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Illusion of Gaia (100 %) (Single Segment) (ntscus) (snes)

Verifier Responses


The runner's very detailed comments leave very little left to be said. With less than a minute of notable execution errors, this is a pretty easy accept.

A/V good, no cheating detected. Even with the few flubs that puwexil mentioned in his run comments, this is still a very well executed run overall, especially for being 100% and single segment. I'd agree with the filename's time of 2:17:15. Accept!

A/V good, no cheating, good planning and execution.

According to VLC, the runner gains control of Will at 0:00:48, and loses control when the final boss starts exploding at 2:18:11, for a time of 2:17:23.  The time reported by the runner is 2:17:15, and I am unsure of which time is more accurate.

General: Instead of a timed press to skip the zooming out animation on the world map, it is better to hold start to ensure you get the skip on the first frame.  This probably added up to no more than a few seconds throughout the entire run.

South Cape: The runner jumped the gun a bit getting the fisherman's red jewel, but it only cost one second.

Edward's Prison: Very nice movement where it mattered.  The game trolled a few times, but no run of any game is complete without that.

Itory Village: Good.

Moon Tribe Camp: Some bad enemy positioning, but that's to be expected here.

Larai Cliffs: The game gave a bad falling block pattern, and the top statue shot diagonally.  Otherwise, this place went well, and Lilly walking into a rock is always a nice bonus when it happens.

Castoth: A solid battle.  I never knew you could hit the hands in the second cycle before they get into position.

Gold Ship/Raft: Welcome to trigger central.  Not much to say here.

Freejia: Standard, nothing to say here.

Diamond Mine: Almost dodged paralysis when freeing the trapped laborer, and briefly forgot to charge Psycho Dash to reach Dark Friar.

Neil's Cottage/Nazca Painting: This game loves arbitrary triggers.

Sky Garden: Almost died in the fourth area, but that only makes the run more exciting.

Viper: The boss reached the end of his third cycle, so this wasn't the best fight, but it is acceptable.

Seaside Palace: Standard.

Mu: The only problems were minor, and mentioned in the runner's comments.

Vampires: Great battle.

Angel Village/Ishtar's Studio: The runner chooses to heal in the Wind Tunnel due to unintentional damage, but I do not believe his HP was low enough to warrant it.  This area otherwise went well.

Great Wall: The runner only took 1 damage in this entire dungeon, thus giving further evidence that the Wind Tunnel heal was unnecessary.

SandTroll Fanger: Three good patterns, and the remaining 16 damage had to be dealt in bad patterns.  Considering that the good pattern is a 1/4 chance, this luck is slightly above average.

Mt. Kress: The wrong turn on the way to the first Mushroom Drops looks ugly, but only costs 3 seconds.

Euro: Nothing to say here, except that I like how the game randomly opened a door on the way back to Rolek Manor after Mt. Kress.

Angkor Wat: Very nice.

Pyramid: The fun room lived up to its reputation.  Other than that, and a menu flub when trying to insert the first lithograph, this area went perfectly.

The Aura moves you down through the floor at 1 pixel per frame.  For comparison, walking in a cardinal direction is 2 pixels/frame, and running is 3 pixels/frame.  Consequently, I would advise the runner to move as far south as possible before using the Aura in some instances.

Mummy Queen: There was some minor trolling, but this battle went well overall.

Castoth 2: A typical battle.

Viper 2: Nice.

Vampires 2: Probably could have gone a bit better, but what do you expect from the vampires?

SandTroll Fanger 2: Average luck.  The RNG taunts the runner by giving the good pattern with one hit left.

Mummy Queen 2: That first hit can only be described as RNG troll, but the rest has good luck.  Execution is good as always.

Gem's Mansion: This area and boss were solid, no pun intended.

Dark Gaia: It's too bad the runner couldn't get a 3-cycle, but stuff happens.  The RNG also trolled and gave the second cycle after six shots instead of four, costing 10 seconds.

Overall, I accept this run.  There were some errors, but nothing major.  I agree with the runner's assessment of how much time can be saved, and I encourage him to continue attempting to improve this run in the future.


Most time losses are based on the bosses' RNG, so there's very little control for the runner. There's a few minor flubs that cost a couple of seconds at best. Otherwise, there's not much that hasn't already been said.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Adam 'puwexil' Dunn!
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Oh shoot, I forgot to write up stuff for this.  Sad  Sorry, puwexil!  This was a really impressive run!  I'm looking forward to your improvement, if you decide to try for it.  ^_^
Waiting hurts my soul...
Now someone do Soul Blazer! Wink Good job puwexil. Looking forward to watching this.
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Thanks everybody!  I definitely want to improve this further since there's too much time to be saved from better execution - I was over 20 seconds ahead of my submitted run on an attempt a few months back that died to the Vampires, which is even before my biggest chances to save time (Ishtar's Studio & Dark Gaia alone are worth at least 40 seconds; and I have a new route idea for the Pyramid that should save some time by cutting out a Dark Space visit/Shadow transformation).  Probably the only thing I'm still willing to leave on the table is the 1-cycle Castoth quick kill (my consistency at that is pitiful even after GameSaver practice).  Maybe after this run goes up on the site I'll start up attempts again and see if I get into the 2:15:45-2:16:30 range.

Also, agreed on Soul Blazer - need the full Soulgaianigma trilogy on SDA!