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Golden Axe (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Video Quality is good.  Audio quality is good.

Overall it's a nice run.  There are one or two fights that could have gone a second or two better (namely the fight against the two golden sword and shield men before the final boss) but it doesn't detract from the enjoyment and quality of the run.  Much of the game almost looks like a TAS it's so clean.

I would vote to accept.

Video and audio quality are good. Overall i think the run is good. But there are a few things that are not so good. In stage 3 the sword girl gets hit by a green clothed girl with a green whip, in stage 4 there is a miss hit causing about 2 seconds to be lost and gets hit by a skeleton. Also misses hitting a skeleton and gets hit by a black club orc which also allows for another miss hit. In stage 5 gets hit by a red mace orc, in stage 6 gets hit by a purple mace orc, and gets hit twice and misses kicking the golden knights twice. In stage 8 gets hit by a skeleton and dies which eats up some good time. All in all it could have gone a little better but for the first run of this game and being posted here does not make it better then doing there best. I just got to say that this is a reject for me because some good time could have been saved.

EDIT: I will also say the run was ~9:32 which is only 3 seconds faster then a run posted which is said to be not perfect but is a lot cleaner and no deaths or misses.

This verifier came back later and changed his verdict to an accept after some discussion.

Alright, here are the goods...

Video/Audio - Excellent
Cheating - None

This is a game I've been dying to see on SDA since forever. I'm glad someone is taking up the challenge, but is this run solid enough to make on SDA? Let's check it out.

Stage 1 - The only mistakes I can even find are in chasing down the elves halfway through the stage and during the night scene. Quite a few TAS strats are implemented here which is nice to see in a real time run. The ending of stage 1 uses a different method, but that's probably because the TAS strat there looks bananas.

Stage 2 - Aww yeah, enemies sure love charging off of cliffs. No really noticeable mistakes here to be honest; the entire stage went smooth, even the night scene.

Stage 3 - The player accidentally gets on the dragon after manipulating enemies toward it for downstabs, so he has to suicide in order to get off. It's a super quick death though, and it almost looks like a death warp even, hah. He does get hit one time by that Strobaya (girl w/ green), but it's not really anything the runner could've prevented since she charged on the screen out of nowhere. The "Double DEB Duo" gets crushed by 3 double hit downstabs! I hate these jerks so much, so this is very cathartic to see in a speedrun, haha. The end of the stage seemed to go well... there was one jump that happened for no reason though, which happens often to me when trying to do jump based attacks... but it wastes like maybe a second at most. Very minor error.

Stage 4 - Argh, these skeletons, why are they so bad? They're so frustrating to deal with, but you wouldn't know that from watching this stage... he only gets hit by a skeleton once. The fight at the end is a little rough around the edges, but with double skeletons, I'm surprised it didn't go worse to be honest.

Stage 5 - The 5 red guys gave the runner a bit of trouble, plus the runner didn't get the reverse jump attack on that one guy to work, but that's forgivable since it's pretty challenging to hit that consistently, besides he still killed that guy fast without the pit anyways. The red knights are defeated gloriously. These guys can be jerks whenever they want, but since they both don't immediately gravitate toward you until you attack, you can shove one back, then kick both into the pit. This strat seems slow at first since you aren't doing anything for 5 seconds, but considering these guy's ungodly sword hitbox and randomness, this is a fine safety strat.

Stage 6 - These fights go pretty well overall. I can understand why he uses magic to set up the downstabs as opposed to how the TAS does it, since it gets rid of those skeletons immediately so you have a realistic chance of getting Death Adder into the downstab loop.

Stage 7 - This stage goes well up until the elves. He chases them quite a bit, but the last one is the only one that's really noticeable. This leads into the ugliest part of the run: the golden knights. These bastards are ruthless, but the amount of times the runner misses hitting them into the chasm is pretty cringeworthy. Especially considering he's gotten them down much faster in previous runs that he posted in the thread. This occurs at the very very end of the run though, so I have a tendency to ease up on really late mistakes. This mistake does unfortunately carry over to the Death Bringer fight, where he gets killed by a skeleton due to low health.

Stage 8 - Now, while this death is really unfortunate, what saves this debacle is the Death Bringer fight itself... aside from the one hit from the skeleton, the fight is really, really strongly executed. If the runner had gotten hit by Bringer, then this would be super ugly since he does a really long physical/magical combo animation, but that doesn't happen; Death Bringer get's downstabbed to death without being able to do anything about it. It's very good to see this run ending on a strong note like this.

Here are some general comments I have:

Landing downstabs (not just doing them mind you, LANDING them) is incredibly difficult to do consistently because you need to take into account how enemies react. Each downstab that lands requires a comprehensive knowledge of the enemy AI scripts; anyone who's played this game knows landing these downstab attacks casually is really, really difficult. The amount of downstabs landed in this run is really impressive to anyone who's played this game. Plus this game is very random... I expect people to get hit in a real time run of this game, this is not a TAS where everything is just gonna go perfect magically, lol.

While this run is certainly not perfect, I certainly don't see any strong reason to reject this run; it's clear that way more went right than went wrong. The runner clearly knew a proper answer for most situations, when to go for (or not go for) downstabs, and had more than acceptable luck. I'm also generally impressed by how little skeletons screwed with him, because those are the worst things in this game by a long-shot. The only thing is the runner stopped kind of suddenly with his improvements. I do want the runner to keep trying to push the game down further if he can... but for now, this is for sure a good run worthy of being on SDA.


A/V great, no cheating evident.

