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My 43:48 run isn't highlighted, cause i got very angry in the run xP I'll probably get a new time somewhat easily, there's a lot of talk about new tricks concerning cave skip.

Sometimes the car just spawns inside the cave for no reason. I have to figure out why.

Also a video of that trick would be great. Lately i have been pretty burnt out on routing Jak 3, it's mostly me who has to route in all the new skips, if any new once are found. So any help would be appriciated.
It's uploading as we speak. But yeah I messaged you on twitch about it too Rixer. I'm Volchrist on there. I feel like it's really just clipping trick but I don't know really. The video is rough but it does the job I just wanted to film it quick since it was late.  But it seems like a hole just appears in the invisible wall and you can only go through that hole.
Cool, i'll check it out. I don't really know what game to focus on anyway, so it may as well be jak 3 next Tongue
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Voloxer: 2014-01-11 03:13:38 pm
Sorry this took forever to upload and process, but here you go:

At around 2:23 I restart mission and try to replicate it and manage to.  Sorry again about the quality, just wanted to make a quick record of it.
I don't see why an invisible wall would be random, but you definitely got in there one time and not the other. Maybe it has two layers of walls and you happen to get behind another at one point. I'm gonna mess around with it, see if I can't find anything myself.

And I plan on doing more in the game, Rixer, maybe I can take some of the load off Tongue
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Voloxer: 2014-01-11 06:52:29 pm
Well when I started the vid.. I had already gotten in the same way I did later in the vid haha. But you get my point, it's random how just that part of the invisible wall just disappears. Im gonna order an easycap or some other capture card and some RCA splitters/cables and try to stream some when I'm back at college in a couple days and dig a little deeper. And I'd be happy to help with the routing too Ricky!
Okay so I think I've gotten Voloxer's glitch to a semi-consistent rate, but I don't have a computer so I'm going to try and articulate best I can.

On the egg wall there is a centered, indented egg. Reverse up to this wall coming at an angle from the left so that you line up with the egg just to the right of the indented egg on the wall. Get as close as you can to the wall driving the vehicle, ten allow it to creep forward off the wall just enough so that Jak can fit on foot behind the engine in the back which is slightly more ejected from the rest of the vehicle. Your feet must be on the ground, not hovering on the car and you shouldn't be able to jump or punch when you try. There isn't an exact cue that says if you got it or not, but it seems you may cause sparks and/or push the car away from just standing in the gap. Then you should have enough room to walk out of the gap over to the left most egg and get through. One instance I was able to glitch the whole wall and walk straight through the middle. I can't get the method to work every time, but after about 3 tries I've been able to get it and have tried the method after restart 5 times now.

Can't say I know for sure what's causing it, but given the placement of Jak I would guess that the colliding invisible walls from the indented egg sac and the one just to the right of it give a small area where you can get yourself in, making the game register you being through and taking down a wall. Just a guess really, but it sounds better than random Smiley
Actually, I've gotten down pretty constitently and am getting it on the first or second try Tongue Still have no idea what causes it, but my method does it.

Few more tips: aiming towards the vein in between the two egg sacs seems to push you left, right into position. The car's tire flipping shit like it's stuck and sparking seems to be a decent idea of placement too, that spot being good. Jak has to be in between the tail lights (what I thought was the engine cause I didn't look). Back up slowly once you get near the wall, the extra lip before it and getting airborn when hitting the wall will throw off the angle.

Still can't seem to find the proper cue that says you fucked it, but the car being pushed away seemed it might be one if you are in the correct position.
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Voloxer: 2014-01-12 07:41:57 am
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Voloxer: 2014-01-12 06:18:32 am
Would you say it's faster than the normal cave skip Ricky does in his runs? (The 45 minute one on YouTube). Or any easier/more consistent? Also, I seem to continually get Jak stuck because I can't walk out of the gap between the car and the wall cause the tire is in my way, and you can't jump.

