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I.G.I.-2: Covert Strike (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Segmented]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Mihail 'horned' Petrov!
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I.G.I.-2: Covert Strike (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Segmented]

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Watching this next...
So overall this is around 0-10 seconds faster in all missions except the last one or two.

4:15 - Weird kind of stuttering in the video during this train ride. In fact I think this happens a lot throughout the run. Did you notice it? Actually, even the other run (I.G.I 1) might have had a bit of this but here it's really noticeable in many missions. There is no stuttering in the old IGI2 run. I think it's not the game because you'd expect it to happen when there's a lot to render but it happens more randomly. Some background process? You really have to sort this out before you submit any more runs. It's kind of borderline in terms of what kind of A/V quality we accept on the site.

25:57 - The new run actually arrives at the safe a bit later than the old one. This seems to be because of a missed knife stab. There's some RNG with getting shot and so, so the mission is basically equally fast in the end.

28:50 - A bit of entertainment here. Cheesy I think your handwriting/gunwriting has improved.

30:25 - A slightly bad cut I guess. Not worth re-encoding for. The mission that follows is somehow a bit faster than before even though 90% it looks like an autoscroller.

BTW: In case it wasn't clear, it's okay to submit run comments in any language, so you can still write a Russian version if you like and click "edit run comments" in the run status page. I'm saying this because while I think I understand everything you say in them, I thought they looked a bit Google-translated.

So unless someone feels differently about the stuttering (it is present through every mission about 30% of the time), this seems like a good run otherwise. I think it should probably obsolete the old run even though that was on 'normal' difficulty and this is on 'easy' because the differences between the difficulties don't seem very big or interesting. We probably could accept a 'hard' difficulty run as well if you think it's impossible to do the fastest strategies on that setting, but don't bother if the run would look almost the same.

I'll wait a bit before giving a final verdict.
Edit history:
horned: 2018-09-02 05:58:09 am
horned: 2018-09-02 05:56:20 am
As you said sluttering, I think it cause that I changed fps from 50 (while recording) to 29.97 (final encode) for saving space. I have watched original movies 50 fps and there are no sluttering there. If you want I will recompile it later.
what about villa, I did a big amount of tries of this mission on easy level for achievement at least previous result on normal level difficulty.
Easy level allowed me to not distract to extra shooting enemies also enemies became more slowly. So these facts reduced time running. Except 9th mission, which can be run faster only on normal difficulty.
About handwriting. Yeah, I got a lot of training Cheesy
Hard setting makes impossible to 'fast' run some missions. In that case I should kill many enemies in silence mode which unsustainable for speedrun, I think.
Edit history:
LotBlind: 2018-09-02 09:30:14 am
Okay, so I'm glad the video problem is only in this encode: if you want us to do the final encodes, you should submit the 50 fps raw footage. In either case you CAN'T change the framerate of the video, it goes against our rules. We always want the game's native framerate. At least for the HQ encode. The other two may have different standards.

While you're re-encoding the files, please remove the bars on the side: if your media player stretches the video, that can easily be fixed by changing the player's settings.

It sounds like the hard setting might make sense then. It doesn't matter if it forces you to do things differently and more slowly. In fact that's the only reason you'd want to run on that setting to begin with. Just an idea.

So after the video problem has been taken care of, this run can be given an

Edit history:
horned: 2018-09-02 09:45:56 am
Ok, File will big (~60-70GB after compiling in vegas) , so encoding with one program more will take about 12 hours. One question - what audio codec do you prefer : AAC or MP3?
I eliminated my nervous system when run normal difficulty. HARD?.. I afraid I will not survive Cheesy
Are you using Anri-chan? I'll ask nate, the person who does all the encodes around here, to pop by in case he can help you. I can't answer that myself.
No, I'm using videomaster, virtualdub and sony vegas for different tasks. I found in old messages from nate that aac is better. I already have started encoding to mp4 aac. Soon I will upload 3 files IQ HQ and MQ (50fps all)
I haven't had to record any long speedruns of my own but I'm guessing you don't have a lot of compression happening during recording at all if the raw is that big.
I have added videos to the list
IGI2_SR_EASY_50FPS(IQ).mp4      960x720 MP4 50fps, AAC 48kHz stereo
IGI2_SR_EASY_50FPS(HQ).mp4    640x480 MP4 50fps, AAC 48kHz stereo
IGI2_SR_EASY_50FPS(MQ).mp4    320x240 MP4 50fps, AAC 48kHz stereo
Okay, let's assume those are good. We'll take a look when we get to prerelease check.
The new files have been transferred to the verification folder in the second post.
Well since that was done, I took a brief look and there doesn't seem to be any random stuttering in the MQ at least.

BTW nate says he's okay with encoding 60GB raw files if it's more convenient for you to upload something like that than to encode it yourself in the future.
Decision posted.