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I'm current writing an in-progress how to edit page with the basics: https://kb.speeddemosarchive.com/User:MarioGalaxy2433g5/How_to_edit. I felt it would be best to write a single page for formatting you would probably use, rather then having to go through wikipedia's or other sites help pages. If you have any suggestions (even stop doing this), feel free to give them.
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Thanks for doing this!  I'll include some of the more advanced stuff like tables and putting links in images and I'll find a more permanent place for this.
This seems like a grand idea. Maybe you could add pictures as well to quickly see "yes, that's the kind of table I wanted to add, now how do I do that?".

Mr. K, there is already a "editing" page and a "help:editing" page that I was thinking should be merged because any help that anyone will really ever need when using the KB goes under the title "how to edit them". The one is linked on the side box thing and the other through opening a page for editing (down the bottom).

Thanks for the suggestion.  I've decided to just have the help link on the sidebar redirect to the updated editing page.  MarioGalaxy thanks for your help.  I've added tables to this page and I'll be adding more to it as time progresses.
How does one embed videos?  I followed the instructions on the upload file page but it only turns up a regular link.  This is the file: https://kb.speeddemosarchive.com/File:Angel_Island_1.mp4

And this is what I've tried:


Both of those turn up as File:Angel_Island_1.mp4 on the page.
At the moment embedding is disabled.  Mediawiki has it disabled by default for security reasons.  We're discussing our options with it.
Question on how to edit: How do I get a login on the KB? I'm probably simply blind, but I can't seem to get the rights to edit ^^;
try logging out of the forum, logging back in, then reloading a page in the kb. you should be able to edit then.
Thank you, that worked
Congrats: Reading Skill Lv Up!
Is there someone who QCs pages and checks them for consistency.  I've started a work in progress page on the KB for the newly released Strider game, and used the example Contra page from this forum as a guide/skeleton.  I've only just started so there's a lot of information left to add, but it's getting there.  The resources here are really helpful.  It would be cool to know if anyone who admins the KB wasn't going to suddenly revert all my edits or something for not matching a specific template or something though.
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Mr. K: 2014-02-23 06:49:32 pm
Mediawiki has a discussion tab connected to each page where people can offer feedback and constructive criticism on the pages.  It's the best way to go over changes.  If I did step in and clean up a page it would just be formatting, I'd never cut content, particularly if it was for a game I wasn't familiar with.  If someone is ignoring the discussion on pages I can also reach out to that person via PM.  As far as consistency goes, I'll be dedicating some more time to cleaning up the KB soon and while I might be able to spot some inconsistencies, the game's community bears the responsibility of keeping the pages up to date.