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James Bond 007 (ntscus) (gb) [Any %] [Single Segment]

Verifier Responses

Quote from KennyMan666:
A/V good. Video file claims 41:59 but I'm counting 42:02, gaining control at 00:00:20 and losing it at 00:42:22.

Nice game, this. Borrowed it from a friend back in the day, I played it through at least twice, probably more.

Run is quite good, though not perfect. But navigating is a bit harder in this game than it has any right to be, it's easier than it seems to get stuck on terrain, enemies love to be jerks and be right in your way, plus you get stunned for a little bit whenever you get hit by anything. And hit you will get.

Runner does a good job, though. Could be cleaner. But I didn't spot any part that was actually bad.

So this is an easy accept.

Quote from __sdfg:
I get the same timing as the previous verifier.  This looks like a 42:02 to me.  StatID aside, the A/V is fine.  The wristwatch border from the Super Game Boy 2 is included in the video, but it doesn't bother me at all and it can be cropped out anyway.  I do not see any signs of cheating.

Combat in this game can get pretty messy, but the runner makes it look clean for the most part.  There are some fights that appear a little sloppier than they could be, but I don't think much time is lost.  The runner has clearly put some thought into how to approach the enemy patterns in each room, which is apparent even just in getting around the guards in the first level.

The runner also does a good job of avoiding getting caught on corners and sprites, which is unfortunately a common thing to have happen with this game's movement engine.  Finally, the runner gets through the menus pretty fast.  I only caught one or two noticeable errors, and they cost little time.

It looks like the runner got pretty bad luck with Oddjob's hats during the fight, but he also was able to get through the casino easily, so I guess it evened out.  I think it should be possible to get better luck overall, but since the casino is a forced reset if you lose the first hand with the runner's betting strategy, I don't think it would be fair to complain about the luck in this run.

This run could still be polished some more, but I think it's a good way to welcome the game to SDA.


Quote from Efreeti:
Video somewhat blurry, audio has a high pitched hiss in the background. Not a dealbreaker, but it's noticable, especially in the quieter areas of the game such as Tibet.

Runner takes direct routes, little to no hangups on movement, combat is basically done as quickly as the game will let you.
Not a perfect run, there is room for improvement, but it is still good. Some moments of bad luck, but also good luck to make up for it.

Still, I'm glad to see a decent run of this game submitted to SDA. Accept!

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Martin 'J.Y' Söderhäll!
Thread title:  
Wow, that went through verification pretty quick! I was really surprised when I saw that I had enough verifiers just a week after I submitted the run since I haven't even written a single line about it on the forum, so that was a pleasant surprise Smiley

As for the timing: you're right, it should be 42:02 and not 41:59, I have no idea how I got that time in the first place.
I feel like a lot of people played this game, even if it doesn't seem like many people talk about it these days.  So, I'm not too surprised.

Thanks for the run and congrats. Smiley