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That's great! It'll be cool if you got that 1:42. I haven't had a lot of time this weekend to do runs since I've been helping my parents remodel our kitchen. I'll do an attempt tonight or tomorrow night so I'll have a bit more practice going into my stream on wednesday.
Metal + Speed = Life
Omg.. i had it, i totally had it... this is the most heartbreaking run ive had so far. Generally really smooth until a random outpost death (in an area i dont think i have ever died in a run before), really unfortunate but it happened literally 1 second after a checkpoint, so it lost me about 17 seconds which is not too terrible. Little mistakes here and there, butstill good until Solar. And then solar.... 3 deaths trying to run through the ending, lost me all my time.. and then i got an 11:41 cradle.. and this is what the splits look like...

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JamesBong: 2018-07-09 12:48:29 pm
Metal + Speed = Life
Notice the sum of bests at 1:40:38 after this run ^_^
That's rough. Man, the 1:42 is so close. How many attempts did you do to get that run today?
Metal + Speed = Life
That was my only attempt today haha..
SuperJer submitted a few of his Time Trials from 7 years ago. It's really cool to have all his runs on the leaderboard. It's also cool to have some times listed for 007 difficulty!
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JamesBong: 2018-07-11 03:13:02 am
Metal + Speed = Life
Alright I got it, finally sub 1h43m!! Really bad death in Jungle, i just couldnt get the hover to work properly first time around for some reason, and really stupid mistake during the Trev fight, I left early and thought he was dead, so I wasted like 15 seconds to have to come back down and finish him. It was going to be one crazy of a Cradle mission time too, the beginning went really really well. Most other levels were good but most have smaller time saves on them, still Im going to try and improve on this, I thought once I got a 1:42 I would probably leave it at that, but Id like a deathless run at least. My only death was in jungle
I couldnt upload the run last night, my internet was having trouble so ill post it later when i get home, its a 1:42:57

Thats really cool for superjer!! Hopefully he comes back to running this game a bit
Metal + Speed = Life
Looking forward to your stream today.. (if you stream).. go for that sub 2!!!
Metal + Speed = Life
This killed my 1:41 pace run

That's crazy. I really hope my game never crashes like that, especially on a good run. That really sucks.

Today, I tied the world record (6:50) on Carrier 007 Classic. Unfortunately, I forgot to play on the Time Trial since it happens to be on 007 Classic, but it doesn't affect the gameplay at all anyway. Next time I do IL attempts, I'll be sure to play on the Time Trial.
Metal + Speed = Life
Grats again for the carrier run, im still super salty about losing my 1:41 pace run yesterday.. i dont know if ill try another today, or maybe just work some ILs, i still need to do solar but the ending is too rng.. doesnt motivate me much. I dont mind grinding out something like airfield for 2:55 (reseting over and over for 1 second) but getting a good solar run to the end and just running through is so discouraging lol
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FitterSpace: 2018-07-12 09:28:33 am
Yeah I get what you mean about Solar. It’s pretty unforgiving. One day, I’m going to go for a great Airfield Operative time. I want to tie or beat 2:55 (but probably tie lol). I think it would be cool to have some more tied world records, especially if more people started running this game.

Edit: My stream is going to start a little later than usual today. I woke up really late for whatever reason. I should be live at 11:30 or so
Metal + Speed = Life
Holy shit that bunker clip is nuts
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JamesBong: 2018-07-12 06:48:11 pm
Metal + Speed = Life
You might have just made sub 140 operative possible

