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The Call:
We are looking for SoCal-based speedrunners to do a live run as part of the “Indie eSports Showcase” at IndieCade 2014: (we are especially looking for a Shovel Knight runner, because the developers have already agreed to provide commentary if we can find someone to play it)

The Time:
October 9-12, 2014 (the run will take place on the afternoon of Sunday the 12th):

The Place:
Downtown Culver City in Los Angeles. IndieCade's festival area takes over the large park in front of the historic Culver Hotel:

The Details:
My name's Simon, and I'm the eSports commissioner for the International Festival of Independent Games. Our main conference takes place in Los Angeles every year, and I'm in charge of programming our competitive gaming event. I pick a bunch of (mostly) unreleased indie games, playtest to make sure they're as fun to watch as they are to play, and then give each one a dedicated exhibition time. This Indie eSports Showcase has been a great success at our New York and LA festivals.

At IndieCade East this past February, a speedrunner from your community named Chiron97 did a 100% run of Anodyne while the game's developers provided commentary. A lot of folks I've talked to said it was their favorite session of the festival, so I want to bring this kind of event to LA in October.

Basically, I'm looking for anyone near Los Angeles who does runs of any indie game (the run should take more than 15 minutes but less than 90) who wouldn't mind coming down Sunday to do a live run. The event will be streamed. Whoever participates will get a full conference pass (it runs from October 9-12, featuring cool talks and unreleased games) and an opportunity to meet a bunch of friendly indie game developers and players.

As noted above, I'd be especially excited to talk to anyone in the LA area who is working on their Shovel Knight skills, because the devs are local and have expressed interest in participating. But I'd also like to hear from others in the area who might want to do a run for the IndieCade audience.

Thanks so much for reading!
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I wouldn't mind heading out, relatively close to Culver City Smiley

I can show off Cloudbuilt[45 mins], Dust An Elysian Tail[30 mins], Contrast[20 mins], or Divinity: Original Sin[50 mins] (still routing) that fall under Indie.

Oh wow, great to hear you're close by and able to show so many different runs! Would you mind pinging me at the email address linked off of my profile header? Basically I'll wait to see if we've got any more takers, and then we'll figure out how many different runners we can fit into the time we've got available Sunday. (Also I'll start contacting the developers of those games to see if they're able to provide live commentary.) Thank you!
If you're still taking suggestions for runs, I run Mighty Switch Force for the 3DS, an indie Puzzle/Platformer by Wayforward. Run is about 20 minutes long and is full of high action, cool skips, and fast paced puzzle solving. Here's my PB/WR:

I also run Gunman Clive a little, an indie game made by one guy in 2012. The run takes advantage of the many gun upgrades you pick up along with just good movement and execution in general. Takes about 20 minutes to complete btw. Have no personal video for this unfortunately, but here's another runner's vid so you get an idea of how the run's supposed to go:

I have a 3DS capture card btw, so I can bring that. Both of my games are on that system after all lol. Should be easy to set up with all the equipment I have. I live out in Fullerton, so that's like a 40 minutes to 1 hour drive or so. Hope you consider me for your event and best of luck with the whole thing! Smiley
Hi Mr_Shasta!

Thanks for writing! If you could please drop me an email at the address linked off of my profile, I'll start asking the devs of these games if they're planning on being at IndieCade!
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BustahWuff: 2014-09-18 03:47:53 am
If you're still looking, I live in Las Vegas and run Shovel Knight, so I might be able to make it. I have WR in low% and relicless categories, and 2nd place in any% at the moment. The reason I say I might make it instead of definitely, is because I'm transitioning between jobs right now, so I'm not 100%. I should have weekends off, though, and if that's the case I should be able to be there. if you'd like to see some archives