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Hydlide (Any %) (Single Segment) [Deaths, Resets]

Verifier Responses

My personal measured time is 15:45.  This is based off my assumption that the game starts at 10 seconds when the first menu is opened, and the game ends at 15:55 when Varalys takes his last hit. No cheating.

I feel like the game info pretty much says everything that needs to be said. Although there are a few deaths, I feel they are not worth rejecting the run over. Most of them are bad luck that anyone taking this route would get, but this is still much better than what I remember the old route being with slimes. The deaths are also not incredibly numerous.

Rough luck with the key, but it doesn't waste too much time. Saves/loads were planned pretty well. Eels didn't seem to want to cooperate at level 4! Unfortunate few deaths at level 5, but level 6 comes quickly enough to move on to the hypers. The hypers go well, and the mages were lined up in a reasonable amount of time to kill with a wave attack.

Another death around the ring. Again, not too much time lost.

The first failed attempt against Varalys cost a decent chunk of time. The successful fight against Varalys was quite impressive though, not getting hit at all in the screen just before him takes a bit of smart maneuvering!

There are improvements to be made, many of them being luck based. Overall I personally vote to accept this.

Audio's good (to the degree that Hydlide's audio can be good), I think the video is a little flickery. I'm guessing that'll be fixed in the finalized video.

Time: Looks like 15:46 to me
Video: Fine
Audio: OH GOD THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE AUDIO WHY OH WHY...oh wait....never mind, yeah it's fine.

Sword Cave: The fact he gets through this without saving/loading is insane. Even navigating through the maze with the speed turned up high is super annoying, the controls are touchy as hell.

Pot: Really agressive here, the runner didn't save unless they needed to get a roper out of the way.

Key: Oh my god, I had no idea that "window open" existed. Why does it take you all the way over there? Seems like complete nonsense. The key took a few tries to get.

Fairy 2: First try, very good luck.

Eels: Those eels sure were jerks. Doing this at high speed is sort of crazy considering the touchy controls and the unpredictable eels (not random, just unpredictable). I think expecting this run to be deathless is uneelistic though. Five deaths, each death costs about 8 seconds. Still, the runner definitely made the right choice with sticking to high speed, since the whole eel grinding takes about 6 minutes. It's uglier, but faster.

Hypers: This went super well. Don't let it fool you, dying here is very easy to do. Impressive.

Fairy 3: The music sounds like it speeds up and slows down a bit when he scrolls left and right. I think that's just the game lagging or something though. Anyway, this part is dumb. Good trick going left when they're lined up, then going back right. There's one part where he loads, and you can tell he's like "eh I probably don't need to load, but I'm already at the menu".

Shield + Ring: He gets 'em good! Then he is punished with death. Still acceptable though.

Jewel + Fairy 1: A zombie gets in the way oh no. Fairy 1 luck is pretty much the worst here.

Grave: This was really nice, usually this place is way more awkward. He just barrels through it though.

Dragon: The runner excels at standing there and waiting for their health to refill.

Vararlarllyls: Whoops. Attempt #1 gets borked up. After damaging whatshisface, he has to travel outside to refill health, and then travel back without saving/loading (or else varalalys's health with return to full), so navigating the maze twice can be rough. He got good patterns here though.

So obviously, this run is improvable. But honestly, every single part of this run is almost impossible to do without dying, so this is definitely an accept.

Verdict: Accept

Time: 15:45
Game starts at :9.20, last hit on varalys 15:54.20
(edit: It might be a low 15:46, considering the tenths)
Audio/video: Good!

Pretty well flawless sword run. I'm impressed right away.

Very good pot run. One save that doesn't wind up being necessary but it might have been, so I can't hold anything against the runner here.

A bit of bad luck getting the key, but it is gotten in few tries. Not a lot of time is lost here.

Good fairy 2. The moving forest is deceptively dickish.

Bad luck that the first eel turned around. Killing eels at a low level is very dangerous. Actually, killing eels at any level is dangerous. A great deal of finesse is needed for this section, with even a minor misstep meaning death. In total, I counted 7 deaths here, with 5 of them being, in my estimation, pure bad luck. Very high level of play here.

The hyper section goes about as well as you could hope. Saving so infrequently is fairly risky.

The wizards cooperate fairly quickly, which is nice, and lining them up from relative safety, then stepping offscreen is something I never thought of! I'm learning!

Shield and ring is done well, bad luck with the ladyams right after though.

Jewel through grave is more or less as good as you could hope for. It's a shame fairy 1 luck wasn't a bit better.

The dragon fight was smooth. And the perfect representation of what Hydlide's all about. Dragon through meeting the boss is very good.

