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I just noticed your 6:50 run that you submitted. Insane run. I agree with your submission comments completely. There are some small mistakes but overall it's a super clean run, especially considering the difficulty. That lift room was great.
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JamesBong: 2017-08-02 11:21:36 am
Metal + Speed = Life
Damn you saw that fast, didn't even have time to post it here..
Yeah I know, such a crazy run, what a rush it was to get this one, I thought my heart would burst while I was doing the lift room.
I lost a second picking up the sigmus since the sign didn't kill the guard, and one second lost on the second picture of the engine room.. maybe some cleaner movement could give 6:47 but this run is just so awesome.
This has gotta be one of my top 3 runs

Carrier Time Trial (007 Classic)  6m50s

Metal + Speed = Life
Hey Fitter, I wanted to know about the hover you use in Bunker 007 Classic... Doable in RTA? How much time does it save ( considering the backtracking that's involved). And did you know about the dead scientist hover back when you did this run?
The scientist hover wasn't known when I was working on Bunker in the TAS. The nearby clip wasn't known at the time, either. But the hover the TAS does after meeting Natalya is extremely difficult. It's near frame-perfect mashing for a good 3 seconds and it only saves 2 seconds, maybe a bit less. You should try it incase it's easier than I think it is (since I initially though hovering in general was TAS-only), but I don't expect it to be possible in RTA.
Also, you should check out my TAS notes from I posted this when I submitted the goldeneye TAS and I think I forgot to link it here.
It goes really in-depth with all the little things the TAS does to save time, as well as my thought process when making it. It also lists all the known improvements (at the time of writing those notes).
Metal + Speed = Life
Thanks for that link, tons of useful info on there..
I've been lacking time again to work on levels properly lately (mostly just because 007 classic difficulty takes so much more time to test strats and pull them off). And I'm not so motivated to do it at the moment so I believe I'll be taking a nice break for a bit. I know once a bit of time passes I'll get back into it, kind of like when I stopped playing for a few months in the past.. of course I'll check up on the forums occasionally ( just in case anyone posts some stuff )  =D
That's fine. I haven't played this game in a while. I've been working on TASes for Goldeneye: Rogue Agent and 007: Nightfire. I think the nightfire TAS will be done late this year and rogue agent will be done early 2018. But I've recently started a part-time job and some classes, so I'll have less free time to work on those projects for the time being.
Metal + Speed = Life

After a nice 5 weekish break, I suddenly got the urge to play some Goldeneye today.. Station on Operative 4m30s, beats my old record by a second. I have gotten 4m29s in the past (not recorded, but I have a screenshot :D), however it took enough attempts just to get a 4m30s that I will leave this at that. Was nice to get back into it though.. Not even sure what I plan on doing next.. I only ran this a bit today just to warm up my hands really lol.. Thinking about maybe just doing full game runs again, try to somehow get a 1:42:xx run, that would be insane.
Welcome back! It's nice to see you playing again. 1:42 would be really cool. I know you can do it!
The name's Sheldor. InfiniteSheldor.
Clutch that 1:42:xx
Metal + Speed = Life
After getting the worst Garcia spawn in a full game run, I was just messing around in Nightclub since I only take 1st or 2nd best Garcia spawns. There is only one group of dancers in the club that for some reason you can walk through them (they dont have a hitbox or block you from going through them). This is the group of dancers on the small section near Garcias best spawn (shown in beginning of video). But if you can clip into or get behind the people's hitboxes (it's kind of like a wall that follows the contour of the crowds), once inside you can move freely without any problems as long as you dont step back out of the ''invisible hitbox wall''.
Completely useless glitch, but I found this kind of funny, made me forget about being mad at Garcia haha

lol, that's great.
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JamesBong: 2017-10-23 08:32:22 pm
Metal + Speed = Life
Managed to take yet another second off of my time for Dam on Operative, I figure the second was gained from the sprint canceling, level was extremely clean. 1 second still can be gained with the checkpoint load at the door, however this run was taken from a full game attempt, thats why i skip the time so quickly at the ending. 8m27s is possible.

Dam (Operative) 8m28s

That sprint cancel at 7:28 was so good. It looked frame-perfect to me. If not, it was really close. This is a pretty solid run overall.
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JamesBong: 2017-10-25 08:21:37 pm
Metal + Speed = Life
I try to do a full game attempt at least once every 2 days now, generally only get 1-2 tries in but tonight I definately took my spint-cancel game up a level.
Dam on Operative in 8m27s... Alot of good sprints in this one, and then right after, in the same run, 7:46 Facility!! Only 1 second off of world record.. Im thrilled with this, my best Facility in a full game run was 7:48 up to this point, and anything 7:50 or better in a full game run is great by my standards.
Later in the same run again, I beat my Gold split on Outpost with a time of 4:47 (in-game mission time). 7 seconds better then I've done in a full game run, so my sum of bests got better by 10 seconds today, now sitting at 1h41m24s.
Anyway I uploaded both together since both levels are very good.

