman: 2013-03-24 07:45:46 am
yay me Smiley so now, some time in the future, the game and run should appear on the wii page of sda, right? Smiley (I realise it will probably take a long time)
That's correct.