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More testing, this time without Repel...again they took about the same amount of time.  But again, my route had less monsters.  So I think you might want to take mine just so you're taking less risk.
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Lhexa: 2014-05-25 02:46:12 am
Yeah, getting the Thunder Staff forces you to visit Midenhall as soon as possible after getting the Jailor's Key, so as to upgrade your gear as quickly as possible.  Then Midenhall is the closest town to Cannock, and Cannock is closest to Wellgarth... the rest falls into place.

That's a clever improvement, thanks!  It saves 100 or so squares of overworld travel (where I'm too low-level to use Repel), in exchange for a comparable amount of extra in-town travel.  And it solves another problem, too: getting past the Magic Loom damage floors after picking it up.  I had planned to rely on the Wizard's Rings, which is a crappy gamble to have to take at the end of a twenty-minute run.  This way, I can use a Wing of Wyvern right at the chest.  Nice!
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FionordeQuester: 2014-05-24 09:33:25 pm
FionordeQuester: 2014-05-24 09:33:13 pm
FionordeQuester: 2014-05-24 08:10:23 pm
FionordeQuester: 2014-05-24 07:40:18 pm
Hmm...wait though, if you were to cast Return from Wellgarth, that would mean your ship would go back to Midenhall as well, so you wouldn't be able to simply take the gate back to Zahan.  In fact, truth be told, when I came up with that, I had forgotten that you got the Magic Loom before going to Midenhall, so...hmm...

Then again, saving at Midenhall only takes about a fact, you might actually SAVE time considering that you don't have to do as much menu navigation, what with all the Wizard Ring uses and Heal spells you'd have to do otherwise.  Heck, using my old Segment 8 video for reference, it literally takes around a MINUTE just to get from one side of the Magic Loom Arena of Death to the other side, so yeah!  I think you SHOULD still go to Midenhall!
Yeah, I forgot about the ship warping, too.  But you're right that I should still alter the Magic Loom acquisition.  If I move it forward to the segment that starts at Cannock, I still have the eastern trip to Zahan (the same distance as before), but with an extra northerly trip from Cannock to Wellgarth (minus some squares as I don't have to sail as far north the first time), an extra forty or so steps.  But doing it here lets me warp out of the Magic Loom house, saving the minute or so (and Wizard's Ring gambling) on the damage floors.  So I think that's worth it.  Also, enough has changed for me to lay out the revised route:

Segment 1: Walk to Cannock.
Segment 2: Get two herbs and a lottery ticket, talk to the old man in the Spring of Bravery, deathwarp back.
Segment 3: Herb and a ticket, retrieve the Prince of Cannock, get Silver Key and Wing, deathwarp back.
Segment 4: Herb and a ticket, walk to Hamlin.
Segment 5-7: Win three Wizard's Rings.
Segment 8: Sell one, buy a Broad Sword and Wing.  Retrieve Mirror of Ra, Wing back, revive Princess of Moonbrooke.
Segment 9: Retrieve Cloak of Wind, Wing back.  Buy Iron Spear and two (three?) Wings.
Segment 10: Walk to Dragon's Horn, pick up Dew's Yarn, walk to Lianport, get ship, sail to Zahan, get Golden Key, use warpgate to Midenhall, save there, warpgate back, sail to Wellgarth, get Jailor's Key and Watergate Key, Wing to Midenhall, get Erdrick's Token, kill Evil Clown, sell Staff of Thunder.
Segment 11: Kill Evil Clown, sell Staff of Thunder.
Segment 12: Kill Evil Clown, give Staff of Thunder to Cannock for damage-dealing, walk to Cannock, get Erdrick's Shield, save there.
Segment 13: Sail to Zahan, get Magic Loom, Return to Cannock, sail to Wellgarth, buy Magic Armor, Sword of Light, Shield of Strength, sail to Tuhn, open watergate, turn in WFC items, cast Return, sail to Dragon's Horn, get Dew's yarn, Return.
Segment 14: Walk to Hamlin, save, get Water Crest, Return, sail to Lighthouse, get Star Crest, sail to Holy Monolith, get Erdrick's Helmet, warp to Flame Monolith, get Sun Crest, warp to Beran monolith, save there.
Segment 15: Sail to Zahan, get Magic Loom, Return, sail to Tuhn, pick up WFC, drop off WFC items, Return.
Segment 16: Sail to Tuhn, pick up WFC and Dragon's Banes (if you don't have those yet), go to Moon Tower, retrieve Moon Fragment.
Segment 17: Sail to Sea Cave, get Eye of Malroth, Return.
Segment 18: Open Road to Rhone, retrieve Life Crest, Sword of Thunder, Erdrick's Armor, Return. 
Segment 19: Sail to Osterfair, get Moon Crest, sail to Sea Shrine, get Charm of Rubiss.
Segment 20: Traverse Road of Rhone.
Segment 21-?: Level grind, acquiring a Sword of Destruction in the process.
Segment ?+1: Go to Beran, uncurse the sword (invoking the equipment glitch).
Segment ?+2: Beat the game.

