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Elusive Twit
Hey guys, first time poster here on SDA so i probably messed up the location for this thread.

I'm a beginner speedrunner that has been checking around the forums and has been doing some OoT speedrunning for 2-3 weeks or so in which i competed in races on the #speedrunslive channel in IRC.


I'm really interested in a Golvellius speedrun, even though i know there may be a bunch of farming i feel like it's a game for me to practice on and complete as fast as i can. I searched for the gametitle here on the forums but didn't find more threads than about an youtube channel doing some Master system/genesis "speedruns" in which he/she did a 6 part, ~10 min each Golvellius run. But i think it's more to it than that.

Is there anyone here who has any feedback regarding a Golvellius run? Do you think it's a lost cause or does it sound interesting?
Otherwise i got backup games that i find myself interested in. But Golvellius is my main interest now.
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I've had a bit of interest in Golvellius recently, but never got anything started. I'd definitely look forward to any work you do on it.
If you don't already have some info down, this page might be of some help:
Elusive Twit
Glad that there's some interests in this game. I'll be sure to work on it.

Oh yeah! Thanks for the link! I forgot all about that website!
Sega RPG Fanatic
Sweet!  My first time posting on this site as well.  I've been working on a route on and off for this game for a couple of months. 
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Elusive Twit
Awesome, can't wait for your results! I'm gonna start with it as soon as i get some free time.
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Elusive Twit
Haven't done much into the run yet so far. But i calculated a route until Rolick is dead and is currently working on the Bachular area and getting the Valley Sword + Aruzasu's Shield. This is my time so far:

Edit: The Route is basically:

Get out of the first cave
get the items in Gespa's area
Go to gespa
Get crystal
get items in Rolick's desert
go to rolick
get crystal.
Sega RPG Fanatic
Nice!  My usual splits to those points are around 3:10 for Gespa and 8:30 for Rolick.  I'm experimenting with not getting everything right away in the desert, just getting the bible next to Rolick's cave and getting the rest of the stuff in the desert after killing Rolick.  I also skip the Shields entirely.  I was skipping the pendants as well and relying on the 19 potions/ both mea invincibility trick, but am now looking into the feasibility of doing a low potion run (6-8 for the game)  I'm finding it difficult to take on the last 2 side scrolling dungeons this way, as the snakes the spit massive amounts of fireballs are tough to bypass (especially in crawky's dungeon).  If I can figure a way to do this, I should be able to  put a run at 1:20:00 or less.  Right now, best run is 1:26:56 (no pendants, no shields 19 potions, both mea for invincibility glitch) best 100% run (all items, picking up 3 emerald rings) is 1:34:28.
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Nac0n: 2013-05-15 12:03:30 pm
Elusive Twit
Oh yeah haha, i need to do more checking into the run. I named the run any% but i think the more suitable name for it would be 100%. I think it's also suitable for me to start with 100% and play through the game a whole lot of times before i jump into any% Cheesy
Nice times btw, i'll work a lot on mine and get back when i start to close up to you :D. Skipping shields sounds great actually. How much do you visit Randar? None?

Ah yeah, well luckily enough. The snakes in the sidescrollers gives you health so it should make it a lot easier. I'm not saying it's easy, just easier hehe.

I'm working on a own map to give exact information on locations of items and monsters to give a nice overview.

EDIT: Where do you play the game? Emulator? (which gamepad?) SMS?
Sega RPG Fanatic
I agree with the sentiments on working the 100% run first.  It's helped me come up with some strategies for figuring out what I can and cannot do with out and play around to figure out the best strategy to use.

In a 100% I usually do not need to visit randar at all, if I'm lucky.  on this low potion run I am working now, randar sees some use, especially when near areas with death lords (i.e, the legendary sword screen).

I find that skipping the giant snakes saves time for me, so I try to skip as many as possible in the side scrollers.  The problem in both Crawky and Golvellius' dungeons is the snakes that shoot the 8 fireballs that hone in and follow you around.  On a Low potion run like the one I am working on, getting by is really the only way to survive as it takes too long to kill them before you get owned by the fireballs.  It's tricky, but if I can figure out the timing on it, I should be ok. 

I mapped where most of the items are, but not where the best farming spots are at.  That said, I like to farm on Green Snakes in the desert and graveyard, White Snakes in the meadow below where you get the first pendant, Jellyfish and rats on the beach, White Rats in Crawky's forest, and white Trolls in the Pine forest (screen to the right of the ascent boots).

Right now, I'm playing on Gens plus emulator with an older Logitech gamepad that feels a lot like a PS controler.  I'm looking to get either a power base converter for my genesis or an actual Master system in the near future so that I can use the actual cartridge.  plus the Emulator allows me to save states to practice certain areas of the game as well (which reminds me that I should be creating save points at trouble spots so that I can practice some more).