Considering the whole varalys fight needs to be done without loading, this strikes me as quite the run ender in posse. The first attempt doesn't happen, so a bit of time is lost. The second try is perfect, so an improvement can be made here with better luck. This is certainly a luck problem and not a skill problem.

Overall very few outright mistakes, and they are all very minor. A lot of impressive sections displaying skillful play and clever use of the game's system against itself. A bit of bad luck here and there but if every big improvement I can see is luck-based I think we're doing ok.


Timing: 15:45.9x  Timing starts when Jim first appears right before the first menu, and ends when "MONSTER" appears in the monster box instead of "VARALYS" after the final hit.
The video quality is good and the audio is also good, except that the audio is ahead of the video by about a quarter second.  That needs to be fixed.  I did not detect any cheating.

The route used is optimal, and this is the route the new TAS will use.  This is a well executed run with some horrible luck.  I'd love to see this improved, but this is good enough for now considering how the luck is in this game.  I hope that I can find a more reliable way to kill the eels for a speedrun, which would save quite a bit of time.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Jeff Feasel!
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Intruding N313 and F014
congratulyde-ations to feasel!
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Exo: 2012-11-06 03:31:14 am
Why T_T (Congratulations Feasel!)
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feasel: 2012-11-06 01:31:34 pm
difficult and stupidly random
Oh Mydlide!

Thanks guys for the positive response.  May seem like some bad luck (admittedly the last boss gave me a whoopin), but this run actually had way better luck than any run i've ever had.  In fact, this run was 2 minutes [sic] faster than my previous best, mostly due to an insanely GOOD grind.  So to the untrained eye it may seem like a lot of deaths, but given how many ways the game can kill you that are beyond your control, this actually went super smoothly.

Though the deaths are not intentional deaths in the traditional sense, I would actually refer to this as "Dies to save time".  There are much much safer ways to play this game that can (possibly) get you through deathless, but it's so much slower that I could take the fast way and die dozens of times and still be ahead of the safe method.  For example with the Eels, I could fight them in normal-speed mode and possibly not die.  Fighting them in high-speed mode basically guarantees you're going to die a few times, but in the end you'll always end up saving time.

Really the only part I'm not happy with is the final boss.  Typically I only succeed about 30% of the time, since there are a lot of extremely random factors in the fight (where he spawns, where the enemies are in the boss room, and what the enemies do in the maze room that i have to pass thru twice without the benefit of save/load).  One bad spawn in that maze room makes it literally impossible.  I kept the run despite the first failed boss attempt because it failed relatively early on and didn't lose huge time (as opposed to one that wastes 30-90 seconds by dieing in the maze room or on the 2nd half of the varalys fight).  If I do go back and try to improve this run, it will be to get a cleaner-looking boss fight (as opposed to a deathless grind, because that's just not realistic).

Also i think the category tag of "Resets" is incorrect.  There were no resets in this run.  The save/load feature is only a soft save, and it is not preserved when you reset or power-cycle.  It's more accurate to say that this run is "SS with deaths and save/load".

Wooo Hydlide.  The game that mothers tell their kids about to scare them into eating their vegetables.
Good job sir
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So this happened.  Now I just gotta wait for it to get posted.  Nice one, feasel.
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Boxfat: 2012-11-07 12:41:29 pm
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Verifier one here.

I'd agree with Feasel that this shouldn't be labeled as a "reset" run, since there were no resets, hard or soft. The saves and loads are an ingame feature that are pretty well embedded within the game itself (IE not a cryptic button combination). I think the "deaths" tag is warranted  since you can't continue after you die unless you save, so that tag alone should be sufficient to separate runs that save and ones that don't (if anyone ever bothers to take on the game without saving).
Intruding N313 and F014
Verifier 4 here (as if you couldn't tell by the comments)

I also agree with feasel.  Even deaths + save-warping would work.  The save warping rather than warping the character across the map to save time, warps the items to the character, the key being the most obvious case of this.
Congrats Feasel!

Hydlide till you Dydlide
difficult and stupidly random
You can watch this run on the youtubes.
Save and load in this game can probably be compared to the use of "load last checkpoint" in other games, which has been allowed in SS runs in the past.
With this, I can agree that this doesn't have to be labeled with resets and that the with deaths tag should enough (since proper categorization is what we're really after when labeling runs)
zomg grats feasel, your awesomely powerful hair really pulled thru on this one <3
Bought this game today. Popped it in to play with.

I suddenly understand this era of feasel's stream a whole lot better, and appreciate just how good his eel grinding really was.
just( •_•)>⌐■-■ ..... (⌐■_■)wing it
cannot denylide