The main thing I'm unsure about at this point is when and how many Wings and Fairy Waters to buy.
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FionordeQuester: 2014-05-25 03:28:14 am
FionordeQuester: 2014-05-25 03:26:53 am
Well...I know that when I do RTA runs of the game (casual runs, not ones I'm going to post on SDA), I get Return from killing the Evil Clown five times (I wish to buy two Shields of Strength, the Light Sword, a Magic Armor for Prince Cannock, AND Clothes of Hiding for Princess Moonbrooke), so since you're probably going to get Return by the time you get to Zuhn, I would say you should...

Buy one Wing, and get another Warp Wing from Midenhall, along with Erdrick's Token

Looking at the route, you'll need a from Wellgarth and a Wing from Zuhn.  So, once you include the Warp Wing from Midenhall (which, yes, there's one along with the Token, in case you forgot), that only leaves one Wing that you need to buy.  As for the Fairy Waters...well...let's just say that I've made an interesting discovery.

See, I actually tested using Fairy Waters with a Level 10 Prince of Midenhall, and a Level 9 Prince of Cannock...and it turns out, even at levels as low as that, the Fairy Water actually blocks a fair amount of encounters on the sea!  I mean, stuff like Vampirus's and triple Sea Slug groups still break through, but I find that the random encounter rates are drastically reduced when you use Fairy Waters, so once you get the Jailor's Key, you may very well want to load up on Fairy Waters! 

That said, don't let the Princess of Moonbrooke use the Fairy Waters.  From what I saw, the Fairy Waters didn't work nearly so well when she used them, which I'm guessing is due to her lower level...>_<...

I know, stupid right?  But then, this game has a LOT of programming quirks like that, so I guess I shouldn't be TOO shocked.  But, whatever the case, I hope this helps!  Have a nice night, and God bless you!
Hey Lhexa!

It's been a while since we've last heard from you, are you still working on the run or are you taking a little break?
If you're still working on it, I sure would love to see some other segments! Smiley
My father's gravely ill, so I'm away from home visiting him.  I'll be able to resume work on the speedrun in a few weeks, but until then it'll be quiet.  Thanks for the encouragement though!
Have a route worked out for RTA attempts, thinking initial goal will be around 7 hours, but should be able to go lower. Will have to do some runs to see where things end up on this side of things, because i'm bad at estimates.

Basic order of things (leaving out details because otherwise this would get huge):

Get Cannock
Grind to 4/3, 2 leather shields
Grind to Iron Spear + Infernos
Cloak of Wind
Lianport (Yarn along way or after ship, depending on HP/MP getting through tower)
Zahan (Gold Key)
Portal to Midenhall, loot treasure room, save
Portal to Zahan, Flame shrine for erdrick's helmet + crest
Wellgarth (Jailer's + Watergate)
Sail south, Cannock (Erdrick's Shield)
Sail west, Silver Key
Sail to Zahan (Loom, wing to Midenhall)
3-4 staff of thunder (3 likely, 4th would be in case i need extra money for stuff like wings/fairy water)
Portal south of midenhall to Osterfair (Armor, Lion for crest. Save, Wing/return to move ship here)
Sail to Wellgarth (Light sword)
Beran (Shield of Strength, save)
Tuhn for dragon's bane, WFCx2 (extra trip is worth it), watergate key
Moon Tower
Sea Cave
Road to Rhone 1 (crest, Erdrick's armor, Sword of Thunder), Refill
Road to Rhone 2, set warp point in Rhone
Lighthouse, Hamlin Crest, Charm of Rubiss (will likely do some levelling first, though lighthouse isn't difficult at this point)
Grind (sword of destruction along way for glitch, hopefully). Thinking Midenhall 26 should be reasonable, could likely get away with less. Depends a bit on sword drop happening
Beat game, Take Zahan shrine back to Midenhall for end game.

