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Herc's Adventures (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

A/V Quality is great.

No cheating detected. Control starts at 0:21 and ends at 1:19:22.

Regarding errors, they are really hard to spot except for the several second ones. Just walking around causes mandatory damage at times, and taking damage rarely costs time in this game. The attacks that actually waste time are from bosses mainly. There are certainly a few errors that pop up such as getting caught in a whirlwind at 22:01, or hitting a spike trap at 34:33, but they really don't waste much time(and the animations are fun to watch!).

0:00:21: First control. Everything goes smoothly here.  Runner disposes of enemies and gathers gold and weapons in a timely manner.
0:03:41 Engages the first boss, the boar. This was a pretty swift kill with absolutely no errors in it to my eye. He avoids getting eaten and uses the traps well.
0:07:40 Enters Sparta. The management of energy for this segment is truly remarkable. None of it is wasted and the runner gets in and out very quickly without having to wait for a recharge.
0:10:46 The runner brings Io back to Hera and gets the first H Key. Then proceeds to head back.
0:16:30 Enters Minotaur's Lair and quickly engages the boss. He does another beautiful kill! This boss sounds to be one of the more uncooperative ones according to the runner's notes on the game's thread along with Medusa, Talos and the Snake. Grabs the Minotaur's head and an H key, which he is planning to hold an extra of until the end of the game so he can unlock a door there.
0:18:00 This area looks like the troops are getting to be annoying. The runner can't walk through them so they have to die or be picked up and bombs seem to be his answer for this along with skeletons.
0:19:33 Engages Talos. This guy is a pain to any player. The runner coordinated the use of the nearby statues really well.
0:21:15 Enters Egypt for the first time. Stops to train energy again, but I think it was just for the refill.
0:34:00 Returns minotaur head for P key. He then goes back to Crete using the fish transport. This is the part I wasn't expecting. I was expecting him to do this after getting back from Medusa.
0:34:45 Enters Crete from Minotaur's lair with H key. Then picks up another H Key to replace it.
0:35:24 Exchanges password from amazon, the player fully abuses the spear/run stamina regen mechanic the runner discovered here, similar to the start of the game. He then purchases a lot of flame spears.
0:43:30 Runner takes the catapult to go fight eargasm. I didn't actually believe the runner about the PAL version being louder....
0:44:00 Runner engages Medusa. He wasn't kidding, it's loud!Cover your ears, seriously! Thank you for the disclaimer. The runner does get turned into stone several times, wasting several seconds each, but it still looks like a clean fight to me. Another issue is not to fall through the ground, but I assume he probably memorized those spots, though 47:15 looks scary.
0:54:30 Engages Hydra, it doesn't look like this was a very tough fight for the runner. Smiley
0:57:50 Exchanges Medusa's Head for A Key.
0:59:21 Exchanges grapes from hydra for D key.
1:08:00 Engages Giant snake. I never would have thought of bringing fire spears to this fight, they are an incredibly effective tool against this thing. Though there were some errors here I can't imagine a much better attempt due to its speed. The runner did an amazing job despite the occasional knock down. Upon defeat the runner heads straight to the underworld.
1:13:52 Engages Cerberus. Great fight. The runner's snowball strategy works well. He avoids taking very much damage at all due to the fact that the boss practically never stops moving when he's taking craploads of damage. Only the boss' flame breath manages to hit Atlanta, and it's not even the main blast but just little side flames. Uses the extra H key to get more of his favorite toy...flame spears.
1:17:32 Engages Hades. The runner uses every item he has at this point, lots of thunderbolts, rayguns, and flame spears. The boss hits phase 2 at about 1:18:12....the adds that come are dealt with because of the runner's trusty fire spears. Amazing stuff.
1:18:18 were they thinking!?
1:19:21 Runner reaches Persephone, end of control.

Decison: Accept
Reason: I think performance wise the runner did very well. My mind was pretty blown to be honest. It was exciting to watch the clever routing and I never realized the game could be beaten this fast.

A/V Is great
No cheating at all!
Timing wise I agree with the 0:21 to 1:19:22

Having watched attempts and seen this route developed all I have to say is Wow.  This route, baring any new breaks found in the game, is essentially perfect.  There are a couple of time lost fights against bosses but in any SS speedrun there is going to be a rough boss or two.  Movement and progression from start to finish was constant and there are a few locations that movement is slowed for a moment, but based off what I understand from the runner those locations are either unavoidable or planned.

It should be of note that the final boss Hades is quite possibly the most hilarious boss fight I've ever seen!

Accept without reservations

As all that could be said seems to have been said I'll just say again Great Run Chfou!

Great A/V quality.

No Cheat Detected.

Like others said, i agree time begins with 0:21 to 1:19:22.

