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Mighty Soupcan: 2013-07-31 10:11:53 pm
Mighty Soupcan: 2013-07-31 10:11:41 pm
My name is Jonny, glad to meet you!
So I am brand new to the speed running community. I mostly watch but i have been interested in doing a really different game and the only odd game i own that i see speedrun potential in is I-Ninja. I realize that it's mostly minigames and that it's really easy to die if you aren't careful but i think it could be a lot of fun. Here are the only problems i see so far: The leveling requirements seem really strict, so i don't see room for any major level skips unless the belt requirements are relative to the belt you currently are instead of being predetermined.
So this basically leaves it up to everything being routed properly and finding only the fastest, most efficient missions to complete and the best way to complete them.
I honestly like this because it gives the runner a lot to play and also gives the viewer a lot to watch.

But as i mentioned, I'm brand new and don't really know how to go about planning a speed run. So if anyone could give me any help that would really awesome!

Also I am interested to see if anyone would even want to see the game being run. I searched the forums and saw a few requests for it here and there.

Lastly, i would be playing it on the Gamecube. So it would be cool to know if there are any console specific glitches out there, cause I'm sure i could pick up an original XBox copy somewhere if it would be more efficient.
One of the biggest pluses to this game is that all the text is automatically skippable. (But the few cutscenes in the game are not)

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!
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ZenicReverie: 2013-08-01 10:54:42 am
Waiting hurts my soul...
I have the PS2 version. I haven't heard of any differences. One way to approach a game like this is to tackle 100% first and figure out just which levels are fastest.

If I remember correctly, each stage adds to the total, but most lock at the next belt after one pass through. That means you'll most likely have to play every stage. The bonus stages are the fastest, but some are quite difficult.

I was considering trying my hand at 100% for this, segmented at nearly every level, but I couldn't get a few tricks down at all. Here's a nice one:

There are couple shortcuts I found in the first level, which should be obvious, but most of the levels are straight forward. Good luck with the run.
My name is Jonny, glad to meet you!
Thank Zenic. I've actually been doing just that. (Running the whole game and timing each mission individually).
I guess the splits would pretty much be the boss at the end of each area? I'm not sure.
But i have been looking into different short cuts and working on how fast i can complete the different mini games. The game is definitely tricky...especially during some of the "find the red coinage" hopefully i can skip those for a minimum % run...i also found a soft lock already which was cool to find, but also sucked at the same time haha
My name is Jonny, glad to meet you!
Damn. i can't get that nunchuck trick down. i get to the floor without getting detected at least. but it'd be nice to skip that wall climb and save another second or two...i just estimated the run length by planning out the minimum number of grades to fight the far it looks like an estimated 3:00:00 run time. Which seems kinda long, but hopefully people would be interested in watching it for it's quirkiness. (even though i have to skip all the text we at least get to watch the hysterical cutscenes, which is partly why i love this game.)
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Thought I would bump this topic since I've been working on a route for this game and plan on doing a single-segment run sometime soon. There seems to be no community for this game so maybe I can find some people who are interested in this game on SDA. I have a few trick videos and there is also a big skip in the Crystal Cavern found by Sockfolder that saves at least 5 minutes. I also have a route that I will post below.

My trick playlist
Crystal Cavern Skip

There is a skip in the level "Buzz Off" I found that saves 2 minutes but it is segmented only since it is very precise and difficult. It is in the video titled "More I-Ninja Tricks".

Some comments on the route. I'm still trying to figure if it is worth it to kill some extra Ranks through the levels so you can upgrade you sword to the Sapphire sword. It is 30 seconds faster to kill Malakai with Sapphire sword then the Chain Sword. (I need to retime this)  The thing is... will the extra time to kill the Ranks outweigh how much time it will save on bosses (Malakai and O-dor) and higher level Ranks in later levels... I'm about to do a play though skipping past the extra ranks to see how the fights go with a lower level sword in later levels.

I also need to test if my coin route adds up correctly at Bomb bay. I think I might have to buy the Bomb bay challenges after Rocket Factory. I'm sure it is fine since in the Robot Beach levels I end up with 100 coins after the "Eye Ninja" and "Heart Attack" levels and you do each of those levels 3 times. In the "Eye 2 Eye" level I usually end up around 60-70 coins and you do that level 3 times as well.

The route...