Quite a block of text, but it's the general idea. Still need some testing on things to figure out exactly what levels i need/can expect early and money for jailer's key. This may not be the optimal way to move about the map, but you have several options once the ship is acquired, and this path makes at least some sense to me.
Looks mostly solid, though I've been away for so long that I might miss something obvious.  Here are my notes:

If you're grinding just after getting the princess, maybe that would be a good time to get the Silver Key.  The Lake Cave monsters are only two or three categories below the Hamlin ones.
Why doesn't the Jailer's Key come earlier?  Then, assuming you also got the Silver Key earlier, you can cut out one visit to Midenhall.
During my test run, in which I sold two staves of thunder (maybe three, I'm not sure), I was able to buy Magic Armor for Midenhall at either Wellgarth or Tuhn.  So, you should be able to skip the Armor of Gaia.
You might be able to work out a smooth way of getting the second set of WFC ingredients while doing other errands.  There are no save points near the Dew's Yarn (I think Tantegel, Cannock and Beran are all about the same distance), sadly, but Beran, Cannock, and Osterfair are all decently close to the Magic Loom.
Why are you doing two crests after getting to the Rhone shrine?  Doing them earlier would give you a couple extra levels to make the Road easier.

I plan to do some systematic testing on the probabilities of beating the five bosses (individually) at various levels, but you might find it worthwhile to do the same, as my testing will be done at much lower levels.  You might also find it useful to go through and make lists of which encounters to fight and which to run from, as the route will include jumps in difficulty even before the Road.  The monsters on the walk to Tuhn, for instance, are pretty scary.

This summer has been one crisis after another for me, the most recent one being a rushed move across town.  My NES and game are still in a box, albeit one helpfully labelled "speedrunning".  I'll try to get set up and doing attempts sometime next week.
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Everhate: 2014-08-18 08:31:26 am
Everhate: 2014-08-18 06:33:04 am
Everhate: 2014-08-17 10:30:53 pm
Silver Key: Have no real use for it until it's time for staff of thunder, and I have to go to Cannock at some point anyway for Erdrick's Shield. It may be better to get it while grinding, but as soon as the princess gets sleep grinding baboons/flies is relatively safe. Getting the silver key earlier may be better but I found that I had to run from too many encounters to make it worth it.

Jailer's Key: It's actually gotten about as early as reasonably possible. Need to get the gold key, and the other stuff is basically along the way (and I'm likely to be a bit short on money and need to fight some sea monsters anyway)

Magic armor vs armor of gaia is a toss-up. The portal to Osterfair drops me right beside Gaia, so it made sense to me to just grab it here, rather than making a trip to Osterfair after shopping.

Could combine the Yarn for 2nd WFC with doing lighthouse/hamlin crests if I decided to do those before Rhone. Since the lighthouse is in a rather awkward spot, I had trouble fitting it in smoothly, so I decided to do it post-rhone, since I don't need the crests until I'm ready for the final boss rush anyway.

One of the big things I'm going to try is fighting more encounters 'early' making use of sleep, since so many threatening enemies are 2/7 resist or better, with another few being 3/7.

Edit: Did a test run earlier, and I think sub-6 should be doable. Luck was pretty terrible throughout, but the route worked pretty well. Ended up short on money for jailer's key, but also had a bad death earlier that cost me ~400g. I think until I get a halfway decent run posted, I'll grind to Cannock having Revive. Will at least reduce odds of getting randomed to death on the way to Hargon's Castle.
NESCardinality is working on this now, so I figured it was time to actually finish a run with the route I have posted above.

