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Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Audio/Video Quality: Acceptable. The video encoding has a bit of jaggies at the edges. The audio gets crackly when there's deep bass.

Play Quality: There are a number of obvious errors. Some are cringe worthy, like the death on Misty Island and falling off platforms on Snowy Mountain twice. At least those are limited, but someone should come along and clean it up as well as the random pauses. I don't think it's enough to reject the run, so...

Verdict: Accept. It's a great improvement over the current run, and provides a good example of what tech is available for the game in its current state.

A/V is fine. No cheating detected. Watched the HQ.

When I verify runs, I always watch the current SDA run if one exists and then the run in verification back to back. This run saves a good chunk (15+ minutes) over the current run, mainly due to death abuse and foregoing some of the power cells in the SDA run for ones in Snowy Mountain.

The cells that are not gotten in this one that Zenic got in the SDA run (several in the village, the climb in the Precursor City, and several from Precursor Basin) take up a lot of time that Snowy Mountain can cover, even with the gondola cutscenes. The flut flut glitch plays a good part in the time saved, as does getting a two cycle dark eco plant purge in the Basin and also skipping the boulder lift cutscene. I never thought of doing the Blue Sage first in the Citadel and jumping down to Yellow Sage.

There are a couple of ugly moments (Misty Island death comes to mind) but this run is a definite improvement over the current run.

Now before giving my verdict, there are a few things to ponder. First, where does the run fit in in terms of categories? Like the current SDA run, this run does not use the save/load citadel skip. That would make the run any% and a run with the skip should be any% w/ major skip(s). However, the run uses a good amount of death abuse, so should it be any% w/ deaths? I think not, as the main time savers are in the routing and execution.
The second thing is that this run may not be the fastest by a few minutes, at least according to the Jak and Daxter leaderboards. It's impossible to make everyone happy though and the fact that such a notable improvement has been submitted is good enough for me, even if people complain that it's still not the fastest run.

I accept this run as an improvement over the current any%. Hopefully we can get an 100% submission soon.

Quote from Uilnslcoap:
Mistakes as I noticed them:

The occasional bits of imperfect jumping throughout, banging into the edges of doorways, that sort of thing…mostly just excellent though.

Missed a gold fish in the fishin’ game, not that big a loss time-wise, 1.5 seconds?

17:30 range missed collecting a bee and had to go back and then nearly missed a jump onto an island, just catching the edge and climbing back up.

Looked like some shenanigans around 18:55 with the blue eco.

Ohhh, unintentional death costs around 20 seconds.

39:00 misses a jump onto a floating platform, has to jump back out of the water.

42:13 Don’t think you have to bump/lose momentum like that to take the turn, but could be wrong.

Fairly bad oopsy at 1:09:30.  Another less bad at 1:10:18 or so.

Almost a bad fall around 1:14:00, but recovers.

There are a lot of minor mistakes I haven’t listed and I'm sure I've missed a significant one here or there, the ones above just really stood out to me.  That seems to be a good indicator for the relatively casual viewer, and with the improvement over the last run, it’s a no-brainer.  Accept.

There's still probably 5 minutes or so left in this run, but as it's a sizable improvement over the current run I'm inclined to accept it.  I do hope the runner tries to improve this to knock it down to 1:19:xx (or at least 1:21), however.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Stephan 'Freak4games' Toews!
Thread title:  
As far as the category goes I don't know if it's the same one as zenics I just know that the one i ran is called Any% no Save + Load. It could be called with Deaths since Zenics is perfectly deathless which I've yet to be able to get in a run(other than required deaths for death abuses). Thanks everyone i'm lookin to improve the run alot but also I moved from any% to 100% so maybe a 100% run sometime.