Good luck with your run.  I can tell you that my first full game runs on this were about 1:52:07 for 100% so I was able to shave some time off of it.  One piece I will share from my experience is that you should get the mirror before you take on crawky and then Immediately after defeating crawky, go get the ascent boots immediately.  This make the pine forest a breeze, and you can get the 6th crystal immediately after killing Haidee as the 6th crystal is 30000 gold, and the 7th is 40000.  With the minimum gold max you need at 72000, as long as you have everything else you need purchased before going to haidee's dungeon, the endgame scenario is pretty managable. 
Sega RPG Fanatic
Just finished a new PB at 1:16:21! This was using my no shields/pendants route.  only had one real hiccup on the Fosbus stage, otherwise everything else went smoothly.  Next stop, sub 1:15!
Sega RPG Fanatic
posting my current PB splits for the game.  Current PB is 1:10:27

Despa - 3:01
Rollick - 7:17
Bachular - 17:32
Fosbus 32:22
Warlic - 41:04
Crawky - 56:17
Haidee - 1:04:36
Golvellius - 1:10:27
Sega RPG Fanatic
Just finished a new PB with the following splits:

Despa - 2:59.2
Rollick - 7:08.9
Bachular - 17:26.7
Fosbus - 31:33.0
Warlic - 39:54.8
Crawky - 54:00.1
Haidee - 1:02:24.8
Golvellius - 1:08:09.4

next goal is to see if I can get this down under 1:07!
I've practiced running this game after playing through it many times in the past.  Such a nostalgic game!
Of the 18 times I've ran since I started tracking it, I've only beaten it twice (no deaths).  1/9 completion rate, ouch.  xD  I plan on running and practicing much more.  Also, it'll be much more obvious why the death rate is so high after explaining what pickups are skipped.

Most recent run splits based on times Kelesis exits the dungeons after defeating the bosses:

Exiting Into the Valley: 0:00:46.99
Despa: 0:02:44.03
Rolick: 0:06:20.95
Bachular: 0:13:28.82
Fosbus: 0:25:25.63
Warlic: 0:33:53.14
Crawky: 0:41:05.97
Haidee: 0:51:26.21
Golvellius: 0:59:38.78

In summary, for my route, the only optional pickups I got were the Valley Sword and 7 Life Potions.  This route choice makes Haidee and Golvellius both extremely difficult and their battles lengthy.  But overall, the time saved by not getting the Legendary Sword and the excess Life Potions that are out of the way or not needed makes up for it.

I know there were plenty of mistakes in my run; I'm confident it could be finished in less than 55 minutes.  There is plenty of room for improvement for me in the horizontal dungeons, mostly.  I could probably study grinding spots a little more and cut some time there, too.
Latest run:

Despa: 2:55.86
Rolick: 6:19.92 (PR)
Bachular: 13:32.50
Fosbus: 25:34.90
Warlic: 34:02.12
Crawky: 41:12.14
Haidee: 50:42.46
Golvellius: 57:56.02 (PR)

Getting better.  4/20 completion. : P
Only picked up the Valley Sword and 6 Life Potions this time.

I skipped the Life Potion in Despa's Valley.  I'll probably skip another one next run...  most likely the one north of Crawky's Dungeon.  Perhaps the Gold saved from skipping that Life Potion can save time on grinding by picking up the Mirror before heading to Crawky.  I'll try that next run, also.
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Biggletanky: 2014-06-04 11:58:34 am
This map will help explain the latest route I'm trying.

K13: Grind ~4 Bees (Approximation based on spawns of bees and snakes, grind 10 enemies maximum)
K12: Buy Bible
K13: Defeat Despa
L13: Buy Crystal

M7: Grind 6 Snakes
L8: Buy Bible
M7: Grind 4 Snakes
K10: Buy Bible
J10: Defeat Rolick
M4: Buy Crystal
M5: Buy Potion

I6: Grind 17 Bats, then Buy Potion
I6/I5: Grind 19 Bats
I4: Buy Bible
K4: Buy Bible
M3: Grind ~5 Snakes, then Buy Potion (Approximation based on spawns of bees and snakes, grind 9 enemies maximum)
L1: Grind 10 Bats, then Buy Bible, Continue to Grind 24 Bats
J1: Buy Bible
K1: Defeat Bachular
I3: Buy Valley Sword
L1: Grind 60 Bats
J4: Buy Crystal

I9: Buy Potion
H10: Buy Bible
C8: Grind 100 Rats, then Buy Aqua Boots, Continue to Grind 97 Rats
B9: Buy Bible
C8: Grind 25 Rats
F14: Buy Ring of Invisibility
G13: Buy Bible
J14: Buy Bible
I13: Defeat Fosbus
I12: Buy Crystal
E10: Buy Bible
E12: Buy Potion
D14: Buy Bible
A12: Buy Bible
B11: Defeat Warlic
B13: Buy Crystal

C5: Buy Bible
A4: Buy Bible
E1: Buy Bible
D3/D4: Grind 56 Bugs/Grind 34 Jellyfish (Unsure which is better...)
F5: Buy Mirror
D5: Defeat Crawky
F1: Buy Ascent Boots
G7: Defeat Haidee
H1: Buy Crystal
A1: Buy Crystal
D2: Defeat Golvellius
Using the route listed cuts a chunk of time.  Here's my best overall so far:

