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GoldenEye 007 (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

last time i verified, there was a link to the authors comments, but that doesnt seem to be the case now, just letting you know in case im missing something important in those comments.

a/v quality: judging from the HQ encode, its perfectly fine. some composite artifacts here and there (noticable on the fences in Frigate). the runner may also had a microwave running nearby, as there is visible signal interference on the black screens, but its not that visible in game. accept.

difficulty: agent

this run is very clean in general, so im not gonna point out every <1 sec mistake. i'll just point out the big (to me) ones.

*run ends*

i suspose you could have better RNG here and there (frigate for example), but the runs execution overall is just almost flawless.


now this is where things gets interesting. IL speedruns and older single-segments of goldeneye 64 has always used the in-game timer, but fairly recently, single-segment runs are now preferred to be timed in real-time.

the old, old, old 00A run we currently have on SDA made by Wouter Jansen back in 2005, used the in-game timer,
but this run was obviously aiming for real-time, which is why the stats screens are just skipped as fast as possible, so if we wanna time this run using in-game time, we gotta go frame by frame to get them, which i did:

dam: 0:54
facility: 0:45
runway: 0:23
surface 1: 01:04
bunker 1: 0:20
silo: 1:08
frigate: 0:40
surface 2: 0:55
bunker 2: 0:29
statue: 2:25
archives: 0:18
streets: 1:16
depot: 0:27
train: 1:06
jungle: 0:53
control: 4:04
caverns: 1:05
cradle: 0:39

now if we add all of these togheter (i used we get a IN-GAME TIME of: 18:51.

if we however use the nowadays preferred real-time method, which starts at the file select screen, and ends on the cradle fadeout we get a REAL TIME of 21:52.

so, imo, this should be published as best Agent, real-time, single-segment.

accept! hopefully we will see a run for secret agent and 00A and maybe even 100% soon aswell.

This run was submitted without comments. In case you missed it, that's a valid option now.

A/V good, no cheating detected.

Surface 1: Lost a second or two tops taking out the locks on the grate at the end.
Silo: A couple minor movement hiccups, one caused by an enemy rather than the runner.
Archives: Got caught on a door and lost a second or two.
Control: Could have taken out the mainframe in the side room with turrets earlier - risky but doable.  Lost another second or two by not getting in the elevator as soon as possible.
There were also a few instances of hesitation, enemies getting in the way, etc. that cost less than a second scattered throughout the run.

Also, the lamer played on Agent so it goes without saying that this run is terrible.  Reject. Tongue

Seriously though, this is a very impressive run.  It is improvable, but not by very much.  Accept.

A/V Good - No cheating

What needs to be said has already been said really. I'll put my quick list down of small errors, because I love Ace too much to let it all slide Tongue

Bunker 1 - Missed warp at the end
Silo - Couple of bad RNGs on the guards
Frigate - Bad hostage RNG - not much runner could have done about it
Archives - Getting stuck on a door! Please...

I can agree with my co-verified with a preference towards REAL TIME - of ~ 21:52. Game time is irrelevant now in Goldeneye for Single Segment...

Obviously - ACCEPT - now come on - post SA / 00A / 100%

The video quality is good. I found no cheating.

This run contains only minor mistakes. All the levels are done quickly. The fastest strategies for many levels require quite a bit of luck, so it's understandable that none of the level times match the records.

The run is optimized for real time. The main difference between real time and game time is that cutscenes do not count toward game time. Thus, when going for game time in some levels, it's advantageous to wait a little while before skipping the intro cutscene(s) so that enemies will be in better positions. In real time, you might as well skip the cutscenes as soon as possible, since they count toward your time. The only level where the runner doesn't skip the cutscenes as soon as possible is Cradle. If you deplete Trevelyan's health too soon on Cradle, he becomes invincible and you can't finish the level. Perhaps the runner waited out the cutscenes to help himself avoid this glitch.

The real time is 21:43. The in-game time is 18:51.

Decision: Accept

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Rayan Isran!'
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The Great Farming Empire
Woah. It sure has been a while since we had a Goldeneye 007 run submitted. Looking forward to seeing the run!
Awesome, thanks. Smiley Yeah we don't really go by mission time anymore. I was going to submit comments later but then completely forgot. Is it still possible to add comments? If so I'm willing to add a breakdown of each level in my run.
SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
Goldeneye is getting an update?!  Woo Hoo!

Great job Rayan.  Can't wait to see watch it!
Not a walrus
Quote from Rayan Isran:
Awesome, thanks. Smiley Yeah we don't really go by mission time anymore. I was going to submit comments later but then completely forgot. Is it still possible to add comments? If so I'm willing to add a breakdown of each level in my run.

Yup, there should be an "edit comments" link if you visit the status page for the run. It's usable at any time, even after publication. Though the actual comment editing still has to be done manually, so it won't show up right away.
Yes, a cucco riding the ground.
Great run. I was surprised to see that you risked the Trev shot. It's good to get another GoldenEye run on SDA after all this time.