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SS run

Verifier Responses

Hey! Video/Audio quality is fine and the run appears to be free from cheats and scripts although a few of the level transitions could have been made smoother in the video (e.g. at 00:56 & 08:57). The audio commentary has a buzzing noise in the background which isn't really an issue up until "Focal Point" where it gets kind of bad and stays bad up until the final level.

The timing should start when the player gains control in "Insecurity" at 00:05 and end when the "Subject: Barney Calhoun" text appears at 31:31 (not entirely sure if this is the correct timing for the game but I believe it is)

He utilises a seemingly efficient single-segment route and his movement is great. You can tell by his excellent airstrafing that he has put a lot of time into Half-Life speedrunning. Also clever doubleduck usage to prevent hitting the speed-cap at times. The trainyard fights and "Focal Point" were my favorite parts of the run. Minor mishaps are kind of to be expected in a Half-Life speedrun but the runner did a swell job avoiding these for the most part... except for one part.


Oh man, him running back up the stairs was brutal. The runner can hardly be to blamed for the massive time lost there, except for messing up the fight at 13:10 for a little bit. Rosenberg makes this game really annoying to speedrun in a single-segment, heck, no one has really attempted to ever run this game in an SS before this run. Somehow his run still ends up being faster than the current segmented run of the game up on SDA. The runner has not expressed interest in doing a re-run despite the Rosenberg hiccup, his goal was to obsolete the SDA run which he succeeded with doing.

Conclusion: The play is great, Rosenberg is really dumb but the run beats the current segmented SDA run. Accept

A/V quality is very good. No de-syncing noticed. However, commentary buzzing noise does get pretty terrible around Focal Point.
Execution is so good that it might make you think that the runner actually used scripts at some point.
No scripts and cheats used, aside from a hot key bind to change FPS on the fly which is probably the closest you could get if you wanted to get picky.
Timing from "get control" to "end text" is 31m and 26s. (Gaining and losing control)

Insecurity: Really smooth movement here and managed to keep me entertained for the cut scenes.
Duty calls: Again, shows off some impressive skills with the movement and jumping, the trigger avoiding was awesome. Only small hesitation before the big leap which is understandable.
Captive Freight: Nasty headcrab there, some small mistakes with the movement in the item pickup, maybe 2-3 second total loss. Skipping some scripted events or going around them, speeding up a lot.
Rosenbögen really shares his love, this mistake is pretty major but things like this happen all the time when you deal with HL NPC AI, In the end it manages to be more amusing than a nuisance as I cracked up when I first saw it. Still, I am a bit disappointed for the lack of movement during the teleporter cut scene which would have made the otherwise boring cut scene a bit/lot more entertaining.

Focal point: Damageboosts hit in, slight freeze inside the tunnels due to the corner. Slight slowdown with the HP pickups after the roof falls, no biggie.
Power Struggle: Good execution, some FPS limit manipulation with a hotkey.
A leaf of faith: Cutscenes again, would be a bit more entertaining if the runner had moved like in the start of the run. This is just a minor thing again.
Last part: Not much you can do here except watch the cut scenes and try to trigger the teleport as fast as possible.

Overall: A very good run that has some well planned routes and solid execution.
The mistake with Rosenberg is a bit nasty but getting a perfect AI movement isn't always easy. The plusses win the minuses.

Decision: ACCEPT

A/V excellent aside from the aforementioned commentary track noise, which is only really obnoxius from the Power Struggle chapter onwards.

Very impressive run. The runner gets stuck a minimal amount of times and forced combat with soldiers is extremely efficient.
About 38 seconds lost with Rosenberg McStairmaster but the rest of the run easily makes up for it. Grenade jumps in Focal Point were very well done.

Timing the run is difficult.
Game appears at 0:04 but there is a glitchy jump that makes it look like input begins at 0:06.
I interpret the run as ending when the screen goes all black.

My timing:
Run starts: 0:06
Run ends: 31:27
Run time: 31:21

Sub-31 single segment should be possible, but since I doubt anyone will ever try...
Decision: Accept

No complaints on the quality side. Video aswell as Audio quality are pretty good. As one of the previous verifiers said, some level transitions are not quite smooth which however, is mainly due to the game's faulty mechanics of the Steam version that cuts a few frames after each loading when recording through it and therefore, cannot be prevented. 
The run itself shows no signs of cheating or scripting and thus, is legit. The majority of the run is pretty well executed and shows a solid route for a SS run. There are however, minor faults and slowdowns at some points during the run which then again, are inevitable in a single-segment run. Some item pick-ups were questionable though. Also, bummer about Rosenberg running back during Captive Freight lol. Granted, it made me chuckle but that's a 40 second loss that shouldn't have been there in the first place. Half-Life AI can be a bitch sometimes!