The run overall was quite poor (combination of bad mistakes and poor luck), but it confirms that something in the 6 hour range is very doable. Ended up being a 6:39:03 ( Should at least serve as a decent reference/starting point for folks who want to learn the game.
So I have become interested in this game based soley on its design and decided to start speedruning it without much help from youtube or even here until i found this thread. I had already developed my run prior to seeing it. My run functions a bit differently as it does not make use of the lottery as I tired to use the lottery in my route but it is just not consistant and has way too many Rng factors even if you manipulate the drops. Hence my route is as follows.

step 1: Buy 3 herbs then walk to Cannock
step 2: save then talk to the old man in the sping using herbs whenever you are below 20 hp. take the herb in the chest by the man after you speak to him then die. This item can be skipped but can save some time.
step 3: get the prince then grind until he is lv 3, buy a wing and at least 3 antidotes with an inn stay
step 4: head to hamiln (I havent forgotten the silver key) and save
step 5: get the mirror of Ra after saving if the trip to hamiln was rough use some cash on a few medicals. use a wing after you get the mirror
step 6: get princess and grind by hamiln (do not go past the mountain range to train as a large baboon group with bad rng can end your run) until she learns infernos
step 7: sell prince club and princess equipment, buy an iron spear for the hero (if your grinding did not yield enough cash you can sub for the sickle for the hero giving the copper sword to the prince) , wing and inn stay at the least. The princess becomes your most useful weapon against those pesky baboon and lizard fly groups.
step 8: get the cloak of wind. warp hamiln, heal up, make sure you have a fairy water and 4-6 antidotes but be warned that sometimes you end up using none of these so you might wanna stick with 4.
step 9: use the water then get the dews yarn. buy 3 waters, get the ship, heal before if your party is in rough shape from the journey.
step 10: sail to the lake cave, use a water when you hit land and get the silver key. Now I am aware this startagy involves walking back out but I feel this was the best time to tackle the lake cave
step 11: sail from the cave to Zahan, get gold key, warpgate midenhall, save,  get erdick token, return zahan monolith, sail fire monolith
step 12: get sun crest, warpgate shrine of the holy, get erdrick helmet, return fire monolith via warpgate, warpgate to north Beran shrine, warp cannock monolith, walk cannock, get erdrick shield, return to fire monolith.
step 13: sail leaf of the world tree, sail to the waters just south of welgarth and grind for the jailors key. get jailors and watergate key
step 14: sail Zahan, obtain magic loom, return midenhall, abuse the staff of thunder glitch for max cash and one for yourself on the prince
step 15: sail south midenhall monolith, warpgate Osterfair, get armor of gaia, get moon crest, buy dragon killer and magic armor, transfer spear to prince
step 16: return midenhall, sail hamlin, get water crest, heal, buy 2 waters and a wing (from this point on bring one with you at all time for good measure)
step 17: sail lighthouse, get stars crest, return midenhall, sail beran, buy 2 shields of strength for the prince and princess, heal, save
step 18: sail tuhn, turn in wfc items, buy dragons banes, use watergate key, return beran, retrieve all wfc items, return beran again
step 19: save, hard reset, sail tuhn, get wfc, turn in items for wfc again, get moon frag, return beran, save, hard reset
step 20: sail tuhn, get wfc again, return Beran, sail sea cave, get eye of malroth, return beran, save
step 21: train until hero is level 19, enter rhone cave, get erdick armor, life crest and thunder sword, return Beran, sail rubiss monolith, get rubiss charm
step 22: return beran, transverse rhone cave, save rhone monolith, grind in southern rhone for explodet then move north to try and get that sword of destruction
step 23: after explodet you need defeat and revive and the hero at level 27 with or without the sword of destruction, do the equipment glitch right after you get level 27 then try for hargon's castle
step 24: these bosses can bring your segment or run to an untimly halt without a stratagy.
Atlas: attack on hero, defend with the rest. if he attacks the prince or princess, have the one who is not under attack heal the other while the attacked defends. if the hero is attacked have him defend the next turn and cast healmore with both mages on him every turn. Atlas can hit 120 plus if you arent defending even on the hero so if your hero has really low hp at the start of the turn have him defend
Bazuzu: fuck this guy, if he gets an ambush you could flat out lose a party member or two no questions. he is open to the sleep spell so try to keep that on him because your life may depend on it. the prince does no melee damage on any boss so spam the SoT when a boss is open to it like this one. also watch out for sacrifice
Zarlox: He's just a Bullwong with 40 more hp that can cast heal all. He can be quite annoying to finish off since he cannot be stopspelled so just throw a coupld defense spells at him. be careful with you mages however because his melee attack is about as forgiving as Atlas'
Hargon: not as hard as the rest by far but nowhere close to simple at times. Get stopspell on him or you'll never kill him, for this battle you may want to put the SoT on the princess to conserve her MP as it is more useful than the prince's
Malroth: I've had him melee over 100 damage before but he tends to stray away from melee attacks, despite this you'll want to try and throw surround on him for good measure then drain his defense until there is nothing left. this battle cannot be won if your hero dies during it as with all the others in the boss guantlet.

