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I made a post in Casual Speedruns about a central place to post and find google doc leaderboards since they are hard to find on their own, and I got a post that I should make a page on the KB however...

A) Is it possible for me to make a page that isnt in the Strategy wiki? Because I cant seem to find how to. And which area would I put a page like this on the KB?

B) Is it appropriate for the KB? Because it is outside of SDA, and those runs are not hosted by SDA, and the rules may not be legal by SDA standards. I know this is SDA's knowledge base and deals with their rules and regulations.
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Hi dialupjimmy,

  Regarding your questions:
A)  I usually handle pages outside of the strategy wiki.  I'd need to find a place for it in our current structure. 
B) A list of times and link to videos is definitely appropriate.  Even if a run isn't hosted or verified by SDA the strats that are used help the game's runners push it to its limits which is what we want to do as a community.

So I've got a follow up question for you.  What did you have in mind with the google docs leaderboard?  Would it be a list of games that had leaderboards that would link to the leaderboard maintained by the community for that game?  Or were you planning on maintaining a massive google docs that had all the times? 

Honestly, my current plan for the KB is that each game page on the strategy wiki will link to a leaderboard page for that game if one is available.  The idea is that the game's community is responsible for the content of the strategy page and they'd also be maintaining a leaderboard so they would make sure that the leaderboard and the link to it stay current. 

But why not just make a central repository in the wiki?  The KB is uses media wiki software and it's fine for what it does and while google docs is more straightforward to edit, a full scale leaderboard would need a customized submission form so it's not just one person doing the work.  If you wanted to just maintain a link to other leaderboards, that could work and I could link to it in the wiki, but when the SRL leaderboards are done it probably won't get used too much relative to the amount of effort you'd put into it.

I think your idea to post them on the pages is a good idea. My original idea was just a link dump where people can quickly find the links to google docs. I have not been up to date with the SRL leaderboards, last time I checked there were a lot of issues. If for some reason SRL does not go through with it or it gets a long delay I say it might be worth it if it can get  out to the public. Sorry this took so long to get back, it has been a rough month.