EDIT: Front end of the car works also.
I can't do the current cave skip, do I can't really compare. It's definitely easier, but maybe that's just because I suck at doing jumps in this game. Could be an alternative route or a small time saver if done right, but getting the current cave skip in one go still may be faster. If you get stuck and nothing happens then jump in the car and allow it to creep forward just a small amount and hop out again. You should be wedged and unable to move but on the ground in the proper place; the car should move by itself, at least that's how I was getting it to work.
Yeah I would say if you get this glitch on the first and maybe the second try then it'll be slightly faster than the other method. Maybe. The current cave skip is the hardest trick in the game, so the ease of this may be worth it.
I'll be probably using it for my route since, like I said, I suck ass at the current cave skip (I'm sure it doesn't help that my controller is slightly busted and the analog sticks are off kiltered). We must wait for the almighty Rixer to deem judgement upon this trick for he is the only one that can seem to do the cave skip at a fast enough speed to get an accurate image of the difference in time.
The front end is faster cause it doesn't require you to have to turn around and use the back up cameras. What I'm doing is just pulling up to that egg that's to the left of the indented egg. until the car starts to shake and spark on its own and then get out and jump between the front and and the wall and move around a little bit then usually I can get through either the right or the left.
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ThaRixer: 2014-01-13 08:51:24 pm
I guess it's time for me to try this out as well. If i can find some sort of consistancy to this trick i'll do it. Considering it's roughly 7 or 8 minutes into the run if i can get it under half the time i'll still do it. I'll tell you in an edit how the testing goes.

Edit 1: So if you ground pound the vehicle and spin, you can like.. unsolidify parts of the eggs it's kinda weird. But what i'm trying to figure out is that sometimes with the old cave skip, the car just went into the cave with you and i dont know why it did. But it would be faster to have it there
Yeah it would be faster. And actually... many times I actually could drive the car straight through with the clipping trick... Which would not only be faster than jumping on the rocks if it's consistent/quicker but also it would save time from having to roll jump to that pillar and restart the mission.
So yeah. This happened
So yeah this happened part 2
Yay we did something Voloxer Cheesy GG on finding more to it, and looks like it saves time too Smiley

I found something earlier that could possibly allow for a skip of the Leaper and Guitar Hero mission early in the game by accessing the garage, but wasn't able to get the jumps I needed, so maybe you guys can help.
To the left of the garage entrance is a doorway up a short staircase. If you perform a high jump then you can reach the top of the frame where there is a small area to walk similar to the old cave glitch. Perform another high jump and a spin attack towards the corner in the direction of the garage where a spike is sticking out of the garage, there is an invisible platform in the corner if you landed above the spike. This is as far as I've gotten, but this may be able to lead to the garage or outside of it which could intern register the game to jump forward in state as if you have access to the area already. If it does lead to anything, then that could save several minutes at ge beginning.
Yeah I've also found something in the volcano skip area.. there's another way to get out of bounds and walk around. I was attempting to see if theres any possible way to get passed the precursor door in the area where the light shines down while out of bounds. This would be a nice skip if it was possible.  I haven't found any way to utilize it yet, but either of you let me know if you want to see how I'm getting out of bounds.
Post it up. I'll try yours and you try mine?
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ThaRixer: 2014-01-15 12:19:42 am
Since your cave skip video took so long to upload, if you're recording another video, keep it short to keep the MB small xD

Also appanratly blahpy found another skip in reach the core, but no video yet
EDIT: The skip blahpy found is unforuntatly useless, would have saved 15 seconds.
Okay I'll do that today or try to since it's my first day of class coming back to college.  But there's one way to get oob inside the room with the light and things in the pillars and that's leads to nothing lol but there's also a way to do it by climbing a statue in the area of the volcano skip. You get on the LEFT torch on the RIGHTHAND side of the door next to the statue double jump/spin into the spot where his arm meets the wall and mash the hell out of X till you get on onto his shoulder. High jump/spin to the left and you'll land on a rock, double jump/spin to grab a platform and get on.  High jump and mash X together up on a ledge. Hold forward so you don't fall off. Follow the ledge to the right and you'll fall oob.

So, basically you can get out of bounds and walk around the entire area around the monk temple and I can see the room with light but I can't get close enough yet to figure out if the rooms beyond that door load. There's a lot of things you can stand on while oob so it would take some testing to see. But I just wanted to semi explain it beforehand.
Gotta love that Internet speed.
I shouldn't be without a computer for too much longer myself, so I might be able to start putting some examples up if I find anything more. I'll see if I can try out your glitch, Voloxer, and see if I can get it to lead anywhere. Why is it you couldn't see if it lead to that room, did you die by accident or just couldn't find a way to proceed?
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Voloxer: 2014-01-15 07:09:18 am

I just can't find a way to jump over far enough to see if the room beyond the precursor door loads or not.  Even if it doesn't there may be a way to get to the Light Jak room early too because the oob area is so large I have no clue what may be available.  Getting passed the precursor door would probably be the best skip though.
Are you trying to skip past the ying yang door by any chance? Cause i have found a way to get behind the door. It unfortuantly doesn't load.