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Half-Life (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

The first and most obvious thing is the movement; having tried to play Quake on a console with more stable controls, it's pretty astounding to me that he manages to replicate most of the PC movement. On that note, bits like that at 22:30 show that the author didn't pay heed to the difficulty of his platform when deciding on a route.
Audio is perfect, video has some insignificant artifacts in darkness.
The run got a bit rough going from Power Up to the assassins, but definitely turned around after the capture.
The snark attack at 45:00... ouch. Quite ugly for the run, and it seems like pure bad luck.
Breaking the floor in the Gonarch's Lair was quite sloppy, and the Nihilanth fight was indeed (in the author's words) horrible. Not a very good last impression, but since the rest of the run ranged from good to exceptional, I vote to accept.

AM: loses some health in the test chamber.
UC: not sure why the runner doesnt use some kind of way to get into the observation room earlier, I can't recall the difference video covering that. Also dat obbo.
OC: Weapon switch problems, lost a bunch of sec. Its funny though :p
WGH: He opened the silo door. And woa that scientist was just barely inside the door.
BP: Takes the elevator down rather than the ladder. Not sure why. Nice jump in the tube though. Also I thought there was some kind of fast ladder climbing trick. Also no landing in the water instead of the ladder. Boy Im pointing out all the bad things here but dont get me wrong, so far the run is ok.
PU: Grenade boost
OAR: Grenade boost? What difficulty is this on?
A: Rough
RP: That backwards bunnhop.
QE: Weird Health charger sound from out of nowhere lol. Also, not unzooming like a boss. Couldnt he have used the waiting time to grab health etc?
ST: He has missed quite a lot of AR2 grenades now. Definitely the weakest thing in this run. Like the gaussing in those sewer drain tunnels whatever they are. Also, cant he just crouchjump that ledge in the tripmine hell :/ Finally gets a succesful AR2 grenade. The snarkbit is funny. The healthdoor bit is relaxing, wonder what song was stuck in his head when he played with the crowbar. Dont know what caused his grenade boost to be so high.
FAF: Nice start!
LC: I took a bite of my sandwich, and that caused me to miss the fight at the scientist. As for the core itself, the grenade jumps are pretty cool.
X: How is this even a map.
GL: How is this even a fight.
I: I like.
N: LOL! but yeah, I don't think resetting at a final boss is something people like to do. :p
E: Get in the portal D: Cba watching the credits though, but I don't think putting a cheat code during the credits is of much help.

Overall good run, A/V is ok. I accept.

Response to verifier one:
The barricade at 25:50 is made of explosives. If he were to go up himself to blow it up, he would be blown to bits.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Fabrizio 'Superfrizzio' Rossebastiano!
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I'm a Ps2 runner
Thanks very much guys! Smiley
torch slug since 2006
YES! i saw your old run, so im sure this will be even better to watch!

Svart Lyser Tronen
Cool to have a PS2 run on the site, especially SS. Grats!
Would be good to specify the platform on the first post of verified runs.
Not a walrus
It's generally supposed to (the template is auto-generated), but maybe this one was from a while back or something.
How could the verifiers consider the video quality as good?
AR is slightly off, the video is very blocky and grainy and during the second half there's some kind of shimmering visible. IMO is looks a bit like a reencode from a Youtube video.