Lol sorry i watched the vod and ruined your plans to surprise me
Aw, man! I was gonna show you on stream tomorrow. I didn't expect you to go back to my past broadcast lol. Yeah Purple found that clip when he was trying to find a vent to clip through in Bunker. It's also useful for Agent! Unfortunately, the bombs don't spawn when you do that clip so it won't work for 007 or 007 Classic
Metal + Speed = Life
Its pretty hard to actually pull off though.. if i could get this viable for rta.. would be nuts
Metal + Speed = Life
Its easy to clip.. just hard to get over the railing. Theres a small piece of debris on the ground just about where you clip. If you get in front of it, you can slowly back up onto it and move slightly left. Then you need to either uncrouch or push forward instantly as you start to fall.. seems to be a good method
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FitterSpace: 2018-07-12 07:15:44 pm
the way I do it is I go up to the railing, then crouch and walk backwards. Then I sprint forward as soon as I start falling. You'll get over the railing then. I'll explain it better on my stream tomorrow
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JamesBong: 2018-07-12 07:24:36 pm
Metal + Speed = Life
On the way back up... i get stuck where u need to climb the ladder.. it hadnt spawned. So i think a checkpoint needs to be loaded.. like at door you open with the switch where you get one.. it seems to fix the rest of the level
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FitterSpace: 2018-07-12 07:41:15 pm
I was able to complete the level without reloading any checkpoints, but I was also playing on emulator at the time. So tomorrow I'm going to test on console, but it should be possible to finish the level without reloading a checkpoint. When you hit the ground after doing the clip, the game is going to lag quite a bit. This is where it loads a lot of stuff at once.

EDIT: I just tried this on console, and I can confirm that the ladder doesn't spawn. That's so weird. I'm guessing the way emulator loads things is different than console. Unless there's a way to spawn it that I don't know about, it seems like we'll have to reload the checkpoint after the survival section or the one just before opening the door after that.
Metal + Speed = Life
New skip confirmed, the rest of the level isnt very good, Sloppy run overall, and I didnt include the newer hover on the way back up either, so this is easily beatable but its the first completion I got using this glitch.. 6:30 is probably doable, maybe even lower using the other hover.
The checkpoint I loaded is what I believe fixes everything in the level, basically the game thinks youve gotten to that point legit so it loads in everything that it hadnt already.. However I only tried it once before and got stuck where your supposed to climb the ladder, maybe I was just unlucky or something, I didnt test it further, Ill mess around with it more tomorrow for sure.
As of now, I dont think I can rely on this for rta, I mean technically I could get 3-4 tries at the clip even if I reload my checkpoint in the beginning before I start losing time.. so Im not sure.. I think my goal tomorrow will be to find a consistent setup for this, and then test out things later in the level to see how we can tweak the strat

Nice! I knew this level would be quick since I got a 7:40 on my first try with 2 deaths.

By the way, this is what the world record progression looks like for Bunker Operative. I hope more levels will look like this in the future. If you want to check the stats for other levels, click on the "statistics" tab on the leaderboard.

Metal + Speed = Life
I won't be there today I'm doing a barbecue at my place tonight so I have a lot of stuff to prepare

Forgot to mention that the rubble that blocks the hover is (when you haven't broken the game) triggered *after* coming down from the stairs the normal way; the fact it's there before when the game is broken is interesting (and the fact that when you reset the checkpoint the hover isn't blocked off).
So it turns out you can completely skip the first part of Cradle where you have to kill all those bad guys. But . . . it's probably TAS-only. (without reloading a checkpoint)

The reason it's probably TAS-only is because it requires hovering for like 15 seconds while changing directions multiple times, plus hitting the checkpoint after going OoB. I was trying to do the skip on console but never succeeded, but I did manage to get OoB once. As of right now, this is in no way viable for full-game runs. But it just might be doable for IL's if someone can come up with a decent setup. To do this trick, simply stand at the top of the short set of stairs (nearest to the windows) while looking at the first console Natalya uses. To your left, there is a pillar with a sloped surface that you need to get on. You can't hover up this normally because the lower part of the pillar has a flat wall that you can't climb. So you hover over the short set of stairs, turn left while hovering, then hover up the pillar for a little bit like I did in that video. Then you need to stop hovering and start moving toward the big door you normally go through when the first section is done. If you do it just right, you'll either land inbounds or get the checkpoint. Both of which will allow you to progress. If anybody ever pulls this off, i'll be amazed. The rest of the level progresses normally, even though the GoldenEye satellite does some funky things with the screen. This saves just under 2 minutes for the TAS. With automatic button mashing on emulator, I was able to get a 9:59 on Operative