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Haunted Castle (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses
First off, great that somebody does this WONDERFUL UNDERRATED GEM. It's filled with lots of love and devotion from Konami! TOTALLY!

Ok, the game is complete garbage. But the run is not. Overall, the run is solid...but we must talk about an arcade rule technicality that will determine whether the run should go on SDA.

Haunted Castle uses a very limited credit system. You're allowed to use 4 credits, either in the form of 3 continues, or by stacking the lifebar up to be 4x the normal size. That's all you get - once these 4 credits are used, you have to start over. So this isn't true "credit feeding" in the sense of most arcade games.

How life works in Haunted Castle is this: If the life bar is not full (if you credit feed and life-stack, the number next to the life bar indicates the life bar is basically "over-full"), hearts are used to refill life, if any extra are available after a stage is cleared. Because the runner stacked life, he's able to use damage boosting a LOT more than is possible normally, since the extra hearts are never used at the end of any stage, since the life bar is "over-full". So this creates a small issue that I know other Haunted Castle players don't like. There's really three ways things could be handled:

1. Reject it outright for credit feeding, even as limited as it is.
2. Consider credit feeding/life-bar stacking a separate category from 1-credit runs.
3. Play the game either way and the fastest run wins.

I personally don't like #3, because life-stacking really does change the way you play the game, in regards to damage boosting. I also don't feel it's reject worthy, since it is pretty much in the same vain as damage/death abuse in other speedruns. If the runner was playing an arcade game and credit feeding because the run sucked, that would be another issue. But this isn't the case here.

So I opt for #2. Accept the run, as it's solid, while allowing a separate category for 1-credit runs.

I agree with the assessment of the situation the verifier before me made, and would also opt for solution #2. In that case, an easy Accept, as this is a very well executed run.

I also would like everybody to pay close attention to the sound effects the boulders in stage 2 make.

A/V quality is good (some random horizontal lines at the top of the screen but nothing too bad)
No cheating detected, 11m55 confirmed

I’m one of the rare guys who loves Castlevania AC, I played it a lot in game center and I’m happy to see a speedrun of this game. The run itself is great. The strategies used are good and the execution is near flawless.
But there is one thing that bother me: the fact that the game was played with 4 credits. Yes it’s a feature of the game and it can’t be considered as cheating or credit feeding. But as an arcade gamer, I don’t see the point to use it. When you play an arcade game, it’s 1 coin or nothing. So I would recommend to accept this run but to label it as a “4 credits run” or something like that. I strongly encourage the runner to try a new run for the 1 coin category by the way, I’m waiting for it!

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Jaguar King'!
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thanks everyone

I think its fair to consider it as a new category 4-credits run, as this will help the game to have different ways to run it, just like any% and 100% runs.

thanks again