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wow so your are going to do the run right?
maybe (not sur) but before I need to discuss some points of the game

first what is the fast movement to travel : the JetBoard or the L1 jump ? (in a rise, a descent or a neutral way)

now about the route :

Complete Arena Training Course :

What is the best road to use ? The normal road or the JetBoard road (vid link : ) ?

Earn 1st War Amulet :

Did the Vulcan Fury is the best weapon to complete this mission ? Can we kill the 20 Marauders before the second lava wave ?

Skipp Kleiver missions and access to garage :

The fast way is the JetBoard or the Leaper Lezard ?

Go to monk temple :

How many boosts get ? What is the time aim ?

Destroy Eggs in Nest :

How many boosts ? Time aim ? (when you return to Spargus)

Defend Ashelin at Oasis

How many boosts to go to Oasis ? What is the best strategy in this mission ? How many boosts to go to monk temple ?

Escort Bomb Train :

What is the time aim ?

Go directly to catacombs :

A glitch more easy and more faster to do it : (see the end of the vid)

Reach Catacombs via Palace Ruins

A new route with light jak flight ?

Destroy Dark Ship :

Time aim ?

Destroy Final Boss :

Aim for the two parts of the boss ? (particularly the first)
im sure you can skip most of the palace ruins with the fly glitch
I tried many time before to skip most of the palace ruins but if you do it the final part of palace ruins don't load (same effect than the first glitch of this vid : ) but I didn't find the "load area" yet, and you need the final part of ruins palace to activate the cutscene  Undecided
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Unreal: 2010-02-11 03:08:16 pm
Sorry for the bump but I've been practicing a single segment run of this game for a while using lapogne's route and I just wanted to keep people updated or whatever. >_>

Some notes on the route and such:

Arena Training: I use the jetboard to clear two gaps instead of one like lapogne.

First War Amulet: The best weapon to use is defiantly the yellow lvl 2 gun with the jump spin combo. I can clear all the maruaders before the second lava wave.

Kleiver Skip: Found a great method for a ss run... Simply open the door and enter the room he is in then kill yourself in the lava and you will spawn outside the arena entrance skipping the fat man.

Metal Head Nest Early: I have some trouble with getting on that high ledge from out of the Dune Hopper... I use a high jump plus L1 up move on the jetboard to get oob. I have to kill myself with the metal heads to respawn with the dune hopper. The nest area isn't too much of a challenge.

Monk Temple: A piece of cake if you ask me... the volcano skip is pretty easy for me. After I complete the temple I have to kill myself outside the temple by jumping down that waterfall area in order to ride the dune hopper again.... I haven't checked if simply restarting the mission would let me ride it. >_>

Oasis: I believe the peace maker is the best weapon of choice against the horde.

Escort Bomb Train: Usually get pretty lucky in ending the mission early with the yellow lvl 2 gun jump spin combo.

Palace Ruins Early: Usually get this with 1-3 tries.

Palace Ruins: I use the same route lapogne does except I fill up on light jak powers before entering that roofed metal head corridor for a timesaver in the Dark Ship.

Dark Ship: I usually clear the first room with the peace maker is 7-8 seconds tops... In the second room you can glitch fly all the way to the end elevator clearing the ship in sub 1:30

Final Battle: The first half in the vehicle is a complete pain in the ass. I need to rewatch lapogne's section to get some strategy at least.... I am horrible at controlling vehicles in this game. <_> The second half of the battle is cake by simply using the peace maker. Restocking on ammo isn't a problem since every enemy drops peace maker ammo. Also I usually have to use regenerate at least once during the final fight.. sucks

Also I need to test if completing the Monk Temple before the Metal Head Nest is faster than vice versa. Cause my idea is that after I complete the temple that I would destroy the vehicle warping me all the way back to Spargus to possible save time...

Edit: Did a test run today and got 1:15... Had lots of deaths and took at least 3 minute to set up for the Metal head Nest early. In the run I'm trying to shoot for no deaths at all and shooting for at least a sub 1 hour run possibly even lower if I get a decent test run.
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I'm kinda toying with the idea of doing IL runs for this, playing them for fun at the moment. This is kind of an interest check and (though it's a longshot) bump about the progress of the New Game run. Any chance it's still happening?
Forget any , here is the new world record of jak 3 speedrun !!!
The perfect speedrun , here is my speedrun ; )
        -  42 min 18 s  - WR
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Does anyone here have better than 1:12:53 Single Segment in Jak 3?
I would like to breathe some life back into this thread, I feel like this game needs a run for sure since it's obvious we've broken it enough to get the time down for a single segment.  The routes we've posted should work and there may be even more breaks in this game we haven't found considering what we have found already
I stream this quite often Volox. I currently have 1:02:41, sub 1 is easily possible, i just need a new RCA cable. WR is 59:41.
Are we talking hero mode?
Obscure games ftw
This is not on Hero Mode, just from new game.
Yeah new game record has been improved to 59:01. I'd like to point out that the PS3 version is faster than the PS2 version by like 40 seconds, but has worse controls.
Cave skip is now possible from the floor. The Beam Reflexor mission and Wild Leapers mission is skipped. my reaction is odd xD
Any new routes/skips recently? Saw that trifecta run by the way rixer, hell of a job man
A few more saves and this run could be sub 55. I might start learning to run it, see if I can find anything new.
WR is 43:48 right now by Rixer.  It's really not too hard of a game to learn; I'm getting another copy in the mail in a couple days cause I've lost mine so I'll shake some of the rust off and check out some stuff.  The game is really broken so I wouldn't be surprised to see it go down more.  Leaderboards are here by the way: just go to the Jak 3 tab.  I have no idea what the route is right now but there's plenty of runs on youtube to figure it out so that would be the place to start.
I'll have to look into routes and tricks too, except since I'm just starting I'll have a longer road to go Tongue What's Rixer's route, is the run archived somewhere?

Also, I saw earlier that PS3 version is the way to go, is that still the case or does it not matter?
Well like rixer said it's 40 seconds faster but has worse controls.  So I would go with better controls over faster frames or text.  You can easily lose way more than 40 seconds if controls are bad.  I don't even own a PS3 though so its irrelevant for me but I'd still probably go with PS2 anyway cause I'm a purist.  Just search Jak 3 speed run on youtube and look at something in the 43-45 minute range.
Rixer has his runs and some helpful tutorials over at his YouTube, still can't seem to get the cave skip down though. I'm going with PS2 since I have it and the game still, and I agree, crappy controls can ruin it regardless the 40 seconds.
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Voloxer: 2014-01-09 10:24:34 pm
May have found a new way to do cave skip. I was just messing around with the car around the eggs that block the cave entrance have somehow managed to lodge myself between the car and the eggs on the very extreme left hand corner and push myself through. Only done this once so far so I'll need to see if it can be a consistent and quick alternative to the current strat.

Edit: just did it again, but still can't figure out how I'm doing it, just seems kinds like the wall gives away, cause once I'm in I can go through the wall as if it's not even there anymore. But the issue is I can't do it quickly or consistently, I just back the car into the wall or put the front end right up against it and just try to get in between the car and wall. And I move around and jump or whatever and eventually I get through. The game does lag some on my ps2 when I try this.  I think it's interesting enough to explore and see if a consistent method can be found.
Could you perhaps clip enough into it to where you can get your person launched through, because you really don't need the car? I'll hop on later this afternoon and see if I can replicate it, how long does it normally take for you to pull off the skip?
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Voloxer: 2014-01-10 01:09:57 pm
Quite a while, sometimes 8-10 minutes. It seems random but I really don't know.  I'll try to throw up a rough handfilmed vid tonight maybe.
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