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I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Would anyone be interested in doing a golgo 13 speed run? I played it at a friends house the other day and it seems like a game with a lot of potential.
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100% runs=great to watch
If you mean you are interested in doing it, then by all means YES, YES, 1,000 times YES!

If you are just requesting it though, there's a thread in the SDA suggestions and whatnot forum designed for requests.  Or you could place a Bounty on it in the General Chat forum thread.
Hi! I'm andrewg!
I never understood this game one bit. I just ran around and then randomly I was shooting at guys jumping around or something. I found it entertaining though.
100% runs=great to watch
The key was to have a night of awesome sex at the hotel to restore your health and advance the plot.  Much like in real life.
Hail Discordia!
This game is very long and painfully slow. A "speedrun" (if that word is even applicable to this epitome of sluggishness also called videogame) will take over an hour. Think twice. :\
100% runs=great to watch
Bah, over an hour is nothing unusual.  Tons of runs on SDA wind up being over an hour by far.  Mapping the first person sections would get pretty tough...those were my undoing back in the day.
My feelings on The Demon Rush
I don't think you understand moozooh's point getter.  A run of this game would feature slowly walking around, jump kicking, and going through corridors.  Compare that to a run like Metroid Prime, which is also an hour.
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getter77: 2007-07-06 04:54:18 pm
100% runs=great to watch
It was mainly a kneejerk to the throngs of people complaining to no end that the TAS was "too long" (FFS it was far shorter than several on the site....) and that only much shorter games were "better" back then at Bisqwit's.  Apologies.

Still, not every game is frantic like Prime.  Take most of the RPG's where it is turn based and there's no tricks to massively boost the walking speed...those are still cool to watch.  Based on the source material, it wouldn't make a lick of sense for it to be a game with say Mario level platforming speeds.  It would be a game that relies heavily on planning and execution....likely with a degree of luck to boot.
I once thought about doing this game and made a few notes.  Haven't gotten back to it for a few months now, but I could do this if there's enough interest.

BTW, I haven't seen the TAS comments.  What time did the TAS get and what were the complaints?
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getter77: 2007-07-06 08:22:13 pm
100% runs=great to watch
I don't recall if it ever got published or not due to people whining, but I have both the V1 and V2 of it on my PC in the little emu file dealie.

The complaints had little to nothing to do with the execution of the run(s) but rather little punks bitching about how most TAS stuff should never be very long, the game was too long, adn a whole lot of inconsequential bullshit for the most part.  I'm pretty certain many had never even played the game yet saw fit to complain incessantly.  IIRC, I got snappy about it back then in the topic over there

I recall the last revision I saw of it (who knows...might've been more since I last check all those months ago) got it down to a pretty good time.  Let me check....

Edit: The V2 I have clocks in at 44 min and some seconds.  Oh yeah, terrible marathon necessitating scores of Mason Jars to sit through it let me tell ya...  Roll Eyes
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Emptyeye: 2011-10-18 08:26:30 pm
Talk to the Hand

So this was one of my (Clear-headed) purchases during the DotCom Wonderful Wedding Weekend. I played through it on-stream (With the help of a FAQ for several mazes, especially the Act 7 one) for the first time on Sunday (The furthest I'd gotten before this was Act 5), and I think this will probably be my next speedrunning target. Getter, if you still have the TAS, I'd like to see it, because it doesn't look like it ever did make it onto TASVideos. Would people still be interested in this, and if so, how much of the process would you actually want to watch? I may do what I did for Magician and just grind out individual levels (Which should prove more fruitful than it did in Magician, since the resource management is a bit different for this game to say the least. :P) on emulator, and stream it if people want to see it. Otherwise, I may just seem my attempts in beautiful webcam quality. Wink

EDIT: By the way, I presume we're talking about Top Secret Episode here. There were (At least) two G13 games on the NES. The Mafat Conspiracy, which I have basically no experience with, is the other.
Balls jerky
Quote from Emptyeye:
EDIT: By the way, I presume we're talking about Top Secret Episode here. There were (At least) two G13 games on the NES. The Mafat Conspiracy, which I have basically no experience with, is the other.

Just want to throw out that The Mafat Conspiracy is a way better game than TSE, but I'm pretty sure it's quite a bit rarer.
Talk to the Hand
Bumping this up because I think moozooh is wrong in a technical sense. That is to say, I've started attempts, and my current best is 1:04:37 by SDA time, and I'm pretty sure that can go sub-1 hour (I was about 3.5 minutes ahead at one point on a run that crashed at the start of Act 11). I should highlight that crash, actually.

Anyway, this is a thing that is happening now!
want to see this run. I can't even beat this game
This is the only NES game I have.  I really should get an NES sometime.

I'd watch just to see what the game is like.
I think you will be disappointed. lol
Talk to the Hand
I want to defend this game....but I really can't, haha. It's kindof like Bayou Billy in that the whole is less than the sum of its parts--it tries to do a bunch of different genres at once, and as a result, doesn't do any of them that well. And the translation, especially near the end, just goes completely incoherent. And of course, most infamously, the controls are flipped from like every other game on the NES (Jump on B Attack on A WHYYYYYYY). But I like it anyway.

What are its good points? Oddly, I feel like the simple graphics, especially of the characters, give the game a more "adult" feel. And I like the music too, for the most part (Especially the "main" G13 theme). The music changes from track to track often enough that you don't notice right away that the game doesn't actually have a whole lot of music quantity-wise.

Anyway, andrew, if you just want to see the game beaten (You'll see pretty quickly why this is nowhere near submittable), I highlighted the 1:04:37. That goes for anyone else whom this game frustrated as a kid too. Smiley

For the sake of completion: Keeeeeee-RAAAAAAAAASH!! (The Act 6 split is not as good as it looks; I hit it way late in the 1:04:37. As a result, the Act 7 split is thus not as bad as it looks)
I played this game a lot as a kid (lol yeah didnt know what was going on during those scenes :P)

its not a great game but it has nostalgia and some nice aspects to it.

Unfortunately the mazes were ridic, and I only beat this game once and that was using FAQ for the mazes. Its definitely a game with required taste
Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the game. But I'd say the majority of people wouldn't heh... That being said, I await the final run.
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Talk to the Hand
Quote from moozooh:
[...]A "speedrun" (if that word is even applicable to this epitome of sluggishness also called videogame) will take over an hour. [...]

Talk to the Hand
Okay, the time is still coming down. This is a run in 56:01. I'm thinking sub-55 would definitely be submittable, and I'd probably roll with anything under 55:30 to be honest.

Part 1
Part 2
I think when I eventually work my way through my current stack of unfinished games, I need to get an NES and something other than this.

Anyway, congrats.  It looks like you've got things more or less down, at least to someone who has no experience with the game other than watching his friend's FC Twin loop the opening cutscene continuously.
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Hey, remember when I said I'd roll with anything under 55:30?

I lied. The game in 54:40. From there, as I write in the highlight description, it seems like something close to 54-flat is the current upper limit of my skill (And even then, who knows what I'll find if I actually go for it).
Talk to the Hand
Double-post, because I'm still not done with this game. At this point, sub-54 is looking like the goal. The bad news is the last obstacle to get there is going to be tough. The good news is I know I'm close, because my last improvement didn't have the "I beat my best run my a minute yet I can easily see another 30 seconds to a minute of improvement to be made just based on WSplit" problem most of the previous runs have.

Anyway, the new time is 54:16 by SDA timing, about 55:09 by Japanese timing.

Part 1
Part 2