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My feelings on The Demon Rush
I've been helping SDA since October 2006. I've outlasted two updaters, and I've worked longer for the site than Radix (though none of us would be here without him). The problem with working on the site for me is that I'm a bit burnt out.

We (the SDA staff) decided to split up my duties among Flip and Moooh. Flip is taking over contact and verification duties. Don't worry, you don't need to resend anything you sent to me to him. I've kept him up to date on submissions, and anything he doesn't have I can easily give to him.

The submission, FAQ, and rules pages have been updated with Flip's name and contact information instead of mine.

Moooh is now writing the gamepages for SDA. He's already better at it than me so we should be good on this front. Smiley

Now you might think updates will be worse off now that Flip will have less time to update, but no need to worry, Vorpaledge is now replacing Flip as an SDA updater.

I'll still time runs, because it's a short and easy task for most runs, and I have the most experience doing it anyway.

Any complicated rulings will be discussed among staff, but for the most part I think Flip will do a fine job of handling the rules.

About the marathons, don't worry, I'll still run them. I love running them and they're too much fun to give up on. And yes, I'll make the thread for the 2012 main marathon soon.

P.S. Maybe now I'll finally get around to doing that Sunset Riders run.
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well thank you and enjoy your retirement!
completely understandable, it seems like your role entailed a lot of tedious work, and 4+ years of it with only thank yous is hard. thanks for being patient when i had a lot of questions at various times.

moooh and vorpal will do a great job, i'm sure. especially pleased the latter will be doing updates. Smiley
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ZenicReverie: 2011-05-24 05:23:59 pm
Waiting hurts my soul...
Thanks for everything Mike. I hope you enjoy the load off your shoulders, and maybe now you'll be able to focus on more important things... like making more speedruns. Wink

Time to bug Flip now!

Edit: Congrats and good luck with your new responsibilities moooh and Vorpal!
Does this mean that  the 6 year old verification queue thread will be replaced by a new one?
Weegee Time
Sounds like a good plan to me.  I, for one, welcome our newly restructured admin overlords.
Balls jerky
Uh.. so did we just go from Uyamastan to Dixstan? :3

Nice green letters VorpalEdge!

<3 Mike's slave labor for the past 4-5 years. Now back to the slave labor of entertaining me with speedruns!
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grndino: 2011-05-24 05:46:14 pm
Quote from Rakuen:
Sounds like a good plan to me.  I, for one, welcome our newly restructured admin overlords.

no, that one was started by radix anyways
train kept rollin
Thanks for all you've done/will continue to do. Enjoy your less stress.
I want off the ride....
All Hail Uyamastan! Now with even more behind the scenes action!
Talk to the Hand
I'm amazed you kept at it this long, frankly. And even if you denied it at the time, I kind of figured you were getting burned out on it immediately after AGDQ.

Regardless, you've done an awesome job taking the site this far. As you said, you outlasted Radix (At least as far as the Other Game section is concerned), which isn't an easy feat in itself.

Enjoy your retirement. You can join me in chasing these whippersnappers off my lawn. Smiley
Haters gonna hate
Thanks for everything Mike! You did a great job on the site and I hope you enjoy your much deserved time off.
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TheQuietMan: 2011-05-24 07:03:30 pm
Complete. Global. Saturation.
Does this mean you'll finally have time to give us improved Metal Slug speedruns as well as one for the much anticipated Mega Man Zero 4?

On a slightly less serious note, I hope you hang around and continue to do streams. An SDA engine such as yourself can not be replaced.
Thanks a ton for everything you've done, Mike!  We all really appreciate it.  You definitely earned your retirement.  ^_^  (and if you don't play Sunset Riders soon, I am going to destroy you).

Congrats to Flip, vopeju, and moooh on your promotions!  Cheesy
Learning to Stream
I can definitely sympathize with the standing down from being totally burnt out. I made a few goes with my own work before deciding to leave TG to focus on real life and my forthcoming wedding... and believe me, that included 2 near burnouts in the 7 years myself. You definitely put in more years then me and made a bigger impact. Enjoy the rest. You deserve it.
Thank you for everything Mike.  I can't say much more than thank you, and the work that you've put into SDA has meant a lot to me and so many others.  You've really made this a first rate site and the fact that you're so conversant with so many different games and the way you keep the community organized is no small feat.  I hope you enjoy your retirement and keep working on runs.

P.S. Does this mean you're going to reclaim the Contra III record?
Thank you for all your hard work, Mike!  GJ all his replacements!
You got a deletion wish?
Contact/Submission still has Mike's quid pro quo.

Best of luck, Mike.  Just don't disappear entirely into the sunset...then again, more Big Sexy time for you!

And I want to see your Sunset Riders run when you succeed!
Quote from MatrixTN:
Contact/Submission still has Mike's quid pro quo.

Visit my profile to see my runs!
Oh Mike.  You were only just beginning to hear the laundry list of ridiculous rejected-run-link-requests I had conjured up for you.  That is a loss you will truly miss, I know it.  Why leave now?  You're really just going to make SDA the best it's ever been in its entire history by a long shot and THEN call it quits?  There's still the rest of the internet to improve and reform.

Meh, I'm not funny. 

So, seriously man.  SDA isn't just one of my favorite sites.  It's my favorite ... thing.  And you made it that way.  Thanks for all the work bud, and I'm glad you're at least sticking around on the site for support, runs, and the occasional administrative function.  As always, you rock, and we all know it.

I'm really glad to hear moooh, vorpaledge, and Flip are getting promotions.  Aye aye
SEGA Junkie
The only surprise in this announcement is that it took so long to come.

Bravo, Mike, and three cheers for all the hard work you've done for the site. When the worst complaint made against you in the last four years is a lack of content, you must be doing something right with the community. Glad we'll still have your expertise around.

Moooh and Vorpal, best of luck, and don't complain about the workload lest you receive an "I told you so" from Mike Wink
Professional Second Banana
And thus the tale of the Alternative Beast drew to a close and the Dictator was buried with his money...

Mike, thanks for all of the dedicated and sometimes thankless work over the years, and congrats Flip, VorpalEdge, and moooh on your promotions!
Yes, a cucco riding the ground.
Thank you for sticking with it for so long. Good luck to Moooh and Maur.
Cigar Man
The tyranny is over!

Thanks for helping to make SDA the unstoppable behemoth that it is today, Mike, and for fielding all my runs and questions since I joined in 2007.
Ganondorf = Donkey Kong LOOK IT UP!!
You've done more for legitimacy than anyone possibly could. Your iron will has kept the worst of the speed runners out of this beast's gates! Well done Mike! Get your rest, it's well deserved! The big sexy will live on in all of us! Cry
*cranks out stereo with We Are The Champions*