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Segmented run

Verifier Responses

There were no issues with audio, video, syncing, or cheating.

This is a very well planned/executed run. Once this run gets accepted, I don't foresee any significant improvements unless there is a major discovery in breaking the game's mechanics. This run is just that polished. The routes seem to be the fastest, the shooting is very precise, and I couldn't detect many spots where more than a part of a second could have been saved due to error or bad luck.

Recommendation: Accept

Audio and video has perfect quality and there are no issues with it.

"The first one allows me to pick small items (keys, keycards...) without having to wait for the character to grab them. It can be done by holding the Ballers."

Can verifier exactly explain how this trick works? I've never heard of it before. Only the map trick.

There's a guy called "Id", who speedran this game couple years ago and had all the records. Unfortunately nobody seems to have his videos anymore and he lost them. He didn't even respon to my PM despite being active on the forum, so these records are unverified. Note that all of his times are done as New Game+ with all weapons, that's why for example Motorcade Interception is so fast. Some of this times are faster than in this speedrun, especially notable is Shogun Showdown.

Verdict: Accept - it's a great improvement over the current record on SDA, although there is probably a room for improvement.

Nothing wrong in the A/V or cheating department.

The run is very smooth in its entirety. Despite a couple of missed shots here and there, nothing seemed to cause any serious damage to the overall time, and the resulting product is a very clean run which demonstrates that one can be a ruthless killer by day, and still make it home for bedtime.

Recommendation: Accept

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Nathanaël 'Forsaken' Villemin!
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Waiting hurts my soul...
Can any of the verifiers confirm if this achieves "Silent Assassin Rank"? Thanks in advance.
I'm very happy to see that my run got accepted. Smiley

I already discovered faster routes but I didn't train them yet since I was waiting to see if there was anything wrong with the run.
I'll start playing again and I'll try to cut even more time. Grin

I also did some single-segment runs and I have to admit that it's pretty fun, so I'm thinking about training it but it will take much more time to end with a decent one since a lot of levels are luck-based.

Quote from ZenicReverie:
Can any of the verifiers confirm if this achieves "Silent Assassin Rank"? Thanks in advance.

It doesn't.
My goal was only to complete the levels as fast as possible, I wasn't aiming to achieve any rank.
Since I really love this game, I may one day end up trying a "Silent Assassin" run, but I'm not planning to right now.
Just a quick update, in case somebody is interested in this game.

I'm actually practicing new routes and improving my times a lot for this actual speedrun.

I said before that I wasn't really planning to do a "Silent Assassin" run, but I tried the first mission, got 1:20 (1:19 is possible), and I have to admit it was pretty fun, so I changed my mind and I will start doing a full run in "Silent Assassin" rank and Professional difficulty, unless for some reason Normal difficulty is better. (Let me know, Normal or Professional?)

I gave up the idea to make a single-segment run for now.

So here are my plans for the future:
• Improving this run. (I already have a 30:58 overall time, including the last mission)
• Doing a "Silent Assassin" run.
I don't know much about Hitman 2 but I do know that like every in every Hitman game after C47, PRO/SA is the definitive category.
Edit history:
Forsaken: 2012-07-24 08:10:50 am
I'll go for it then. Smiley

Edit: Since there is no ranking in the last mission (#20), it's completely pointless for a PRO/SA speedrun right?
So I guess I will stop at mission #19.