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hey dyou like danse? wat im trying to ask you is this

kno why?

i got me a DdR conrol pad. i got me anothr DdR conrol pad. same store, fum a guy named tim.

i setted them up side aside nexta my coch. bole on my leff, chese dipp. bole on my other leff, PO TA TOE chips. lol you kno ho is.

k so i still got my camera helmet so wat i asking is this

ho much you offer fo me ta speed danse dem both at one time?

i kno my spirit is stong, but i need a test for it. this speed danse make a man.

i kno it will not break me, only ting is this.

wacha saying?
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Quote from omega4:
ho much you offer fo me ta speed danse dem both at one time?

I might be interested in providing some type of remuneration for your efforts. However, you MUST include an external, non-digital, VISIBLE timer to ensure you are not speeding up the video. Please also try to maintain as little vertical movement as possible, as the use of a camera helmet may be detrimental to producing a viewable finished run. Good luck!
My feelings on The Demon Rush
It's nice to see a post from you again, omega4, but I expected better. Sad
everybody wanna tell you the meaning of music
I remember this thread. I locked it to prevent the perfection of the first post from being sullied by replies, but everything got unlocked after the smf move and now look what happened.