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Gungrave (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Here we go:

Audio : Good
Video : Good
Gameplay: Fantastic!
Cheating: No

I loved this game when it first came out, the level of challenge was quite staggering.  It took a good few weeks to finally beat it with that in mind, this is a fantastic run.  Every part of this run was executed better than I ever thought possible, including skipping the boss cut-scenes, brilliant.  Optimized (and at times hypnotic) movement, very few hits, and piles of enemies eliminated in seconds make this run a pleasure to watch.  If you ever picked this game up or enjoyed the anime this run is a must watch!

Decision : Accept

Ah Gungrave. Who doesn't love playing as an undead mafioso hitman that dual-wields pistols while carrying his own coffin which doubles as a freaking cannon? Oh, right, verification. Almost got distracted.

Audio: Good
Video: Besides an AMV watermark in the bottom left corner, no issues. Hopefully that watermark won't be a problem.
Cheating: None at all

Stage 1: The beginning shows one of the best thing about our main character, Grave: he freaking dances when he shoots his bullets. Only when not in lock-on though. Too bad the runner doesn't do it more often for style points. Stage 1 goes by pretty quickly with a nice insta-kill on the boss.

Stage 2: Now we're seeing that dreaded lag the runner mentions. The runner has a very nice pattern going to build up his Beat for Demolition Shots while also pulling off nice dodges to avoid the rocket launchers. Camera goes a bit screw when in the Box Maze room. The runner mentions getting a 16 hit combo on the boss before using the Demolition Shot to kill him but the run itself has 12 hits before using it and killing him. I'm guessing this might of been a typo?

Stage 3: The beginning loses a couple seconds unfortunately do to EXPLOSIONS!!! I swear exploding objects in this game are the worst enemies. Once reaching a small area with a bunch of stalls setup, the runner gets hit with yet another explosion from one of the stands due to shooting it too much to try and kill the guy. The runner then dives towards 3 barrels as they explode and take no damage thanks to the invincibility he got from the previous explosion. I now wonder if that 2nd one was on purpose. Runner then loses about 2 more seconds from screwing up the dodge roll while running away from the bulldozer.

And now Grave crashes a party and shows everyone how to dance. With bullets. Upon killing everyone we have our first real boss: Bob Poundmax. A fitting name for someone so.....Anyway, the runner goes with yolo strats and dives in, shooting Bob while his flunkeys shoot the runner, putting his health down over halfway before defeating him. And then we have part 2 of this fight. The runner does a good job staying a nice distance away so he can continuously dodge and shoot for as much damage, however Bob doesn't like him and charges into him. Thankfully that's the only hit he gets as the runner performs the Graveyard Special and skips the scene. Nice job!

Stage 4:
This stage...oh this stage. It was the first one I died on, and all I did was jump down some stairs, shooting. Into explosive barrels. BOY WAS THAT FUN!!

The runner shows a clear distaste for this stage, and it's justifie. Small areas, lots of annoying enemies, and explosive barrels. The runner even takes some time to use Demoltion Shots to recover his life gauge due to the amount of damage he took, and even uses Demolition Shots to avoid damage at times. And suddenly train sequence before our next boss, Balladbird Lee

The battle starts off a bit ugly. The runner uses a Demolition Shot but unfortunately doesn't get ull damage off, but does get a decent amount. He also gets hit by two of his attacks, one of which is a time waster due to the animation, losing about 3 seconds for it. The runner manages to survive though without using anymore Demolition Shots for healing and gets the kill on Balladbird Lee.

Stage 5:
Another bad stage for speedruns since you can fall and lose a lot of time. Even worse are the guys with Flamethrowers who rip through your shields. You'd think the runner would shoot from a distance. NOPE!! Grave doesn't afraid of anything and jumps through the fire and the flames [we carry on] to kill the SOB. The runner kills everyone as quickly as he can on the stupid long elevator. Speaking of which, here's some advice Game Developers: DO NOT INCLUDE SUCH USELESS PADDING INTO THE GAME UNLESS IT'S GOING TO BE FUN!!!

And now we have Bear Walken, who was one of my favorite characters in the anime. And he has such a nice place on top of this building...for..some..reason...

And then he destroys it...WHAT THE HELL MAN?!?!

The battle starts with the runner jumping into a Flamethrower attack by this guy. Ouch. And shortly after he gets hit again. Ouch some more. The runner then successfully dodges the rest of his attacks, effectively killing him. And now comes a bit of bad luck. Bear Walken's 2nd form unfortunately manages to Bionic Arm the runner quite a few times, and gets off some shockwaves as well. This wastes a few seconds unfortunately since the runner does need to heal some of the damage as well. Thankfully he has 1 Demolition Shot for the Graveyard Special.

