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I just noticed your 6:50 run that you submitted. Insane run. I agree with your submission comments completely. There are some small mistakes but overall it's a super clean run, especially considering the difficulty. That lift room was great.
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JamesBong: 2017-08-02 11:21:36 am
Metal + Speed = Life
Damn you saw that fast, didn't even have time to post it here..
Yeah I know, such a crazy run, what a rush it was to get this one, I thought my heart would burst while I was doing the lift room.
I lost a second picking up the sigmus since the sign didn't kill the guard, and one second lost on the second picture of the engine room.. maybe some cleaner movement could give 6:47 but this run is just so awesome.
This has gotta be one of my top 3 runs

Carrier Time Trial (007 Classic)  6m50s

Metal + Speed = Life
Hey Fitter, I wanted to know about the hover you use in Bunker 007 Classic... Doable in RTA? How much time does it save ( considering the backtracking that's involved). And did you know about the dead scientist hover back when you did this run?
The scientist hover wasn't known when I was working on Bunker in the TAS. The nearby clip wasn't known at the time, either. But the hover the TAS does after meeting Natalya is extremely difficult. It's near frame-perfect mashing for a good 3 seconds and it only saves 2 seconds, maybe a bit less. You should try it incase it's easier than I think it is (since I initially though hovering in general was TAS-only), but I don't expect it to be possible in RTA.
Also, you should check out my TAS notes from TASvideos.org. I posted this when I submitted the goldeneye TAS and I think I forgot to link it here.
It goes really in-depth with all the little things the TAS does to save time, as well as my thought process when making it. It also lists all the known improvements (at the time of writing those notes).
Metal + Speed = Life
Thanks for that link, tons of useful info on there..
I've been lacking time again to work on levels properly lately (mostly just because 007 classic difficulty takes so much more time to test strats and pull them off). And I'm not so motivated to do it at the moment so I believe I'll be taking a nice break for a bit. I know once a bit of time passes I'll get back into it, kind of like when I stopped playing for a few months in the past.. of course I'll check up on the forums occasionally ( just in case anyone posts some stuff )  =D
That's fine. I haven't played this game in a while. I've been working on TASes for Goldeneye: Rogue Agent and 007: Nightfire. I think the nightfire TAS will be done late this year and rogue agent will be done early 2018. But I've recently started a part-time job and some classes, so I'll have less free time to work on those projects for the time being.
Metal + Speed = Life

After a nice 5 weekish break, I suddenly got the urge to play some Goldeneye today.. Station on Operative 4m30s, beats my old record by a second. I have gotten 4m29s in the past (not recorded, but I have a screenshot :D), however it took enough attempts just to get a 4m30s that I will leave this at that. Was nice to get back into it though.. Not even sure what I plan on doing next.. I only ran this a bit today just to warm up my hands really lol.. Thinking about maybe just doing full game runs again, try to somehow get a 1:42:xx run, that would be insane.
Welcome back! It's nice to see you playing again. 1:42 would be really cool. I know you can do it!
The name's Sheldor. InfiniteSheldor.
Clutch that 1:42:xx