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TheVoid: 2009-11-05 04:46:47 am
I've already started a bit with 100% Individual Level runs of this game but the main reason why I start this thread is because of one simple question:

Has anyone else besides me played this game? 8)

It's a rather obscure game (So far the responses to me were "WTF is Gruntz?!") so getting some verifiers will probably be tricky...

World 0: TrainingTime
Stage 1: Basic controlz0:00:39
Stage 2: Toolz and Toyz0:01:21
Stage 3: Combat exercisez0:01:10
Stage 4: Pyramidz, Bridgez, and Switchez0:01:30
Total time0:04:40
World 1: Rocky Roadz
Stage 1: The Giant Rock0:01:41
Stage 2: Holy Shovelz!-:--:--
Stage 3: Gruntz, start your enginez-:--:--
Stage 4: I get by with a little help from my friends0:04:25
Total time-:--:--
World 2: Gruntzicles
Stage 1: Spyz like us-:--:--
Stage 2: Brick Layerz have all the fun-:--:--
Stage 3: The grunt that was left behind-:--:--
Stage 4: I want a rock right now!0:04:27
Total time-:--:--
World 3: Trouble in the Tropicz
Stage 1: Toobin it-:--:--
Stage 2: La la la la la bomba-:--:--
Stage 3: Now who put that warpstone piece there?!-:--:--
Stage 4: Guardz! There's a thief on the premisez!-:--:--
Total time-:--:--
World 4: High on Sweetz
Stage 1: Just wing it-:--:--
Stage 2: Candlez and cupcakez and bombz, oh my!-:--:--
Stage 3: You take the high road and I'll take the low-:--:--
Stage 4: The intersection-:--:--
Total time-:--:--
World 5: High Rollerz
Stage 1: Swordz akimbo-:--:--
Stage 2: I've always wanted to be a welder-:--:--
Stage 3: Back from the dead and into the pool-:--:--
Stage 4: Keep your eye on the ball0:04:37
Total time-:--:--
World 6: Honey, I Shrunk the Gruntz!
Stage 1: You should never play near electrical outletz!-:--:--
Stage 2: Pay no attention to the grunt with the shield-:--:--
Stage 3: The big split up-:--:--
Stage 4: With four gruntz, you can take on the world!-:--:--
Total time-:--:--
World 7: The Miniature Masterz
Stage 1: Come back with a friend-:--:--
Stage 2: Save that squeak toy!-:--:--
Stage 3: Golf anyone?-:--:--
Stage 4: Where's my buddy?-:--:--
Total time-:--:--
World 8: Gruntz in Space
Stage 1: Use those sponge gunz!-:--:--
Stage 2: Would you like some holez to go with that?-:--:--
Stage 3: Could someone get those purple switchez for me?-:--:--
Stage 4: The final battle-:--:--
Total time-:--:--
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What the........

Wow.  Interesting little critters...
Oh yes, I know this game (I even still have it somewhere) and I remember I loved it when I was playing it. But, when I was playing it, I hardly knew there is anything like speedrunning, so I could hardly help anyhow, anyway the first level looks very good! So, good luck in those bigger and harder levels Wink
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Gruntz! That, kind sir, is probably my favourite puzzle game. I love it.

Beating the levels depends a lot on patience and waiting, so speedrunning would likely be a bit slow for my tastes, but you're free to try. Good luck! Smiley
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TheVoid: 2009-02-03 05:53:54 pm
Quote from j.calling.2bad:
So, good luck in those bigger and harder levels Wink

Thanks, I'll need it Wink Those later levels (I think that already starts from World 4...) are hellish. Managing all the Gruntz and trying to keep everything on the move will be very tricky, and I'm pretty sure that the later levels won't be entirely optimised (Think about the last level where you need to manage 15 Gruntz at the end, I can't even put all of those on hotkeys Grin So that'll require group-move or individual click-and-move, and then there are arrows on the way where they could squash each other if you move them as a group (Though maybe through massive clicking that can be prevented), will be fun).