I'm thinking to have the timer end after Malroth defeat is written on screen or when you return to the king at midenhall. tell me what you think of the 'no lottery' run
Route is similar in many ways to what I use (I haven't gotten a good run yet) and nescardinality has been doing runs lately with good success.

Few random thoughts:

Using the lottery is basically segmented-only, though the tickets can be sold for good money early on.
Cannock at lvl 3 is about the right timing to be able to afford 2 leather shields, which can help a bit early on.
You seem to be overkilling on antidote herbs a bit. I tend to buy a lot of medical herbs and use those for most of my healing early to keep damage pumping out with Fireball/Infernos.
Hamlin area (post-princess): Once you hit lvl 2 on the princess, baboons and lizard flies are pretty doable. Sleep is very effective against most enemies. I tend to leave Cannock with no weapon for quite awhile for the cash boost to help get Iron spear, Wing, and herbs for the run to tower of wind.

Silver Key: You only actually use this for Staff of Thunder, so you don't even need to get it too early. The route i use waits until after the trip to Wellgarth, sails south to cannock (shield), then over to the cave for the key. No real way to avoid walking out unless you wanted to death warp.

I wouldn't bother with dragon killer + magic armor. Light sword is available once you hit beran or wellgarth, and the lion is very doable with the equipment you'll have at osterfair. You can also exit/re-enter osterfair after lion, save, return and move the ship there so you're closer to wellgarth/beran. I also only get 1 shield of strength, because that means i only need 3 staves of thunder total. A 4th doesn't cost much time, so it's reasonable to do (nescardinality gets one each for PoC and princess). 2 shields is definitely safer but not necessary.

Midenhall lvl 19 is super conservative for road to rhone, especially given how much more xp enemies in rhone are worth than anything else. I do road to rhone in 2 trips (crest, armor, sword on one. through on the next) and regularly do this at midenhall lvl 12-13.

I also put off doing the lighthouse, hamlin crest, and getting the rubiss charm until late, since you don't need them until you're ready for hargon's castle anyway, but you can fit them in wherever.

For the grinding, the goal i tend to set is Cannock lvl 25 (for revive), which typically puts midenhall at lvl 26-27. There's some variance here with number of deaths, but midenhall lvl 25 is quite doable. Primarily I get to revive because hargon's castle is rough and it reduces variance. Whether you fight in south rhone or north rhone early is a matter of preference. Cyclops are the best enemies in the south (because of sleep). Blizzards, Giants, and Bullwongs are all good in the north (xp, sword of destruction, wizard's ring, respectively). Wizard's ring is the big-ticket item here, as it makes a 1-trip hargon's castle much more likely. Sword is definitely nice to have as well to glitch for the final boss rush, though it's not necessary.

Atlas: I parry all 3 first round, in case he targets midenhall. That let's me stack increase or use surround, though it's not a big deal. Attacking Midenhall is the worst outcome.
Bazuzu: Sleep
Zarlox: Pray for not many Healall casts. I parry pretty much every round with the princess, and with Cannock when he doesn't need to heal something.
Hargon: Can make an argument for a stack or 2 of increase here before stopspell, because his melee damage is formidable, but not a huge concern most of the time.
Malroth: I parry or use light sword to cast surround while increase is stacked up. Melee attack is what threatens spiking someone down (can't do anything about the sleep proc), so I play it a bit safe in that regard.

Overall looks solid, this stuff mostly minor things here and there. In case you don't already have it, enemy resistances can be found here: and are quite helpful in knowing how to handle various situations. Not terribly easy to find a lot of information on this game, but there are a few of us that can help if needed (mostly from observation, having played the game entirely too many times). Glad to see more folks interested in running this one.
Highly Evolved
NESCardinality's new time is 5:35
It looks like I have to drop my segmented run.  I'm entering the last semester of graduate school, so all my spare energy has to go towards writing my dissertation.  After that, I'll hopefully be headed straight to some new research job, which also wouldn't leave much room for the speedrun.  So, anyone else wanting to run DW2 segmented can have a go without feeling like they're stepping on my toes.  In the meantime, check out NESCardinality, who is the single-segment record holder now, and Everhate, who's his closest competitor:
What's that gemma?
Good luck with that.

