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Grand Theft Auto III (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

A/V good
No cheating detected

To start off the run, in portland most mistakes dont matter due to the fact that the time gets rounded up at the end.The runner manages to get a "14:30 portland".Which means killing Salvatore at 14:30 ingame clock time. A 13:30, a minute faster portland is possible,but requires very good luck and almost no mistakes.
Now,on to the next part: Staunton island goes very well,and the most important luck based mission, Evidence Dash, goes very well.

Now, the mayor change recently from older single segment runs is the usage of Dodo in the later game: Using the dodo in bait, shooting down the plane on the dam and flying away with the dodo in S.A.M , and using the dodo to fly in The exchange.
On The Exchange the runner picks up armour because he lost some HP on S.A.M.  This wastes ~10 seconds but in a risky run like this, it is better to be safe.

I estimate the time to be around ~1:12

For a single segment run, as this run requires very good luck, this run is great. It is very close to the segmented run.
Definite ACCEPT from me.

good run, even though there are some rofl and lols here and there. Iffy dodo landing with failed jump over fence in deconstruction mission, missed drop to trigger during Arms Shortage and few additional minor mistakes that I already can't remember, so maybe it's one minute off, but you would expect that from over 1 hour long SS of this game, defo not easy to improve.

Cheating: nope
video quality: good
Audio quality: good - though mp3 player(build-in feature that allows to import your own music into the game) used through whole run, which makes me wonder what Nate will say about it(I think he will have a look at it anyway) would be shame to loose such run due to some copyright issues or something, for me it's mmmmm...ok even though I hated every single second of this music and would rather listen to striped summer 2 hours straight.

verdict: accept

Quote from AlecK47:
A/V good, no cheating detected

Holy freaking crap on a stick...  GTA III has come a hell of a long way in the last year or two, but I honestly wasn't expecting this.  Sub 1:20 is impressive enough, but this run is under 1:15 real time.  Of course this run has some nice stuff like 14:30 Salvatore, fast Evidence Dash, the tamest FBI I've ever seen in A Drop in the Ocean, etc., but what really impressed me was that the runner used strats near the end of the game that were once thought to be segmented only.  The additional Dodo flying and completing S.A.M. at the dam save a bunch of time and look really impressive.

As for using the in game mp3 "radio station," I don't mind, even if the runner obviously has different taste in music than I do. Tongue  It actually worked really well in a couple places: the Barbie girl song playing when Toni Cipriani first shows up is freaking hilarious (maybe that's why his mother doesn't consider him a real man - he's a Barbie girl); and "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" playing during the final mission seemed quite fitting to me.  And AFAIK it shouldn't be a problem legally either.

Easy Accept

This is by far the best run of this game I've seen so far. Starting of with a 14:30 Salvatore kill is already strong and seemed almost impossible a year ago. Every mission involving RNG after that went incredibly well. Using the Dodo for most missions after unlocking Shoreside Vale deserves special mentioning. It's very hard to control from the beginning and pulling off whole missions and especially strats which were thought of to be only usable during a segmented run using it is even more impressive.

Over the course of the whole run a one minute improvement is realistic by managing to kill Salvatore at 13:30 (it gets rounded all the time). A time that requires perfect RNG besides immaculate execution in Portland. In the second part of the game there's almost no time to gain and therefore improvements beyond one minute are hardly imaginable, but not impossible.

If the ingame timer is used this time is indeed below 1:12, bummer.

Video and Audio quality seem perfectly fine to me even though I only have little experience with whats required.

If nate and/or everybody else can look past the usage of the MP3 player I don't see a reason why this shouldn't be accepted.

Audio: Excellent
Video: Excellent
Cheating/Validity: Passed

Very crisp, excellent single segment run. Call me an old-timer, but I didn't expect a run to raise such a fine blade to the segmented time so soon (despite seeing the thread from this past February). Maybe I'm just naive. Excellent run, I predict the time will stand for some time.

Decision: Accept

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Eidgod'!
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Woo Eidgod!
ChickenB0h BOH! :D
gg Cheesy
thank you all Smiley
like mentioned in the comments the run could be faster and that is what i am currently trying to do.
my goal is to get a 13.30 portland with at least the same staunton/shoreside maybe even faster
ultimate goal would be <1.13 rta but a <1.14 would probably be fine aswell
i hope you guys get to judge another run soon
Formerly known as Skullboy
Congrats Eidgod!
art's cool :ˆ)
gratz eidgod!
Congrats ^_^
Waiting hurts my soul...
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Techno is life
congrats Eidgod Cheesy
Congrats - very well played and the luck was on your side for the most part as well !
Iha paska
Grats!  Finally a proper SS run of this game on SDA.
It only took what.. over 2½ years ? Smiley

As much as I'd love to see a 13:30 run, this run still pushes on what you can do with SS on this game.
This game has been pretty much destroyed.
Congratulations eidgod. Cheesy