Dam (Operative) 8m27s  (WR) and Facility (Operative) 7m46s back to back

wow, that's awesome! 1:41 might be a reality someday.
Metal + Speed = Life
The same day I get a full run with no deaths haha
Man it's been a long time.... I was just thinking to myself last night how much I miss playing GoldenEye... I've been pretty busy (renovating my basement and upstairs bathroom).. and as far as playing video games, I've really gotten into playing Super Mario 64 hacks. I completed "star revenge Night of doom" 152 stars without savestates, and currently at about 135 stars in " Super Mario Treasure World".. it's very challenging but tons of fun and very rewarding to complete..
all this to say I believe it's time I made a return to the wonderful world of GoldenEye Wii..
starting tonight I will do some casual runs just to relearn the game a bit.. I'll see if I can tweak my strategies or improve my routes, hopefully within a week I will be doing operative full game runs again. I encourage anyone to jump on board with me, whether it be full game runs or IL's.. any competition will definitely motivate me,  but regardless I am determined to improve my times. Cheers to all, I can't wait to get back into it!!🤗🤗
Metal + Speed = Life
Oops just noticed i wasnt logged in for that post haha
Nice! I'm happy to hear that. Did you hear that the GoldenEye online servers are being shut down soon? They'll be shut down on March 30, 2018 at 10:00 AM (not sure what time zone). We should definitely play the multiplayer on the last day. Maybe we'll see each other on there. This is one of the last few Wii games that are still online. After this, I think it's down to only the Call of Duty games, which are also published by Activision.

Anyway, I'm glad to see you're running this game again. I might end up working on another TAS one of these days. There's a lot of potential improvement with the sprint cancelling technique, plus some other things that were found. That might be something I consider doing again. I don't think I'll be doing any more speedruns. I like TASing because it's something I can do in short bursts. I also really like the theory aspect of speedrunning, which is part of why I enjoy TASing so much.
Metal + Speed = Life
Damn, my wife will be sad about the online being shut down.. she enjoyed playing it occasionaly.. ill try to play a bit on the 29th and 30th..
I know the guitar hero warriors of rock was still up online not too long ago, played with some friends..
If ever you do another TAS, consider maybe an Operative run?
If you include Sprint canceling you can definitely push the limits of the game since there's hardly any objectives and operative is mainly just running through everything anyways, would be nice to see, but its up to you really.

My first full run after reworking and relearning the levels ended up being a 1:45:33, and i finished another this morning for 1:44:20.. it's really hard to keep up with the splits I have on the record run.. but I've gotten much more consistency with the carrier hover skip.. and for Airfield I changed it up just a tiny bit.. by wasting about a second I can guarantee I never die from explosions ( still without shooting any guards or barrels), so at least I get more runs started this way. Also my execution of the Cradle level has gone up a lot in consistency.. and last but not least I routed a way through the end of the solar level that doesn't involve reloading the checkpoint to be safe, and i survive generally 3 out of 4 times, it saves me a good 15 seconds from the way i used to run the level. So I definitely have some high hopes for me getting a 1:42:xx within this year
Nice. If I do another TAS, it would be to obsolete my 007 Classic TAS, but I would consider doing an operative TAS maybe after that. They would both be really cool to watch for different reasons.

Sometimes, long breaks can help with speedrunning. It's a good time to clear your mind and get rid of bad habits. It's worked for me in the past, I'm sure you'll crush your personal best one day.
Metal + Speed = Life
Got a really good run going yesterday.. despite getting the worst Garcia spawn.. being 20 seconds behind after Nightclub.
I got gold splits on Carrier and Archives ( 7 seconds total on sum of bests).. 50 seconds ahead of my record after Archives, but i lost the run shortly after to jungle.. was a really good one, i was very sad to lose it. Hopefully i can get in a few more runs this week!!
Metal + Speed = Life
Btw i would be thrilled to see another TAS from you.. regardless the difficulty.. id be most interested to see if you can discover any new clips/skips that i could implement into full game Operative runs.. stuff like the little clip  we use in Cradle, or hovers like in carrier/bunker.
I'm sure there are things left to be found. I'm probably not going to start the TAS any time soon, but I'll certainly do it one day. Before I start it, though, I'm going to go through the route and see what sort of time saves there could be. I'm sure people like PurpleSunDeryl will help with that, too. He's really good at finding small time saves.

Right now I'm in the planning process of a 007: Nightfire All Tokens TAS, but I will come back to this game someday, for sure.