Keep your data available to maybe restart later; I think you'll find that a job in the real world leaves lots of free time compared to academia. Unless that research job is at a university, in which case you have my sympathy.
Yeah, I'm hoping to end up at a university.  Tough prospects, but then that's the main thing that a physics doctorate is for. ^_^

I'll certainly keep the data.  If things go poorly I will end up unemployed for some time, which would be a perfect opportunity to resume speedrunning. Tongue
Thanks to a new application of the equipment glitch, I've brought the time for SS Dragon Warrior 2 down to 4:51:55 (hopefully to be improved soon). 

My video:

You can go to ~3:54:30 for a long-winded explanation of how it was found+works.  But the short of it is this, you enter Hargon's Castle equipped with the Falcon Sword, equip a sword (Thunder Sword, Sword of Destruction, etc... ) and you get the benefit of both 2 Hits and high attack power. But unfortunately this only lasts until your next levelup. 

This eliminates most of the grinding that needs to be done in Rhone.  I beat the game at Midenhall LV21 with Sword of Destruction in my run, but it is probably possible to beat it at a lower level, and optimize the Rhone area further. 

I made a few change to the route to improve it, but it mostly follows what NESCardinality did in his run, plus the extra Staff of Thunders for the Falcon Sword. 
Edit history:
Lhexa: 2015-06-27 06:48:34 am
Lhexa: 2015-06-27 06:46:26 am
Fantastic!  I'll go check out that explanation. 

Okay, I've done so now, and this glitch is far easier to execute than the uncursing version.  This is huge news for running this game, and your world record is well-deserved.  In fact, my planned levels for the segmented run were 22/20/17!

So what did you find out about DW 3/4?
Thanks! I put in a lot of time researching for this and I was hoping this would bring some life back into the game.  I think the limiting factor for levels is probably going to be Cannock 17 since he learns Stepgaurd (Midenhall is between 18/19 around there), but who knows.  HP can make a big difference for the final boss rush too, and Midenhall gets a big boost at 20.

As far as DW 3/4, nothing near as big as this.  Just minor routing stuff that is probably not worth mentioning, but I haven't put a lot of time researching those games yet.  We can still learn a ton from the JP nico runners.
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EvilAsh25: 2015-06-27 11:56:04 am
I also mentioned that I was working on a proper bestiary for this game.  Here is some of the data I found in combination of GameFAQs and JP websites.  It has data on drop probability, lots more on individual monsters (attack/defense/etc...), and most importantly attacks along with probabilities.  The links to the original sites are in the document. 

Enemy Data:

I'm working on (albeit slowly) compiling this info into a single document, right now it looks something like this:

I'm still not 100% sure on how attacks are selected when there are enemy AI conditions that prevent some attacks (Sacrifice Gold Batboon in this image) as I couldn't find any definitive info on it.  I took a guess and put in the odds for each attack without Sacrifice in the pattern for now. 

Learning to Stream
Congratulations to NesCardinality who invoked EvilAsh25's recent discovery and now has nailed a new YOLO PB of 4h59m11s... with Roz totally dead before Malroth!!!
I don't think Stepguard would be a limiting factor for the segmented run, since it can rely on Wizard's Ring abuse.  I think the limiting factor there will still be Midenhall's damage output.  It might be the cutoff for single-segment runs, though.

I took a look at your bestiary files, and a full version of the second one would indeed be very useful.  It probably hasn't escaped your notice that DW2 is the least-researched game, at least among US runners.

Congrats again, and thanks again, EvilAsh.
Learning to Stream
And just like that, after the new PB from NesCardinality, EvilAsh25 streamed an attempt, and right after that, NesCardinality gave it one more shot.. which worked out for all of us, as now the WR has been taken back with a new time of 4h43m21s. [And an insane amount of Metal Babbles trying to ruin the run with temptation.... there's a sentence one would never expect to see!]

Is the Sub-4 real?!
Learning to Stream

Holy crap! Way to go NesCardinality with an insanely blistering new WR Time of 4h20m28s!! [Just now as of this post!]

Total Yolo Boss rush with Harlock going insane with the HealAll's and even Malroth doing 3 in a row!!