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nice, now you just need to submit the runs and we have finally a gta 2 run on the site.
Quote from Wormetti:
Nice job Molotok. I've never even completed 100% with save games and now you did it without.

Industrial level in about 2mins11secs. I was planning to use both limos but I got lucky and only needed one. Good luck Molotok Tongue
Wow congrats man. thumbsup I will try to get the glitch too, hehe.
Btw you can submit your time on the Grand Theft Auto Leaderboars, would be nice to have it there, it´s a Leaderboard of the GTA speedrun community! I put a link in the first post and made the record table here a bit simpler. Do you plan on trying it in Downtown? 

Quote from Kubelwagon:
Oh hell yes!! To be honest, to be honest, I always thought 100% would be one of those "it would be awesome but no one will probably do it" runs. This just made my day. Nice job!
Hehe thx, I didn´t see much from you in a long time Kubelwagon, you didn´t speedrun this game for long and you got comparably good times. As far as i heard in the GTA community there seems to be some interest in an "All Missions" category right now. I heard it at least from three people who said they might do one, maybe a little motivation to get going again? Grin

Quote from cortez:
nice, now you just need to submit the runs and we have finally a gta 2 run on the site.
The IL runs are from different people right now and I´m not sure about downtown. If the glitch is possible there too, then one might consider to seperate the any% category in glitched and non-glitched.
Quote from Molotok:
Quote from cortez:
nice, now you just need to submit the runs and we have finally a gta 2 run on the site.
The IL runs are from different people right now and I´m not sure about downtown. If the glitch is possible there too, then one might consider to seperate the any% category in glitched and non-glitched.

Sure glitched and not glitched are different categories.
it just requires a bit organization and you can submit the run. as there are just 3 level.
one submits it and the other one just sends the file in.
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Quote from Molotok:
Do you plan on trying it in Downtown?

I had a look at Downtown and found a bridge on the water with no rails (at the Radio Za Za location that you mentioned). I can drive a taxi into water there but it's so hard to get the cops to follow the right path.
Finally, exactly one year after my previous PB in Industrial I managed to get the glitch! (After not trying it since months).

In the end it was two seconds slower than Wormettis run, but for whatever reason his EE´s are like 10 seconds faster than mine. If that would be possible in Residential too, than the time could go sub 40 secs there, but maybe he knows the reason.

BTW: I can also proudly say that I have sub 9 minutes total time in IL´s for this game now (~8:57). Grin Tongue
It´s been a while and now I have beaten Wormetti´s time in Industrial, was a 2:05 in the end. Smiley

Also the Limousine is not particularly required for the glitch to work, you can actually just pick up a passenger with the Taxi, get cops attention and steal the cop car while it still holds the Taxi for the glitch. But i think the Cop Car shouldnt touch the ped yet when you steal it, so you need to be real quick. I got it once, but the run was slower than the one above.

And btw here are the new Leaderboards for those who are interested:
I think it is still possible to recreate this glitch also in Downtown map. More so since it has a similar water layout to Industrial(one floor difference). Mostly where there should be the possibility to access water in Downtown, there is a fence. But I have found a location where there isn't a fence and cop cars should follow you.

So if successful, we would see a ~5 minute total segmented run of GTA2.
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Congrats on beating my time.

That spot on Downtown is known. I can trap my passenger and survive jumping out of the taxi on Downtown consistently. I just need to get the cops to chase me in there at the right time/angle.
Thanks, I also improved my downtown time now to 5:34.

Next step would be trying to get an EE at the bus station or getting that glitch somehow. Tongue

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I tried a TAS speedrun of Downtown. The only tool I used was the built in replay record/playback feature and the copy command. I tried going back to the street to find a long car but the taxi and cop cars always vanish. I'll need to restart this attempt and setup a car before getting the cop to follow. Escort missions are the worst. I wasn't counting but I'd estimate it took me 100+ replay playback and continues to get the cop car to follow me correctly. Even though my EE failed, I still made $300k in 1m30s with no multipliers.

Very nice thumbsup. From the looks it should be possible to get it without any extra cars, the cop car just needs to touch the bridge, so it doesn´t fall into the water. Downtown will go down very soon! Grin
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I also tried starting the Yakuza bank heist mission because it gives you a gang member that will follow you and get in any car. It didn't really help though since he got stuck under my car less often than taxi passengers.
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Downtown went down in 2m11s (same as my Industrial time) but it's tool assisted, so it doesn't count for record. The only part I used tool assistance on was driving onto the bridge. I messed up the first time, so I resumed the replay just before driving onto the bridge and luckily got it second try. With some luck, I should be able to beat this time without tool assistance since I wasted a lot of time trying to get a passenger and trying to get the cop car to follow from the left.

If you count this then all districts have been finished in just under 5 minutes total.

This video also shows that you don't need any setup vehicle and you don't even need the taxi to float if the cop car hits the ped fast enough.
It probably will be a low 1 minute run if everything goes fine which means the whole game can be completed in less than 4 minutes. RIP GTA2.

It does also make sense to have a glitchless category now, the question would be if the respawning Wang Car Bonus cars should be considered a glitch or not.
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Here are the replay files from Downtown TAS speedrun:

replay.rep is the final run you see in the video.

Replay files can be used to tool assist but if they playback fine on your unmodified version they can also be used to prove that no crazy memory hacking went on (like someone controlling the AI or messing with RND). You can also change resolution, enable music, exploding scores, dusk etc without affecting the playback.
Have done a speedrun of all Residential missions in 57:22. It´s not 100%, but at least it is a good practise. Tongue

3 years later but I finally reclaimed my Industrial EE glitch world record!

Love to play this game.