Very impressive run. I must admit I have never seen some of the tricks performed in this run before, like the jump attack back to an edge after luring enemies off. Also, wow, the enemy death screams are loud in this version.

There's not much I can say that hasn't already been said. Verifier 2 pointed out many things he considered flaws, as well as how it's only a 3 second improvement of the best time of someone else working on a run of the game, but quite honestly this game can be so capricious, getting a perfect no-hit no-death run can still be slower than this. The execution of the combat matters that much. I imagine the runner can do 100 more runs and yet barely match this time.

Speaking of timing, I see the game starting at 0:15 and the last boss fight being over (skeletons disappear) at 9:43 making the run time 9:28 in my eyes.
Then again I have no idea how the timing has been decided in former runs of the game.

Still, I choose to accept

The fact is though is that this is an amazing run. For the difficulty of getting any of the consistencies that this runner is able to do threw an an entire run, just awesome. Yes, a few issues, but overall for this run is amazing. This is one of few beat em ups I know where the AI is programed to mess with the player. I would still also like to see this improved as it can be, but this is a great start.


Decision: Accept

Reason: Have to allow for some variability in a game like this. The runner has excellent execution paired with some good luck.

Congratulations to Jason 'honorableJay' Feeney!
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The Dork Knight himself.
Aw yeah, another childhood fav destroyed Smiley

Don't worry Heid, I'll eventually get back to this game to improve it. For now I need a break. One of the verifiers said it perfectly: I imagine the runner can do 100 more runs and yet barely match this time.  To be precise, it took me 461 attempts to get this time, and that's ONLY what WSplit actually saved and doesn't count the early planning attempts.

B+Left, Left, Up+B, ★
Congrats honorableJay! This game is way overdue for getting a run onto SDA. I'm hyped to see this game page finally get added!...death added even
The Dork Knight himself.
Thx zall. Once I get the final times and encode the run I'm gonna do a live audio commentary just for fun.
The Dork Knight himself.
Live audio commentary for this run will be held on Tuesday, 10/30 @ 10pm. My twitch page can be found here.

I plan on going over many different sections of the run and discussing my strats and other scenarios I've run into, so I will be pausing and backing up the video quite a bit. If anyone cares to know more about this game, then check it out.
Quote from honorableJay:
Live audio commentary for this run will be held on Tuesday, 10/30 @ 10pm. My twitch page can be found here.

I plan on going over many different sections of the run and discussing my strats and other scenarios I've run into, so I will be pausing and backing up the video quite a bit. If anyone cares to know more about this game, then check it out.

Is that 10pm eastern time, or 10pm central time, or 10pm gmt, or some other time zone?
The Dork Knight himself.
Sorry, forgot to mention, it'll be 10pm eastern time (I live in NY).
B+Left, Left, Up+B, ★
Nice, hopefully I'll be around to catch it live.
The Dork Knight himself.
Quick update: with the latest hurricane hitting the east coast I might be out of power for a day or two, so if I don't show up in my twitch channel for the commentary by 10:30, it's probably due to no power and I'll reschedule for a later date.
The Dork Knight himself.
Rofl even though according to the company that provides power to my entire area (which would make it the "official" word) says that they have dispatched "tons" of workers to restore power, my entire area hasn't lost power yet. The good news is the live commentary is good to go live. Schedule is still set for 10pm EST.
Willing to teach you the impossible
Note for others who plan on doing this in the future, do this before your run is done. The more others know about the game you are running, the more entertaining it is for others to watch and it also makes verifiers have plenty more to say because they know exactly what is going on.
The Dork Knight himself.

Live commentary was pretty much a success. Any comments or questions should be directed to the Golden Axe thread in the Older Consoles section.
Might be magic...
Great commentary, really interesting to watch and just shows how detailed the planning was for this run. Well done Smiley
The Dork Knight himself.
Glad you liked it.
My feelings on The Demon Rush
Hey Honorablejay,

I just wanted to say that was a pretty kickass run you had there. I definitely had a laugh or two when I saw the enemies just falling to their own deaths. It's a shame about the death, but that was just some bs bad luck you got.

I tried clicking on the twitch link and I don't get the live commentary, so I guess I'll have to go with the flv.
The Dork Knight himself.
Why am I the only one who can watch the live commentary? It works perfectly fine for me, but I've had numerous people tell me they can't check out the live commentary directly from my twitch page. I guess twitch is just being twitchy for others Sad
Not a walrus
Try uploading it to youtube I suppose.
Might be magic...
Hmm strange I actually remember viewing the live commentary a few months ago but now when try to watch it again the twitch video doesn't play. Something must have happened to it recently.
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Yeah probably during one of twitch's random updates.
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Good job, J
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Thx Zach, nice to know people are enjoying my efforts Smiley
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This run makes me happy, all those hideous death screams! Great job honourableJay
The Dork Knight himself.
Sorry about the live commentary being broken on Twitch. I tried re-encoding it to post on youtube (mainly because I want to crop out the video player I stupidly didn't crop out in the first place) but there's no real way for me to just crop/prepare the video to be uploaded to Youtube without completely destroying the quality. Avidemux can't handle the .flv container, and avsproxy can't even handle the video (even though it works fine in VLC/MPC/WMP/etc). VLC CAN load up the video and it can convert it, BUT the quality is completely destroyed. Artifacts I can handle, but not even the framerate is preserved so the video jumps around like crazy. If anyone has a solution I'm all ears but for now everyone will have to settle with downloading the flv from the game page.