As for the timing, the player gets control at 0:05 and loses control at 31:31 leading to a final time of 31:26.

All in all a solid run with minor mistakes that you would expect in a single segment anyway.

Decision: Accept.

The video and audio quality seem fine, minus the static in commentary.  The level transitions are very smooth, considering this was all on one demo file, probably due to the runner's SSD.  The run is pretty well done, and follows a solid route for a SS.  The runner loses time with Rosenburg's award-winning AI causing him to run back up the stairs for no apparent reason, along with a few movement mishaps.  Overall, entertaining to watch for a Blue-Shift speedrun. 

The run begins at 0:05 and ends at 31:26 with a final run time of 31:21.

Decision: Accept

Sorry for being a bit late, had quite a lot of things on my plate. Anyway.

Everything as already been said, still :
A/V is good. About the run itself, the mere fact that a single segment beats a multi-segment should be enough, but I feel that it could have been better than that. The runner said it himself, he practiced less than eight hours for this one. Of course, tiny execution mistakes are to be expected in a 30 minutes SS run, no prob on that. But, to be honest, the Rosenberg thing should not be. Bad luck happens, and nobody watches a SS run expecting perfection, but when a single thing costs you a whole minute, you just restart. On a lesser extent, the squid thing was quite ugly too, although I would have tolerated it.

All in all I'm going to refuse this one, because I think he can produce the same quality of speedrun but with a better luck on Rosenberg if he puts a couple hours more in it.

Play-by-play of what happened:

Barney is a really talkative dude. Missed the button... ooh, cost you a whole quarter second. "Have a good one, Calhoun."  Got stuck a bit behind boxes. Might as well wait and make noisy doors when you're bored.  I forget how much waiting this game actually has.  Nice little glitchy scientist disappears after the cutscene.  Heals when it doesn't waste time.  Missed the padlock shot.  Got stuck on a headcrab.  Nice glitch in the crawl space, and man, watch those soldiers die!

Sadly, soldier stayed in front of a door. Cost some time.  At 10:33, there's an odd jump; looks like a loading screen, but it jumps him forward.  Alright... more cut scene and box breaking.  Whoa! Alright, I didn't know you could be out there when the army dudes spawned, and nice talking to Dr. Rosenburg through the wall!  Gah, scientists are so slow.  Kill everyone and wait for scientists... seems to be the way everything works these days.  Wait, did he just go the wrong way? Ack!  Okay, shooting through walls works.  And the scientist just stands there. He needs a crowbar to the face.  More cutscene...  Omygosh, scientists talk so much! 

Yay low-g!  Got stuck in those stupid annoying tunnels on a corner for a second.  Platform jumping is always scary looking, but it's well done. Nice grenade boosts, too!  I'm not sure why he took damage from the spitting thing; might have had to do with the grenade boost after?

Back to Earth, and more cutscene. Blah blah blah.  Oh, good. Take the elevator to get away from his talking!  Activating more blah blah nonsense from a Barney. Healing while having to wait again. And moving that box is sooo annoying! Up the elevator where the scientist is bound to blab a whole lot more. ...yup.  Mr. Calhoun doesn't care about technical stuff! He didn't go to MIT to flip switches like Gordon Freeman! He's a guard! Shut up already! Alright, killed the guards, and the green strobe takes Calhoun to the blabbing scientists. Stop talking!

All in all, Rosenberg really was bad, and vent headcrab was unfortunate.  Other than that, the run was very well executed, and it made me giggle in several places because of how great it was.  Even with the bad execution with Rosenberg, I will accept the run.  I'd want the runner to keep trying, even though he said he's gonna take a break.  Step away, then come back and destroy Rosenberg!

I'm not sure what the official timing decision is on the games. If it's when the text shows up, then 31:26.  If it's when he loses control, then 31:21. 

Decision: Accept

Reason: The run is quite well executed despite a couple of trouble spots

Congratulations to Albin 'quadrazid' Sigby!
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