Quote from LaughingSkull:
Beating the levels depends a lot on patience and waiting, so speedrunning would likely be a bit slow for my tastes, but you're free to try. Good luck! Smiley

Thanks, and yes the game doesn't exactly have a fast pace Wink But the interesting thing about a speedrun of the levels is the planning/strategy used. There are quite some nifty tricks that can be applied, enemy manipulation, movement/action optimisation etc.

The level I uploaded didn't really contain much tricks (Except for getting past the enemy Grunt, breaking the rockz with the Gauntletz Grunt so the other one can grab the stuff while the Gauntletz Grunt gets to the Secret Warp and then the Warpstone Grunt gets to the exit spot in time), it was a pretty straightforward level.
But level 2 contains a bit more trickery, I shall encode and upload that one (It's not a final run yet since I made a stupid mistake which caused the Shovelz Grunt to move on an extra block of land... And there's also a better optimisation thing at the end possible).

But yeah like I said earlier those later levels will be seriously difficult to get done. Of course running the levels 100% makes it even more tricky because of the Secret Warp and Secret Switch (And Coinz) which require some timing and other tricky things.
Perhaps I should run the levels Any% first? But I knew beforehand that the game wasn't fast paced so that's why I started with 100% right away to make it a bit more entertaining Smiley

EDIT: Here's World 1 Stage 2.
Definitely looks promising. If you are going to finish this, I'll be very happy to watch it all at once! Cheesy
Truljin @ Twitch
Wow i remember playing this game years ago on my old P2 266mhz and man it was so much fun!
Nice run mate, looking forward to seeing more of it.
Whoa! I always thought that walking straight and diagonally was the same speed, so I just checked it and it appears that walking diagonally is 1 frame slower Grin Not really a problem, I just need to keep in mind to not avoid spikez and the likez if health is not an issue (And I need to be careful when sending Gruntz to some far spot because then they can walk unnecessarily diagonally).

Like in W1S2 (I'm going to call them Stages now since the game calls it like that too) I wasted 2 frames by avoiding some spikez while walking towards the Gauntletz Smiley But thankfully those 2 frames can't cause a 1 second improvement. I already improved W1S2 by 2 seconds a couple of days ago by the way.
Edit history:
TheVoid: 2009-03-26 08:28:21 am
I ran the 4 Training levels and uploaded those runs. Added a little table to the first post Smiley
Those levels are final although I'm not too sure about Stage 4 yet (Because of the orange switchez part). And those levels aren't too thrilling yet, they're just training levels Wink

EDIT: By the way, in the first level you can hear the Grunt say "Now go ahead, save your game like a little baby!" when he walks over the checkpoint. But the funny thing is that when I first walked over a checkpoint when I started playing the game, I said "No" and enabled the option "Don't show again" when the saving dialog box popped up, and yet a Grunt can still say that line as if you saved the game Tongue

Oh and also, in case you wanted to point it out as a timesaver, the tutorial screens in the levels aren't counted in the in-game timer. So it doesn't matter how fast I skip them.

EDIT: Added 2 more runs to the table.

World 1 Stage 1
I showed this one before but I redid it now because I've unlocked all the levels this time, so the videos look the same in the menu. In the stats screen at the end you can see that it says "WARP letters recovered! Prepare to receive your cheat codez!", that's simply because I already completed all levels 100%. That actually doesn't look too pretty in any Stage except Stage 4 but ah well... Smiley

World 5 Stage 4
I think a more appropriate title for this level is "Can't these balls roll any faster?" Wink
Near the end I sacrifice the second Grunt by putting him in a Spotlight spot because I wanted to include him singing in the run, but I already turned the camera away because of keeping the other Grunt on the move, so you couldn't hear the other one sing... I may redo this level sometime just to get the singing included, the time is likely final though, perhaps barely 1 more second could be chopped off.
I've been busy a bit with W2S4 and added it to the table as a demonstration video (Or WIP if you will) with a time of 4:27, it shows the trickyness of running the levels Wink I've checked all other levels with a bit of a speedrunning mindset, and damn it's going to be quite painful...
Attempted another level a bit today, World 1 Stage 4, got a time of 4:25. The run isn't perfect but I honestly don't really care that much anymore for this game.

By the way, I hope those cursor-to-edge-to-change-camera spasms I have sometimes aren't too annoying Wink