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Jet Force Gemini (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

A/V is great, no signs of cheating.

I really enjoyed this run. The runner shows throughout that he has a deep understanding of the game mechanics and map layouts. The route seems really polished as well. It's a shame the cutscenes take so long, otherwise I think more people would be interested in running this game casually.

Aiming is solid throughout all of the missions. There are a number of missed shots and chasing down enemies, but I feel that it's within reason given how unpredictable some of the enemies can be. Pretty much all of the boss battles were a joke, with the exception of the Tawfret boss. Fixing up the last phase of that boss can save a decent chunk of time.

The notable mistakes are mentioned in the runner's notes:

-Two occasions of missing some of the enemies for the door triggers and having to go back for them, each costing 20 seconds.
-Falling off the catwalks in the Spawnship, which cost 55 seconds.

The sloppiest play all happened during Vela's sections, but the amount of things that went right for the run outshine the flaws.

Some asides: I was surprised to find out that there are no useful clips in the game. Given Rare's past track record on N64 games, I'd expect that there are some ways to go OoB. Getting useful ones might be another matter. Throughout the run I also couldn't help but wonder about how the time might differ for some other categories. 2P might be a bit interesting to plan out, but I don't think the time saved would be huge, 10 min at most. Since you have to visit most of the areas anyway, I also wonder how much longer a 100% run (all upgrades + geminis) would take?

Final time displayed at the end was 2:39 (possibly 2:40 with the caveat mentioned by the runner), putting it 42 minutes ahead of the currently published run and with significantly better video/gameplay quality to boot. This run gets an ACCEPT from me. I think another 6-8 minutes (real time) can come off of the run with perfect luck and execution throughout, but 4-5 is more realistic.

No evident cheating and the A/V is good.  Onto the run.

Goldwood 1: Very good, little to fault.  Good knowledge of enemies that need to be killed.

SS Anubis 1: First “haha, I’m lying here, but I’m not dead” occasion here.  Not completely smooth in some places, but still really good.

Tawfret 1: Very good throughout, only minor slips, boss is a joke.

Sekhmet 1: Nice knowledge throughout run so far of when to use a vertical leap to ascend places.  Good routing to exits the quickest way when not collecting everything, I enjoyed the jumping in the lava room.  This level was fun to watch, a lot of nice slips between enemies, running pell-mell through hallways, barely getting hit and such.

Cerulean: Wow, great level design, guys.  A big expansive area with basically no features, few enemies, and only a few progression-necessary items, followed by some tunnels.  Nice job.  Sarcasm aside, this was well-executed in the main.

Ichor 1: Another good “just enough height” vertical leap to get by a bunch of gameplay.  Boy that one dude around 50:00 just refused to die.  Cool jump to stay on the ledge when the…pushy…devices…come into play (second of three).  Nice “just enough” movement of platforms in the moving platform room.  Great health suspense on enemy gauntlet before boss.  Boss fight could have been better, for sure, but nothing to stop the run on its own.  OT: that silhouette of Vela after the door opens in the cutscene is one of my favorite all-time videogame images.  I still think it looks pretty good.

Spawnship 1: Pretty darn good.

Rith Essa 1: Oh wow, the grenade-shooting shenanigans along the cliff side are awesome.  The “getting every drop of Lupus’s extended jump” factor is great so far in his levels.  Fun charging through all the enemies and grabbing four Tribals in the Interior.

Eschebone 1: Good throughout, I think.  Boss fight delightful.

Mizar’s Palace (Lupus): Good, the Floyd flying was solid.

Mizar’s Palace (Vela) 1: Good, short.  That water tunnel has so many nasty turns; it’s nice to see it completely shut down.

Mizar’s Palace (Juno) 1: Good, efficient, Tribals at Mizar’s all done.

Mizar 1 Fight: A brief interlude between cutscenes.

Mizar’s Palace (Juno) 2: Ah, the race first, all right—great job.

SS Anubis 2: No complaints.  Nab the Tribals and get out.

Walkway: Really the consistency of this run is starting to spoil me.

Spawnship 2: Grab part, GTFO.  One missed jump.

Tawfret 2: No significant complaints.

Sekhmet 2: Allllllll the Triballlllllls.  Shooting the spaceships for the life force door could have been better, but again, this is pretty acceptable having hit hour 3 of the run.

Ichor 2: Dancing’s gonna have to wait a couple more hours, Juno.  Just grab the Tribals, don’t listen to the rhythmic beats begging you to groove.

Tawfret 3 (Vela): In, part, out.

Goldwood 2: Took a long time to kill greeny in the treetop during the Tribal-collecting portion of events.  Some sloppy play here in general with enemies and a missed jump.  Ohhhh, and with that missed bad guy before the life force door forcing the double back and search, we have a winner for worst level in the run so far.  Enjoyed the “shooting flying bad guys” segment thereafter, though.  Despite knowing how it turns out, the suspense with the Tribals on the falling platforms was still nice.  Another missed jump for the machine gun ammo.

Space Station: Fairly comical couple of missed jumps in a row grabbing the last few Tribals…almost fell down after that, but grabbed the edge, phew.

Water Ruin 1: Just here for the part, laterz.

Eschebone 2: That was fun, only minor mistakes.  Love all the Vela dives deep into water.

Rith Essa 2: Whew, that was GREAT health tension at the end of the initial bit with the big guys surrounding the final Tribals and some flying enemies to follow.  Nice.  The Ascent portion goes pretty well, minor hiccups.  The Mine goes fine.