Despa: 2:44.54
Rolick: 6:01.02
Bachular: 12:47.26 (PR)
Fosbus: 27:15.76
Warlic: 33:02.70
Crawky: 41:51.04
Haidee: 47:40.00 (PR)
Golvellius: 54:57.04 (PR)

Between Bachular and Fosbus, I had to visit Randar before entering the Swamp as I had reckless grinding and bad health drops around the Aqua Boots area.  My best segment between those two bosses using the newest route is 54 seconds faster than this run.  Sub 54 minutes, totally doable.
Socially awkward ;P
Nice, I'm waiting for it. ^^
Sega RPG Fanatic
Wow!  nice progress!  I'll look forward to seeing a completed run!
Sega RPG Fanatic
Starting to explore a similar route myself now, I'm seeing that the make or break point of the run usually ends up being the Haidee fight.  Haidee's hitbox (particularly where you can stand to damage it) create some tight moments for me on that part.  I suppose I'll just have to keep practicing that fight, but it is doable with the Valley sword (which was a bit of a surprise to me without the pendants).  I started the new route that I've been working on and was sub 45:00 to crawky and was looking to be in the 58-59 minute range (including a few grinding mistakes, I'm still shaking off about 9 months of rust) before Haidee kicked my tail.  I think my next step is to practice the Haidee fight until I am comfortable with it, the Golvellius fight is actually fairly easy, even with only the valley sword.
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odinsmash: 2014-07-09 03:28:25 am
Sega RPG Fanatic
Biggletanky, have you considered grinding rats on B3 prior to getting the bible at E1?  Rats give the same gold value as jellyfish in crawky's forest, and are more predictible for grinding , movement wise, like potato bugs.  also, the river on that screen provides good defense and the stones on the screen make for safe and quick grinding there due to easier grouping of enemies.  You would need the same number of rats as jellyfish, but the grind might end up being quicker.  Otherwise, grinding the Jellyfish on D3 seems like it would be easier to do than the Potato Bugs on D4 as D4 has a lot narrower corridor to move in and you have to grind a lot more enemies to get the money you need for the mirror. 
Sega RPG Fanatic
I was finally able to complete a low potion run!  I ended up buying 6 potions and there are still some kinks to work out, particularly in Fosbus's swamp, but I am definitely happy to finish with a 57:44.  It's nice to have that that first sub 1 hour run under my belt!
Make-or-break for me is usually the Ascent Boots screen at F1.  Death Lords with the Valley Sword and only 3 (!) Potion pickups is almost certain death with me unless I spend too much time planning where to stand based on their spawns.  It's something I really need to practice.  (I took a long break and, when I came back, I realized that the 6-part "run" on YouTube was done with only 3 Potion pickups.)

Grinding rats on B3 prior to the Bible at E1 is a great idea, I'm sure it would save time.  I <3 Rats.

Yeah, the long stretch from Bachular to Fosbus and the Ascent Boots screen are for sure the most brutal parts of the game.  Good job on the completion!
Sega RPG Fanatic
I went and rewatched that youtube run myself.  That runner grabbed the Legendary sword, which would make killing death lords a little easier.  I'd rather spend the time and money saved from not grinding for the legendary sword picking up a couple extra potions throughout the run to deal with the death lords.  I have enough trouble dealing with the death lords with 6 potions.  I'd hate to see what it's like with only 3 potions and the valley sword. 

I also am finding that I have more consistent success farming pre- and post-aqua boots with jellyfish on F10.  Pre-boots can be faster with good spawning patterns (you can kill the jellyfish above the river when they get to the river).  Post boots, you only need to kill 64 jellyfish, rather than 96 rats and since the jellyfish move a little slower, it's less likely that you get swarmed and take as much damage, lessening the need to possibly visit Randar or Enny.  I also wait to get the bible at B9 until after killing Fosbus (I usually get it right before fighting Warlic.  You only need to kill 2 jellyfish on F10 to get the necessary gold to all of the bibles in the lake/beach, plus the potion at E12). 

What are you currently playing on?  I am using a Genesis with a power base converter and a genesis controller, but I am finding it hard to keep control of movement at times.  I'm curious to see if using an actual Master system may help in that regard.
Socially awkward ;P
It's been a long time since I've played this but I always farmed black skeletons on A14 for easy money. Pretty safe but not sure if it's quick enough though.
Sega RPG Fanatic
I see two problems with grinding at A14 on a low potion run like the one that I am working on.  The first is that black skeletons hit really hard (literally they hit for a full potion without pendants, which get skipped).  You could die really quickly if you got caught by one.  The second is that the only real practical place for me to grind them without going really far out of the way is to grind them after getting the 5th crystal to get back to 50000 gold (I'd only consider that in a 100% run as well so that you could get the bible and Remedia's Shield in the first part of crawky's forest).  That might be worth considering if I were thinking about going back to 100% as you would have Aresta's Pendent plus 13 potions at that point, rather than no pendants and only 6-7 potions, so you could afford the risk a little more.