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Hello and welcome everyone! Check out the FAQs etc. and if you're planning a run, make sure to post in or create the relevant thread.
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Piolew: 2018-01-15 12:48:41 am
Hello (Izaak here). I have had an interest in speed running for a long time just never pursued it. I recently just tried timing a run on a game that I haven't seen many people run and I was quite happy with the time. I have a lot to learn sure, and I need to save up so I am able to record and upload it. I want to learn and have a fun experience and meet people along the journey. People with the same interest, księgowa Jelenia Góra and maybe make an impact if enough practice later. Anyways.. Thanks for the oppurtunity. And all the current runners that encouraged me to try this. Let's have fun and good luck.
Hey guys and girls,
my name is Kalmes and I like to run my favorite game of all time "Divinity 2 DKS".
Ive been on this site since mid 2017.
HI, i am a new runner inspired by the last few gdq marathons. Not the best but going to be giving it by best.
Hi Im Faty I've been interested in speed running for years but never got into it. This past AGDQ 2018 made me want to finally try c:
Im also an indie game dev hopefully someday ill make some fun games you all can speed run

Looking to attempt to speed run Red Steel for the Wii as my first speed run~ lol
Hey I'm Fidee from China. Newbie here. Hope to have a good time with you!
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Ligsie: 2018-01-22 12:30:16 am
Hello Smiley
My name is Kamila. I used to speedrun portal (not very well) but stopped due to my inability to ABH. Biuro Rachunkowe Jelenia Góra
I figured i'd try it again maybe on super mario world or other games! Smiley
Oh hai, This is Pa-Sama. Long time lurker, got an account up to submit and hopefully do some chatting Cheesy
Hi, Hyden/shrimpboy here. Just registered here to enter my submission for RPGLB 2018
Hey I'm Yoshi_Zilla! I am a speedrunner of the Paper Mario series! I started in 2016 have become one of the top runners for both Paper Mario 64 and Paper Mario: TTYD. It was honestly a great experience and speedrunning is just so much fun to do!
i'm museca top ranker
Welcome new faces! Work hard on your runs.
Hello, Professor_Palmer here!

I run some really silly stuff but am most well known for my Parasite Eve and Ni No Kuni runs.
Submitting some really good stuff to RPGLB!
I am ItsKasa, I do a lot of JRPG speedruns and have an emphasis on KH and FF. But I do branch out to other titles such as Eternal Sonata and NieR: Automata
Hello everyone, my name is Trance Quina and I have been speed running games since 2016. I primarily enjoy playing RPGs but am also a fan of playing platformers and other game genres. Although I only recently came to this site, I've been watching speed runs since 2014 and have now been streaming for two years. I hope I can become friends with everyone in the community.
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RuRuQuezacotl: 2018-01-20 07:34:32 pm
Twitch: RyuQuezacotl
Sup. RyuQuezacotl here. I've played a lot of Diablo II on Twitch. I've also speedran the following games:

Dark Souls 1 / 3
Breath of Fire
Tintin in Tibet
Zelda: OoT
Left 4 Dead

Much love to the speedrunning community on Twitch, and in general.
Yo, I'm more or less a JRTA runner (DQ1+2, gonna work on others) currently with some silly sidegames (Used to run hyper dimension neptunia mk2 more or less as a joke)
Nice to meet you all! I'm a newbie registering for RPGLB 2018 submissions. I'm working out routing/running some obscure Falcom games at the moment, but I hope to branch out into more popular stuff in the future.
Greetings, everyone.  I am Quatropus, I started speedrunning a few years ago by racing Binding of Isaac Rebirth, then moved onto new games after one of the GDQs in 2016.  Also saw Limit Break for the first in in 2016 as well.

The games I have run are:
Legend of Mana
Little Nightmares
Peter Jackson's King Kong
The Mummy Demastered
Resident Evil 7
The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+
Ori and the Blind Forest DE
I say Zed a lot.
Hello there, my name is Shauny7188, I like going fast at certain games, and always improving my times.

I'm a pretty laid back guy who enjoys baking bread and playing games and helping other runners when I can. I want to learn way more games than I should, but right now i'm focused on learning a few select ones to increase my library of speed games. (:
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Dick_Assman: 2018-01-22 06:15:27 am
How do you do!

I'm a Warcraft III player on battlenet and I'd like to utilitize my humble skill of 100apm micro to speedrun this old classic: Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines (1998)
I've made a proposal to the appropriate forum:

Yours truly,
Mr. Assman
Hello I'm Andy.

I have been lurking and watching speedruns since 2013. After a long time of wanting to see a Breath of Fire II speedrun; I decided to give speedrunning a chance. I started off with BoF2 glitchless and then moved into the any% category for BoF2. It has been a blast getting into speedrunning and meeting various communities of other gamers. I have gotten into other RPGS in time but BoF2 will always be my game. Speedrunning has become a great hobby for me.
Love is the Key to Peace.
Hello everyone, My name is Gonzo_SEAL and I am a RPG runner of sorts. My main game is Final Fantasy X at the moment. I currently speedrun many other games but RPG's have had my eye for the longest. It is great to be here and be part of this speedrun community.
Trails of Cold Steel, Cat Quest
Hey guys! My name is Fricassee, and I started speedrunning in 2017 as part of the MBMBaM "20 Serpentine, Zag-on-em!" I started in August, and as soon as I found some RPGs I really enjoyed, I was hooked! My first run was in October 2017 (Trails of Cold Steel), and I'm looking forward to running more games!

I'm also the admin in charge of the Obscure Speedruns Club (still zagging), where we pick a handful of games with only a few runners each month, and go at them as a community. It's like a less racing, more casual version of Speedrun Weekly.