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Svenne: 2013-06-28 05:29:24 am
Svenne: 2013-06-28 05:28:21 am
I am making a thread for this game: because I was one of the testers so I will work on routing a Any% route when the full game is released on July 1. I have been streaming this and talking with Inzult about different ideas etc.

Anyone else interesting in playing the game? This game was made with speedrunners in mind. There is chance of getting 100 beta-keys on Steam if you write to and ask for a copy!
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I am torn on how much, if at all, I should participate in the route planning since I designed the dungeons. :p I guess I'll just lurk for now...
Svenne has stirred my excitement for this game quite a bit and I'm looking forward to playing it and possibly running it :3
Yeah man, I am so stoked for this game! There will be a urn of this game during the ESA marathon by some of the makers so I am getting extra hyped!

@Ultimortal, this game also? :3 Too bad you could not make it to ESA.
I'm a beta tester as well and I've routed any% Ice/portal and Fire/Portal, both of them down to around 12 minutes. I do think that Fire/Portal is faster
Good stuff, I found the bridge glitch and so forth! So what kind of categories are we talking about, Any% and 100%?
What is the bridge glitch?

I'd love to see categories in the form of the three item setups you can complete the game with, that is Fire+Portal, Fire+Ice and Portal+Ice. Of course, one of those will automatically be the fastest overall. Having all three items on completion would be quite superfluous in light of a 100% category.
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Svenne: 2013-07-01 11:06:42 am
I found like a glitch that made you not able to continue like a month ago but it's fixed now so no worries! This is the first game this year I would give 10/10!

Also, here is my solution for this room. I have no idea what to call any of these rooms because I was released today! Smiley

I've timed several rooms since I did my last runs, and found new paths that saves up to 3 seconds per room, I believe I can get my current final ingame time down to 11:30ish fire/portal with better movement.
The game's so input-intense in some parts Tongue

I'm also routing 100%, because I think that could be a pretty awesome category as well.

And Svenne, that's not the fastest way Wink Mine's about 2 seconds faster, I just timed them! Cheesy
Cheesy Good stuff! Yeah, I love this game and some of the puzzles are really hard. I will be streaming more tonight! This is the first time I am doing a Fire/Portal playthrough, so no Ice. I think I will not do more videos until the game hits, it was supposed to be released yesterday but:
So I just completed my first playthrough and I loved it. I noticed that there's an in-game timer that stops when you pause and during cutscenes and stuff. Would this be used or would RTA be the thing?
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penta: 2013-07-07 10:19:17 am
penta: 2013-07-07 10:19:07 am
I really wanna try this game, I'll just wait for it to release on steam.

I don't know if there are death skips or save and quit, so RTA could be possible
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eTholon: 2013-07-07 12:38:14 pm
Save and Quit and dying do the same thing, which is put you at the beginning of the room you're in and reset it, so not really a thing.

People who buy the DRM free version on their website will also recieve a steam key, or at least so I've heard.
Yeah man, if you are still not 100% sure about this game, you should watch the speedrun of it on ESA and listen to the crew who made the game. I think this is a sleeper hit and most awesome game. I will try doing more videos in the future Wink
Hmm, cool, just took a look at the game site and by buying de DRM free, you receive the steam and other platafforms keys after theyre released.

I'm really busy at college this week so after this week, I'll start playing it.

This ESA will be sweet, I'll take a look at this run for sure.
Does anyone knows how to solve this puzzle?
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penta: 2013-07-19 03:34:16 pm
penta: 2013-07-16 06:28:50 pm
Just got a Any% run in 34:17 in game time (38:47 Wsplit)

This not even a good run, I'm still memorizing all puzzles, everytime I forget what to do in some of them.

Lots of deaths in final boss, I don't know a consistent way to kill him.

I believe something arround 25~30 min (in game time) it's a good time.

I'll keep doing runs whenever I can, right now I'm just too busy

EDIT: Improved a bit, still bad though. Got a 29:38 IGT (33:44) - This is Fire-Portal-Ice
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penta: 2013-07-23 07:50:13 pm
penta: 2013-07-20 12:27:14 pm
I saw MooNiZZ's runs at ESA. He did Portal-Fire and Portal-Ice routes, both with a good time

Those helped me a lot on improving my own runs

I'm currently with a 14:27 IGT (17:04) on Portal-Fire route, I'm dying a lot in some rooms

I can't do the monster skip in the big room, it always walks on the direction I don't want.

Edit: Improved my time to 13:34 IGT (16:23)

Edit2: Less dying = 13:29 IGT (16:13)
Got a almost perfect run on portal-fire, without the monster skip in the big room

12:39 IGT (15:13)

Could someone give me tips on how to do that skip?
So im currently at 13:52 IGT with the portal-fire route and i kinda like this game

could someone link mooniz's esa run vod?
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penta: 2013-07-24 05:53:49 pm

Starting arround 35:58:00
Hi guys ! I just started getting interested in ittle dew's any% speedruns and I noticed something. All runners I watched took first 300 gold and then went straight to the second world in order to get the swap-thing. Is this item unavoidable in order to beat the final boss ?
Because I got 400 gold then went straight to the 3rd world and beat its boss, and then I wondered if I wouldn't miss the swap-thing to finish the game.

Skipping the 1st and 2nd worlds is quite fast, I don't think it took me more time than runners who go through the 2nd one to get the swapper

EDIT : nevermind my silly questions. I just started to play the game but it seems that you actually need at least two wands to beat the final boss. That's why there's fire sword-ice wand runs & portal-ice wand runs.
Rise from your grave! A friend of mine and I have begun to run this game a bit, and I figured I would make a post here to see if there was a community alive for this still! It's an awesome speed game, there's not really many glitches, just some shortcuts and a lot of skill involved. It'd be cool to see if anyone has any alternate routes compared to what we're using.

I made a video of a Portal/Ice run, but it's garbage compared to my best (which is 12:02.60 right now), but I just wanted to get something up.
Good stuff man, this a nice game. You should check out for the 100% run and for the any%
Yeah, I'm definitely interested in the 100%. Portal/Ice is my favorite route so far, and as far as I know it's the fastest.