Spawnship 3: Ohhhhhhh, a little after 3:07 comes a costly fall, ouch.  Mistake of the run?  Yikes.  A little more sloppiness here and there, but the rest is solid on the whole.

Mizar’s Palace (Vela) 2: Getting to the Tribal dude to facilitate business later.

SS Anubis 3 (Lupus): Great fuel usage.  Meant to comment on that regarding the same thing with Vela in Rith Essa’s Ascent.  Really good fuel usage, gets them a long distance on barely more than the necessity (in a SS run this long, I can see why you would want to be conservative here and have a little more than the minimum required).  Passageway went really well on the whole.  Very good Floyd flying, especially going back to this mechanic after not playing it for a loooooong time.  Always had trouble with this Floyd race-thing , so nice to see just one go done cleanly.

Goldwood 3: Screw-up getting Tribal #4 (attempting vertical leap, then horizontal float, falls short of ledge, has to set it up again).  Grrrr, I always hated Tribals 9 and 10, definitely the most “easy to f*ck up and really deep in a level” Tribals of ‘em all, handled fine here, dropping on them out of the air after hovering over the mine danger.  Couple of bad guys throughout level took a while to die or ran for it and had to be tracked down, but really good performance.

Gem Quarry: Is it possible to get it in one fewer rotation?  Regardless, this is a weird, painful mini-game they threw in here.

Ichor 3: A couple of stubborn enemies slow things down, especially the one guy near the last life force door, but nothing too crazy.  Nice jumps across/into the lava, using all the health up.

Water Ruin 2: Great.  Confident platforming on the narrow wall/ledge and good “kill self, get last Tribal efficiently” strategy combined with last level’s health usage.

Mizar’s Lair (Vela) 3: Drop off everything, get the part, etc.  Cutscene.

Asteroid: Here we go.  Amazing how fast that level goes by when you know what to do.  Kinda disappointing, feel like there should have been one more big onslaught with lots of bad guys, but at any rate, let’s have ourselves a final boss fight: oh, well, that made a relatively difficult final boss for its era and gameplay type look hilariously simple.  Well played.  Floyd part goes fine.  I always laughed pretty hard when Juno and Vela miss that high five and it’s supposed to look so awesome.  But the dancing is just genius.

Overall: This run was really good, quite fun to watch!  The runner’s notes provided some nice insights.  It’s a long enough run that the mistakes (more in the second half) are easily forgivable.  It’s a big old ACCEPT from me.

A/V quality is excellent. The run is glitchless and did not involve any form of cheating.

The route is solid. Despite the length of the run due to cutscenes (RTA was just beyond 4 hours?), the runner executed great control consistently throughout the run, especially with ammo management. In general, there were no major mistakes. The run can be improved but would be quite difficult to achieve. I noted numerous minor mistakes that, if fixed, would possibly result in a sub-2:35 game time / sub-4 real time. However, due to the fact that this speedrun is more like a marathon, the mistakes are somewhat expected, aside from falling in Spawnship. As Omnigamer stated, the mistakes were mostly during Vela's segment. I was surprised that the runner did not use Tri-Rockets to suicide with Vela on Eschebone in the area with the Specialist Magazine (saves at least 45 seconds).

Final notes:
I would be interested in seeing a co-op run of Jet Force Gemini, namely because Floyd has unlimited ammo and can shoot very rapidly.

Decision: Accept

The video and audio quality is good, and no cheating detected.

Regarding to the gameplay, it's good, very good. The runner has a good execution and uses every known tricks (straff, minimum kills to open life
doors, dialog/cutscene skip, jump at the top of elevator, death warp, etc.). Only one major mistake can be seen in Vela's Spawnship part (a fall that
cost 55 seconds), and 2 minors mistakes by forgeting to kill ennemies in Vela's Goldwood and Eschebone parts. Some trolly times also happened
(Ichor's boss and last ennemy with Lupus). I listed the main mistakes above but I'm not going to list every good points because there are so many.
The rest of the run is really good, near flawless sometimes. And considering the length of the run, and how it can be easily ruined by a dead tribal
or other random things, this is definitely an accept. Congrats to the runner for this beautiful run!

The timer is a problem. Like the runner said, the asteroid part isn't counted in the ingame time. But thanks to his quick save before floyd's last
mission, I think that we can use the ingame time as it is (2h39m). If real time is chosen anyway, it is 4h03m34s (from the start input in the menu to
the last input) or 4h00m19s (from the first input to move the character to the last input).

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Adam 'Jimmie1717' Lehman!
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Yes, a cucco riding the ground.
Congratulations. I look forward to seeing this run.
Weegee Time
I loved JFG.  I think I'll need to give this one a looksie.  Congrats on the accept!
I'm glad you all enjoyed the run :).

I've actually been working on the route and quite a few things have been changed since this run. Also it was only about a week after submitting this run that I discovered a way to clip through the Green Key Door on Sekhmet allowing you to go from the first area straight to the last. I've also discovered other various things like abusing Lupus' hover ability to get on top of walls and hovering OoB to loading zones.

I look forward to doing more runs and I think sub 2:30 may actually be possible, but would require a very good run.
Yes, a cucco riding the ground.
Great run. I just finished watching it. For such a long run, there weren't a whole lot of mistakes. My favorite level was Rith Essa with Lupus; the fights and movement seemed really fast. I also liked the final boss battle. Even though there weren't many time-saving tricks, I enjoyed the few that you used, like the one in the colored platform room on Ichor and the one during an elevator ride on Rith Essa. Good luck on future runs.