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Metal + Speed = Life
Check this out.. my first run including the new bunker skip...
Look at the statue split.. at this pace 2 minutes ahead, with the potential time saves i had in solar/cradle, this run literally had 1h40m flat pace. Completely ridiculous to think of that.. crazy insane gold for bunker and a 8 second gold for memorial.. sum if bests after this run are at 1:38:34..
Ill write more about the run on youtube once its posted.. but because of the really dumb stuff that happens in jungle and solar i think i will still try to improve on this.

Metal + Speed = Life
Here it is, I wrote up a big description on youtube so I wont write much here

Full Game Operative RTA - 1h41m18s

There's a back-up for the Bunker seam clip. Although reloading the checkpoint might take just as long, here it is anyway.
Metal + Speed = Life
Cool back up.. so weird that you can floor clip so easily in this level.. there must be other places we dont know about yet

It's done. The overall combined time as of today is 6:40:35
Metal + Speed = Life
Holy crap.. nice memorial and bunker times
Thanks! The Bunker one is improvable since it uses the same route from 007 Classic. A low 10:0x time is definitely possible. As for Memorial, I think it's actually easier on 007. On 007 Classic, the guards in the sewers just melt your body armor away, but the health regeneration on 007 difficulty makes it easier. Also, there is less deviation from the normal route because you don't pick up any body armor. So the time is probably going to be lower on 007 for Memorial.

Also, the overall combined time for 007 is actually lower than 007 Classic! I didn't expect that, but it's true. Archives is actually the biggest reason for that, though. The time you save on that level on 007 is tremendous.
Bunker Agent could be a bit lower with this ridiculous early route:

And that unintended ambush of enemies in the escape part at 5:53 can be avoided by simply reloading a checkpoint.
Also, if you miss the floor below with the clip and go even further down, you can just run back to where the elevator is. It's what the TAS does, and it only loses a few seconds compared to the other way.
Metal + Speed = Life
I know we say this often and we are often wrong as well, but I dont think this run will ever be beaten.

Station (007) - 4m36s

Metal + Speed = Life
Still using my route picking up the sniper, and its not the cleanest attempt but good pace runs are tough to get on this one.. The checkpoint with the second ammo crate is really rough to get through.

Outpost (007) - 5m16s

Metal + Speed = Life
Arcvhies (007) - 10m22s

Metal + Speed = Life
Didnt take too long to pull off actually, so I cant even say how hard or lucky this is yet

Yeah the new cradle skip is pretty insane. I think cradle might be under 10 minutes now?
Metal + Speed = Life
For sure.. im trying to get a full level run but its not an easy thing to grind.. if you mess it up your last checkpoint is before the grate clip do you really only get 1 shot at it. And ive only hit it that one first time.. probably 10 hovers later and i havent gotten the checkpoint again.. im trying different angles and such too. Not sure this will be RTA viable until we know more about the spot that triggers it
Metal + Speed = Life
Seems to be a VERY small area that triggers it
Edit history:
FitterSpace: 2018-08-10 08:56:18 pm
I've gotten it 3 times in a couple of attempts. For me it's probably 20%. When I get on the railing, I try to sprint to the right of the staircase. I managed to get a 10:34 with a failed Trev fight (one extra checkpoint reload there). I know sub 10 is possible and I'm going to get it next time I stream. I agree that the spot is pretty precise. But I've been able to replicate it a few times.

Edit: It seems my luck has run out. I didn't get the checkpoint a single time in the hour or two that I played tonight. I'm probably going to play more tomorrow or Monday night. I won't be able to stream on Monday so my next stream will probably be on Wednesday. I'll let you know if I get any solid times. By the way, I'm doing attempts on the Time Trial on Operative. We should do attempts on different difficulties incase we both get a solid time, since this level is the same on all difficulties anyway.
Metal + Speed = Life
If you try it on operative.. dont do the time trial.. just because if you get the checkpoint and die your timer keeps going. You would have to pause and reload after getting the checkpoint before dying
I thought that, too, at first. But the timer seems to stop during the loading screen. It only keeps counting during the death animation. But you can hear the checkpoint sound for about a second while the game is lagging before you get killed. It’s not too hard to react to.
Metal + Speed = Life
Dude..  i just did something nuts but i wasnt recording.. i was practicing the hover for cradle.. i missed the elevator, but somehow landed below the elevator, and into the room with trevs final fight.. trev wasnt loaded so i moved up the stairs and trev loaded.. and the game gave me the checkpoint which you get just before entering his room.. i was able to kill trev right away and proceeded as usual.. only saves a couple seconds compared to hitting the checkpoint and dying... but i guess for rta its better because you dont need to spend time on the loading screen.
Metal + Speed = Life
There is more to this than we originally thought
Wow, that's awesome, especially for the TAS. Do you know if the elevator door was closed? That would have been awesome if you could just go in there. Anyway, I managed to hover over the middle part with TAS tools and get really really close to the elevator, but I'm just a few feet away from possibly landing in there. But that assumes the floor is even solid and that I can press the button. I noticed that in normal gameplay, there is no checkpoint marker on the elevator button and the elevator button is the same color as it normally is. It might be possible to get in there somehow but I don't expect it to happen. That's pretty awesome about the Trev fight, though.
Edit history:
JamesBong: 2018-08-11 10:27:15 am
Metal + Speed = Life
Ok just got it, first time with a decent run, I got the hover on 2nd try, so maybe 7-10 seconds lost, and then I completely fucked up the Trev fight but managed to survive, I would say 15-20 seconds lost on Trev.. this could be 25-30 seconds faster on a really well executed run, so sub 10 is definately doable.

Cradle (Agent) - 10m21s

Nice job! I'm going to do some Operative attempts today. It'll be awesome to have this glitch on all the cradle runs. That'll be 5 or 6 minutes cut off the overall combined time.
Edit history:
FitterSpace: 2018-08-11 07:01:54 pm
FitterSpace: 2018-08-11 01:19:06 pm
I just completed a 10:08 on Operative TT. Terrible run, though. I could be 15 seconds faster in the intro and I messed up the Trev fight. Much like your run, I managed to put a few more clips into him so I could save another 20 seconds there.

Edit: 9:42

I got a pretty solid run with some small mistakes. My intro was good, but it could have been 4 seconds faster according to the in-game timer on screen. My best intro time ever was 11:12 but this run has 11:08. Still good, though. The only mistake in the run was messing up the hover once. I had to go back up the stairs for another attempt. I also restarted the checkpoint so the death animation didn't add to the in-game time. Overall, I'm pretty happy with this time. But it's certainly beatable. I think it could be improved by 10 seconds.