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Gran Turismo (pal) (psx) [Any %] [Single Segment]

Verifier Responses

Quote from KFC:
A/V - aright as for PSX game(with one glitchy moment ~2sec of video skip/lag)

cheating - nothing that i could see

gameplay - i think it's good enough to be 1st GT run on SDA. There are mistakes and actually quite a few here and there, but they are defo acceptable for 1,5h long RTA of such game(plus i'm not convinced all the sliding-wallbump strategy is the ultimate time saver[it could be]). Though the 'route' to complete the game makes perfect sense to me, so i guess it's an accept.

Quote from Elipsis:
A/V: Well, we discovered one error in the video that looks like a two second or so frame hold.  The frame count functionally works out not to interfere with RTA in any significant way.

Cheating: None that I noticed, I really don't think the aforementioned video issue is anything nefarious.

Gameplay: The thing about a sim-ish racing game is that you're never going to get that perfect lap every time.  Now obviously with damage out of the equation you can do more ridiculousness like wall sliding and AI braking, but for the most part minor corning mistakes can be amplified to end up costing quite a few frames.  I think the most significant and obvious time loss was on A7, but there were a number of other botched turns that cost a few seconds here and there.

With all that said, the big trick is the IA license glod reward and in spite of the runners comments none of these single lap time trials are anything like easy.  The runner pulled them all off, in some cases with time to spare.

The Nismo races definitely required some smart driving, but the runner never really seemed challenged to get to the front before the finish line. I expected a bit of variance here based on how cooperative the AI wants to be.

On one hand the Chaser races, comparatively, are just omni-slashing Sephiroth... but a time loss here is still a time loss.  There were a few sub optimal laps on the order of a few seconds, but nothing that makes the run look bad.

One thing I don't know too much about here is the routing.  The logic to what the runner is doing seems sound, and the car progression seems about as lean and efficient as I think it could possibly be, but if there are faster strats out there I couldn't really see.

Conclusion: This is a pretty good looking first run of Gran Turismo.  Assuming we accept the credit roll as the conclusion of the game (which seems quite reasonable), and others don't consider the A/V glitch a showstopper, I'm going to recommend the run for an accept.  Though there is definitely room for improvement, I think overall this is a very good benchmark for what a run of this game should look like.

Audio/video quality is very good. Apparently the verification file I watched was the HQ version. The video ratio is weird but without the  black borders it's completely fine. There is some stutter at around 1:12:37 that leads to an audio desync and pitch change, but I won't take it into account for two reasons. Firstly, the video only lacks one frame through this part, and secondly, the audio issue gets fixed after a minute or so.

Now gameplay is simply amazing. The strategies used in this run are very smart; the Nismo 400R is indeed an excellent car to start races, and the Chaser LM is nothing but the best one given we don't go anywhere but in licenses and GT league. The driving is efficient and very pleasant to watch, and the runner uses every opportunity to save time. There are only a few minor flaws that don't cost much time. I detected no cheating.

Timing is 1:41:00.37 rounded down to 1:41:00 from the main menu entry to the last "press any button" (that triggers the end credits). The runner could have skipped the introduction cutscene but that is before any actual gameplay.

Some notes about the comments: I would have appreciated words about GT league races, since the runner gives general remarks and detailed explanations about the IA license. Also there are tiny mistakes: "without care" should replace "with care" in IA-2 comment, and "curbes" should become "curves" for IA-5 and IA-6.

As a conclusion, despite little negative points I meant above, I will give this run an easy accept. It exactly represents what SDA needs in terms of gameplay standards and video quality.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Meesbaker'!
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Meesbaker: 2015-02-28 12:58:25 am
Great, thank you guys. This means much to me. Learning the IA licenses gold times to perfect consistency was a
ton of work, Im happy that this leads to an accept despite some mistakes. Thanks!

Oh and on that lag, I just checked and it is in my source file. Must be a small performance issue while I was recording.
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KFC: 2015-02-28 07:09:13 am
KFC: 2015-02-28 07:07:19 am
ChickenB0h BOH! :D
yeah it looked like typical hdd performance peek nothing unusual IMO.

hope you'll drop some more GT runs soon Smiley
I think many people would like gt2 to be run but the problem is that it is hard to make it interesting.
In gt1 there is some relation between speed and challenge but in gt2 the perfect route makes
all races quite simple, is more about laptimes then.