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Grand Theft Auto 3 (Any %) (Segmented) (pc) (pc)

Verifier Responses

Segment 1:
Audio and video qualities are fine, seeing as the run itself was done on a computer. I've noticed two things that I wouldn't have thought of doing: 1. The shortcut between the bridge lanes and 2. Intentionally hitting the left side of the road to lose the car doors. I think this is to take less time getting in and out of the car. In the mission that has the acronym of DSMBU, the player runs over the guy and takes his car to get resprayed. I thought you were supposed to take the car to the crusher, but I was wrong, I know in one of the missions you take a car to the crusher. In Mike Lips Last Lunch the player utilizes another shortcut nearby Salvatore Leone's house. Lips' car barely gets a scratch on it, which is surprising considering how the player drove. The player utilizes too many shortcuts in Farewell Chunky Lee Chong to even list. Every time I've done this mission I always rammed the Securicar. On the way to the Cipriani's place the player loses a few seconds trying to get to the mission marker for The Pick-Up by crashing his car into the wall next to the shortcut. In Chaperone the player loses a few seconds due to an accident near the Red Light District. In Cutting The Grass I did not know that Curly Bob can enter your car if you drive a taxi. Any other time you would have to keep your distance between the taxi and your car without spooking him. Bomb Da Base Act II was done differently than I'm used to. I normally go to the main rooftop with the adrenaline pill already taken and start sniping from there. No cheating involved, estimated time is 36:07.

Segment 2:
Takes no time doing away with the people who get sniped in Under Surveilance. Paparazzi Purge surprised me with the way the player did this mission. If I was to try this it would have taken me countless times to finish. Nine times out of ten I would have gotten a mission failure for letting them get away. Anyone ever notice how most of Asuka's missions has a time limit? Silence The Sneak was easy this time. No cheating involved, estimated time is 8:35.

Segment 3:
Takes no time rescuing the Old Oriental Gentleman in Liberator. Waka-Gashira Wipeout was one of my most hated missions. An upside to it is if you haven't done Kenji's missions you won't have to, but this can also be a downside as well. "Kenji is fender meat". This doesn't even sound right. No cheating involved, estimated time is 5:41.

Segment 4:
A Drop In The Ocean was another one of my most hated missions. Loses a few seconds on the timer after he crashes near Belleville Park. The player snipes the moon, changing it's size. Player loses one or two seconds when he crashes near the entrance to Francis International Airport. Espresso-2-Go is yet another one of my most hated missions simply because you have to find the shops on your own as they are not marked until you get near one. The Exchange, the last mission in the game, is the last of my most hated missions. I've played the iPad version of the game and I'm currently stuck here. No cheating involved, estimated time is 25:36 with no deaths or arrests. The player completed 20% of the game. Total time is 73:59 (1 hour 13 minutes 59 seconds).

Final decision: Accept.

Segment 1:
I am a bit disturbed about why he had to take a few seconds to get into the brief and check on the sayonara salvatore time, it's completely unnecessary and it looks ugly. It makes me bleed.

Segment 2:
I also wonder why he keeps flicking his camera around during the look backwards sections, it's rather annoying and doesn't seem to help him.

Segment 3:
Eh, you great man eh?
I'm going to kill you.
You gonna be sorry.
You big dumb yankee boy!

Segment 4:
Holy shit

AV ok, no cheating

AV okay. no cheating. It's an excellent run with a few minor mistakes here and there, but still easily acceptable.

Segment 1: Getting a 14:30 Salvatore is absolutely insane. The runner had godlike luck on Van Heist and the 3-vans mission. It must be noted that the final time for Portland gets rounded to the minute, so whatever mistakes were made in Portland did not make the runner lose any time. I find your route for getting the AK very interesting!
I'm guessing you got rather nervous when you reached 8-ball's mission, as the shooting was a bit off. Quite understandable!
I do agree with my fellow verifier that checking for the Salvatore time through the menu is incredibly ugly and should simply not have been there. The runner also killed the guys at Sayonara Salvatore in an awkward way, which made the last spawn glitch out, and forced him to use alternative means to kill him. All in all, it's an amazing segment, which is a little bit tarnished by the final few minutes.

Segment 2: Another very clean segment, though yet again tarnished by the end, where the runner bumps into shit.

Segment 3: You want a chainsaw, gringo? Cool segment for sure.

Segment 4: Incredible work. Flying around the dodo like that is truly a work of art. You manage to obtain great speeds by flying low, yet somehow maintain perfect control and pull off numerous tight turns and landings. The dodo flying alone and the effort you must have put into dodo flight training are enough to make this run phenomenal. Espresso 2 Go is another major highlight. After seeing you do it, I experimented with the jump off the bridge, and its consistency seems pretty dreadful. It's very impressive to see you nail down all the dodo flying and then still pull off such a risky trick.