On the run, Very well planned, spear trick used greatly. The route used saves a lot of time. Item conservation is wise and very well done it.

* At the beginning, doesn't have any problems with giants or skeletons, damage taken is very small.

* Fight with the Boar, very good one, not too much RNG involved in his attacks...

* In Sparta, that big (and fat!) soldiers don't forgive, make him lose a few seconds, and using an extra gyro as well (almost died xD).

* Great on Poseidon's path...That piranhas don't fuck at all ^^.

* On Minotaur...Incredible...Don't think that fight could be improved, very well done...

* Talos involves some RNG in his movimentation witch makes this fight a little more difficult...sometime the runner almost gets killed, but did great.

* Egypt, that pose Cheesy ! Evading Medusas 'like a boss' ^^! In the Amazons its just fine, nothing much to say.

* Spear trick on Crete helps to save some time, navigating through the items menu was great...

* Medusa...That scream..SHIT! Using the Hawk was a great idea, seems like help a lot...very well done this fight, since her RNG can fuck you sometimes *-*. Expending fire breath makes Atlanta run faster I suppose, saving some time...

* In the Iceland, Medusa head FTW. On Boar, skipping its ok...It's not a mandatory boss btw...Great fight on Hydra too!

* Path until underworld goes well. Battle with Cerberus using Snowballs works very good. Don't take too much damage from the boss, making him keep moving.

* Engage Hades. Uses everything he got, lightnings, rayguns... Strategy for killing mobs on Hades works really well, almost all the fight (until flame spears over). After, uses all the remaining items to finish the last mobs and boss.

Game final time: 1:19:22

Decision: Accept!

Reason: His performance on game was amazing. First time when i play this game, used 10hrs to get done lol. This game is like a maze, too many things to memorize (in my opinion). Establishing a route can be very difficult, about defining some backtracks and stuff...

This run could be improved?
Maybe...Very few mistakes, maybe a good RNG will get some minute as well...

Well...Congratulations! Very Enjoyable run!

ps: I was very excited to watch too Cheesy

A/V Very good

No Cheating

Timing 0:21 to 1:19:22

I'm on the same level as verifier 2 (ProBro) on this having watched the route developed and learning what the tricks used do, i have an understanding of why things are done and others not done (along with asking Chfou himself about a few things)

The run: (Ill keep this short otherwise I'm just re-posting the same things you've read 2 / 3 times before)

The movement throughout the run is consistent and well executed, there are a few short moments where movement is slowed however nothing major, [Note @ 12:20 when walking through the mud, the slow down after the boulder is intentional to save stamina]
The route is well planned and the player knows exactly where he's going and at what point in the game he needs to be going there. not a single piece of backtracking due to "going the wrong way" and intentional backtracking (Zone Reload Glitch) saves time.

Few problem areas:

Spartan fight: Could have gone better however certainly not a "bad fight" still well executed.

Talos: This is a prime example of a game saying "NO!" incredible fight up to the final phase where he ran away dodging every bomb thrown, again this is still a well executed fight and RNG was to blame not the player.

[Note: I laugh every time I see the fat cows on the credits stage lol]

Game time: From 0:21 to 1:19:22    Run time: 1:19:01

Decision: Accept (And leave the fat cows in. [Credits stage])

Reason: Players performance is Incredible, the few problematic areas caused no real slowdown, and these were cause by RNG rather than incompetence which in a single segment run "RNG happens".

Good Work Chfou 


A/V very good, no cheating from what I can tell.
I timed it from frame 1051 to frame 236888, final time being 1:19:00.520

The only thing that sucks in this run is the French voice acting and enemy sounds. Other than that, very solid run. A few bad RNG spots, but that's to be expected in this game since most of the enemies are designed to troll you every step of the way.


I had always hoped a run of Herc's Adventures would show up on SDA one day and this run did not disappoint.  This game is a routing nightmare featuring one of the least helpful in-game maps in video game history.
The runner clearly has the route burned into his brain and does not take any wrong turns. 

I think the other reviewers pretty much have things covered as far as enemies and bosses are concerned.  Overall a clean run with good audio and video quality and no cheating observed. 

The french language isn't too big of a detriment since all the cutscenes with the gods are skipped anyway.

Decision: Accept

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Benjamin 'Chfou' Desmoudt!
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Get run'd!!
Thank you very much!

Concerning the french language. I tried hard to find the english version but i didn't manage to get one :/
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Quote from Chfou:
Concerning the french language. I tried hard to find the english version but i didn't manage to get one :/

Yes it is one of the extremely rare PS1 games I believe. A copy cost me $50 6 months ago and it had to be ordered specially after some searching. Good run btw, blew my mind!
Grats man! u deserve it ^^. Prepare for medusa screams lol!