Stage 6 Part 1:

Wait...what? I do? Oh right, verification...FINE I'LL EDUCATE ALL THE PEOPLE WHO DON'T KNOW OF HIM!

Seriously, Bunji in just a normal playthrough of this game can be That One Boss. He has his own healing ability if you go into hiding, and if you try to fight him head on, you're going to get your ass kicked. Even worse, he has his own Graveyard Special as well. The worst of it all? He's just a normal human. Unlike the other boss fights, he never received the experiments the others have. That's just how AWESOME he is. What do you expect from the one who worked under Grave when he was alive and in the mafia?

Right right, the run the run. The runner does a good job dealing damage with his dodge roll shots and even avoids the Graveyard Special from Bunji. He even tanks a few shots before managing to lower Bunji's health enough for a Graveyard Special. And thus one of the fan favorites of the series is dead....

Stage 6 Part 2:

Weeeeeeeeee. Dodge to the side until we reach the Science Fiction Door. And now we're in Science Fiction land. Seriously what the fuck? This part of the game is pretty freaky and weird at the same time. Only freaky cause of the enemies, and the bosses.

This is a contender for worst stage of the game. Falling off here means losing a bit of time, and it's not that difficult either considering how often the runner is dodging. The enemies don't help either with their powerful weapons. Thankfully the runner doesn't fall off, but does have a few close calls, along with getting knocked down a few times.

Final Boss:
Big Daddy....

Unfortunately the runner takes a few blows here and there, and is forced to use a Demolition shot for healing, losing some time during the boss fight, even pausing for a moment after pausing the game. For the second half of this fight, the runner gets hit a few times and gets a decent amount of luck for the fight before performing the final Graveyard Special...which we still have yet to see.


Final stats, S rank on Game Time, very good. If it wasn't an S, I'd reject this just from that alone. Also an S for Artistic Bonus...

I take back what I said about being a Breakdancing Undead Mafioso Hitman.

Final in-game time: 27:24

Verdict: Despite a few mistakes, like jumping into explosive barrels and taking a few hits, the run is really solid. The runner has very good knowledge on what is required to move through stages, fastest method of damage/movement, as well as Demolition Shot management. In terms of execution, I give it a 97%, the missing 3% being from the unfortunate mishaps I mentioned. In a perfect run, I believe sub-27 could be possible, but with human mistakes, a normal occurrence, this is indeed an acceptable run.

Congratulations sir (or madam, whatever the case may be), and good luck in Gungrave Overdose! And thanks for reminding me I still need to play that.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Sean-Michael 'Feliciano' Feliciano!
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Bert = Too Stronk
Oh man thank you for getting this finalized and submitted! Only thing is that instead of my nickname 'Greenk4' it says my last name twice lol. I might have accidentally somehow put my last name twice or something
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Grats on your first run, Greenk4 Smiley
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UraniumAnchor: 2013-05-15 02:45:55 pm
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Quote from Greenk4:
Oh man thank you for getting this finalized and submitted! Only thing is that instead of my nickname 'Greenk4' it says my last name twice lol. I might have accidentally somehow put my last name twice or something easiest way to fix it

Edit: And looking at your submission notes, yes, yes you did. Smiley
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What difficulty setting was this run done on? The request thread says something about Kick ASS w/ no deaths. Does this run meet that restriction?
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I'm gonna guess it was on Normal.
Bert = Too Stronk
WHOOPS sorry bout that but I did change it UA

As for the difficulty No this one wasn't done on Kick Ass like I originally intended, I started a run and beat my time so well and when I checked it was on normal (but I checked AFTER I made the time). There honestly isn't that much of a difference between the modes the difficulty affects your health and shield more than literally everything else from all the testing I did. The exact same route can be used for any difficulty. If its that sought after (I didn't check the request thread when I did this) I will do it again but it will be posted on YT or something
Waiting hurts my soul...
I don't personally care, but the request stays on the list until a run meeting the category gets accepted on SDA.
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Due to the watermark, unfortunately we can't take this video, but Greenk4 said he'll improve the run, so I think it'll all work out in the end.
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Man... It has been forever since I've seen Gungrave in action.  Can't wait to see the final product.  Best of luck Greenk4 on improving your run.
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In the mean time, here:

(this link will expire on the 15th)
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Access denied
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Try now. I guess I have to mark the run as Rejected and not Cancelled before that'll work. One more item on my list of things to fix.
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