Honestly, my only complaint of the run is the constant camera flicking which is incredibly annoying to look at. Changing the camera angle and direction manipulates spawns ahead of the player, and can thus clear roads, but this sort of flicking serves no purpose.

Overall, it's a very impressive run that gets an easy ACCEPT from me. Really well done! Curious to see if you decide to try and improve it even more, and hit that 1:10.

A/V is good, no cheating detected

This game has come a long way recently in terms of speedrunning. This segmented Any% run takes all of the good things from the current SDA run and improves on things making for an enjoyable and faster run.

Segment 1: Since there is that minute buffer for "Sayonara Salvatore", running over Maria in "Chaperone" and taking out 8 Ball in "Bomb da Base Act II" looks silly but doesn't really cost any time. I was confused about the routing at first when the runner went under the bridge at the beginning but it worked pretty well. Nice job not getting busted during "The Pick Up". Good thing that cop car came by... I wasn't sure if using the pistol would take out Chunky Lee Chong fast enough but it did the job. The runner had good luck on "Taking out the Laundry" with the laundry van locations. All in all, this is a pretty clean segment with negligible gaffes.

Segment 2: Ammo pickups are different in this route than what I am used to seeing so I was a bit surprised that the runner didn't do any ammo cleanup after "Under Surveillance". The runner had enough ammo anyways so it really didn't matter. Solid segment.

Segment 3: The runner has a great "Evidence Dash" and "Liberator", with the man being in the first checked garage. "Waka-Gashira Wipeout" seems to go off without any hitches as well. Good segment.

Segment 4: Cool play around while waiting for the plane in "A Drop in the Ocean". Great job not getting stuck on the lift bridge during " Espresso 2 Go". The route used in this run is better than the current run's route as the flying seems more steady and the runner takes care of the airport stand in a more optimized way. Great flying in this segment. "SAM" is impressive from the dam, especially with a five star wanted level after taking out the dodo (how many flips did that thing do). Between avoiding a bridge wait and other optimizations, there is some definite time saving here. I am not sure if this is correct, but I believe that a lot of problems in "Bait" stem from the player leaving vehicles, as that's when the computer seems to get super confused and lost. Regardless, great segment.

I accept this run as an improvement of the current SDA Any% PC Segmented run. Great job runner.

A/V Quality: Rather low resolution but the decent bit-rate compensates for it. No issues here.

Gonna be super lazy and re-post most of this from the GTA3 thread itself but I pretty much described verification comments there already.

Portland / segment 1 was really good, Seems that you got really nervous around bomb da base since you had a really kick-ass time in your hands
I still think that 13.xx salvatore should be possible but that would just be stupidly "perfect luck" or outcome everywhere. I know a few tiny improvements here and there but those should be best reserved for a TAS due to the unreliability.
Getting 15:30 is ridiculously stupid already due to random luck needed so 14:30 is a REAL kickass time!
Messing up here won't cost any time so all the small mistakes don't really count as the time evens out.

Oh, and those police car doors have a 60%-70% lock chance (both have different lock%). A lot of the runs get killed in here.

Segment2: Nothing much here to comment.

Segment3: Evidence depression went really well and you landed with a banshee. Damn you got so lucky by having only a single star. (note to others: killing a police gives you 2 stars).
On the way back with the mute asian dude if you use the road that goes from the other side, you can actually drive up a block a way from Donald before you have to turn, should be faster. And if you use top-down view, no cars will spawn which means that you can just drive full speed pretty much. This is a really minor thing and a preference mostly though.
Betraying the Yakuza ended up with some unfortunate spins.

This is where it gets interesting, fresh "a drop in the ocean" strats and really risky ones too as you just narrowly avoided that one landstalker as well. This is why I prefer top-down as you don't have to twitch the camera all the time to "look ahead"
Gotta try out that "banshee in the pier" way of doing things.

And your dodo flying is amazing, The bait was a near failure but you managed to rescue it really well.
espresso 2 go -- that banshee flip did it for me. You did have some fuck ups with the throws unfortunately, but the combination of the other stuff more than makes up for it.
SAM was impressive as ever with this strat, Shooting the plane is easy but doing it at the right time so that packages fall correctly is just part of the fun as you try to dodge jerk cops that try to yank you out of your car/plane. That take off is really tricky to pull off right so it always gains extra points in my eyes.
The dam crash with catalina is so risky even for a segmented run that it's not even funny. Especially when dealing with a segment that is full of precise dodo flying and mission manouvers.

Anyway, that's from the top of my head, really amazing work with the run.
After running this game for over 1½ years now, it really teaches you to respect the stuff that might otherwise seem trivial or you take for granted.

Thanks for raising the bar once again!

Easy accept.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to SCM!
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