You need...
3 grades for Yellow Belt
6 grades for Green Belt
8 grades for Blue Belt
10 grades for Red Belt
11 grades for Black Belt
38 grades total

Gold Sword - 100 Ranks
Chain Sword - 125 Ranks
Sapphire Sword - 150 Ranks
375 Ranks Total

*Kill 375 Ranks to have Sapphire Sword before Malakai
*Stop collecting coinage after you have enough for Twikki's challenge
*30 seconds faster to kill Malakai with Sapphire Sword

Robot Beach
-Eye Ninja
-Eye 2 Eye
-Heart Attack (Yellow Belt)
-Eye Ninja 2 (Gold Sword)
-Heart Attack 2
-Talk to Yang
-Buy challenge 1 (100 Coinage)
-Buy challenge 2 (150 Coinage)
-Eye 2 Eye 2 (Green Belt)
-Eye 2 Eye 3
-Heart Attack 3
-Eye Ninja 3

*Head to Bomb Bay

Bomb Bay
-Talk to Aria
-Buy Challenge 1 (200 Coinage)
-Buy Challenge 2 (300 Coinage)
-Grade in a Cage
-Grade in the Cage 2 (Blue Belt) 
-Grade in the Cage 3
-Rocket Factory 
-Chase the Fuse
-Chase the Fuse 2
-Chase the Fuse 3

*Head to Jungle Falls

Jungle Falls
-Psyamon (Chain Sword)
-Ride the Logs 
-Ride the Logs 2
-Buzz off
-Sly Ninja (Red Belt)
-Talk to Twikki
-Buy Challenge 1 (400 Coinage)

*Head to Mountain Gorge

Mountain Gorge
-Sneak and Destroy
-Sneak and Destroy 2
-Clouding Around
-Clouding Around 2
-Crystal Cavern  (Sapphire Sword)
-Malakai (Use Ninja Berserka)

Moon Base
-Outpost Alpha
-Outpost Beta
-Cyro Chamber
-The Imperial Guard (Black Belt)
-Emperor O-Dor (I-Ninja on second phase)
-End game

I also have an excel spread sheet for all the level timings. I originally had the "Shoot the Ships" level in Bomb Bay in my old route but replaced it with "Ride the Logs" mission 2. It is 30-40 seconds faster. Shoot the ships definitely helps with upgrading your sword sooner due to all the enemies you will kill but with this new route, I believe it will be faster to skip Shoot the ships... It is hard to time how the sword upgrading effects the overall route. I'm about to just time a fight with a group of Ranks in a later level with each sword type. (thank you in game cheats)

EDIT: Just did some searching and found a huge skip in the "Sly Ninja" level found by rocmox!

EDIT2: LOL maybe I didn't search hard enough... some strats for world 1.

Also, a nice google doc by rocmox. He explains various clipping methods... I have a feeling there is more to be found in this game. The above video obsoletes some of the strats I found in one of my trick videos.

EDIT3: Well I happened to find a new skip that saves a few minutes in the level Buzz off. I would say it is segmented only since the jump to the area with Queen Sap Sucker is pretty precise. I happened to find somewhat of a setup for it that helps me get it within a minute or two... But if that was the case you should just do the level as normal to not waste anytime.

Such a good game. And I love the clips of it. I might help out with glitch hunting and routing. If there's anyway to contact you guys that'd be awesome.
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Unreal704: 2015-02-09 05:16:24 pm
Nice to see someone interested. Smiley Any help would be great! I've tried the Sly Ninja clip on both the gamecube and ps2 and was not able to get it to work. I'm afraid it may be a pc only glitch. It is definitely not viable for a single segment run. I'm happy to say I can consistently get the Buzz off level skip so that is a good 2:30 shaved off the run!

Also, I'm about to be done with my play through where I skip past killing the extra Ranx tonight.. I've decided it will most likely be faster to skip the extra Ranx and not get the Sapphire sword until the final area... It's about 20-30 seconds slower to kill Malakai with the Chain sword then the Sapphire sword but I believe all that time will even out by skipping some of the extra Rank groups... for instance the very first group of Ranx in the first tutorial level takes about 10 seconds if you include destroying the generator and gathering the coins. Also a good fight strategy to kill the higher level ranx is to uppercut them and slash them in the air and then repeat.

EDIT: I retimed the Malakai fights with Sapphire sword vs. the Chain Sword and its about 20 seconds faster with the Sapphire sword but my rng wasn't so good in the fight with chain sword. So I'm basically going to run past all the extra ranx in my runs.

I also figured it is faster to reset after the third and fourth boss to skip two cutscenes. It took 48 seconds to reset my wii and load the file and the two cutscenes take 1:00 each. The first two end level cutscenes are around 40 seconds each.
Sweet! You wouldn't happen to have a skype or twitch account would you?
My skype is unreal_704. I also have twitch but can't stream with my MacBook. The audio de syncs and the video is very choppy.
so is there a record for this game? something to shoot for? im trying to run this game
Check this: