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I found the following page linked from TASvideos regarding a glitch in Final Fantasy Legend 2.  It has to do with a bug with the Poison ability causing some manner of buffer overflow.  Unfortunately, Google Translate does an incomprehensible job of translating from Japanese to English.  I was wondering if someone who speaks Japanese would be willing to translate the following into English for me?

Here is the original page in Japanese.

Here is Google Translate's useless attempt at the translation, from which you can also view the original page in Japanese (via a toggle in the top right of the page).

Thank you very much to anyone who is willing to help me.  It's greatly appreciated! Smiley

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Youkai: 2011-10-26 03:46:38 pm
Don't know what to speedrun :(
My girlfriend speaks Japanese, I can ask her if she could take a swag at it.

One problem though. When I go to the "original page" I just get gibberish. It's not Japanese characters. See screenshot.

EDIT: Cancel that. I can manually change the encoding to Japanese and it works. I guess the author didn't set a language declaration.

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dballin: 2011-10-26 03:47:53 pm
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Changing character encoding to ISO-2022-JP makes it look like all Japanese script. Whether or not it's correct script i dunno.

oh nice edit Cheesy
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Thanks for the offer, Youkai!  (And yeah, I should have included the information about the character encoding in my original post -- thanks, dballin)
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Youkai: 2011-10-26 03:50:19 pm
Don't know what to speedrun :(
I'll see if I can get her to look at it tonight after work (pacific time) if no one has a translation by then.

I should really be able to translate it myself by now but I have been slacking on my Japanese practice Sad
Don't know what to speedrun :(
Ok so it made a whole lot of not much sense because neither of us has played the game. Here is what we were able to figure out
Poison Bug

The damage doesn't go to the fallen character but to the (target of?) character that does the last action during the turn
Can happen even when you defeat the enemy

if the last action doesn't require a target something funny happens
e.g. it shows you using the wrong attack

Something about the boss that shows up is based on the number of group members
1 something "system"
2 something minion
3 Odin
4 Venus
5 Shogun
I'll try to translate it when I have time.
I never played this game either and don't know system, but I'll be able to translate other parts Smiley
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Thank you very much to both you and your girlfriend, Youkai.  I really appreciate the effort.  Sadly, even with it translated into English, I still can't make any sense of it...

Thank you 0xwas for the offer to help with further translation.  I'm super thankful for all the help I've gotten!

To give a little background, in FFL2 you create a party of four permanent party members (various fifth party members will join and leave as the story progresses).  Your four permanent party members can be human, mutant (or esper in some translations), robot, or monster.  Monsters grow in strength by eating the meat of other monsters (i.e., enemy monsters that you defeat in battle).

However, the TAS (in Japanese) uses some sort of glitch with the poison ability.  A buffer overflow is triggered and the "type of monster" field for a monster party member is overwritten.  After a battle in which this poison glitch is used (near the beginning of the game), a weak little monster is instantly transformed into an insanely powerful, high-level, end-game monster.

This bug can also be used to mess with what equipment characters have equipped, etc.  But, as you can tell from all my hand-waving, I have no clue how the bug works, and I haven't figured out how to trigger it in my attempts.

Here is the blurb about it (in English) on the TASvideos submission, if it helps:
When the total of the ally and the enemy is 16 and someone dies with poison under a specific condition, the most significant bit of 8 bits data becomes 0, and equipment, the ability, and the character change.
In this run, the monster is transformed to a black cat and the equipment of the Mech is changed by using the poison bug.
Don't know what to speedrun :(
Interesting. Ok then that probably would have helped Smiley I think the numbered items are the conditions under which it can happen or something like that. Sorry I can't help more.
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0xwas: 2011-10-27 10:20:37 am
yuri 4 life
you can download from attached file.

My English isn't good. If you can't understand, let see me Smiley
Don't know what to speedrun :(
Good job Oxwas. That looks like a pretty decent translation. I don't play the game so I'm still not certain how helpful that will be but good luck poxnor.
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Thank you very much, 0xwas!
Necro-post. Is there someone around that's willing to do some translating? There's a lot I would like to read in to, but I'll at least keep the pages to a minimum. ^_^;