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Give Up, Robot (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Audio and video quality good.

This run was a vast improvement over the last, albeit I'd like to see a deathless run at some point. The last couple of deaths cost a little bit of time, and even though this run has less deaths than the "WR time" on youtube, it still was a bit slower.

Regardless, I'm going to accept this BUT encourage the runner to keep going for a deathless time. He pulled some new impressive tricks that I appreciated seeing, and I look forward to continual improvement.

Audio/video: excellent
Cheating: none

Planning & execution: pretty good. The planning is better than before; I'm glad to see that the runner incorporated some of the strategies we have pointed out, although nothing mind-blowing or innovative has to be expected. Otherwise, he is fairly cautious (not too much) and most of the levels are done well. However, there are still obvious imperfections and mistakes, including premature releases of the grappling hook and the habit of jumping at the start of some levels (except for level 17 where it is understandable).

There are two deaths. The first one is sad indeed and shouldn't have occured, as there was a margin of error (the runner faced the wrong direction twice). The two deaths combined are quite costly with a time lost of ~11.3 seconds. That being said, the game is very punishing and doing a deathless run is extremely challenging. Two deaths only is already a nice achievement.

Let me discuss the run more closely.

--> Levels 1-10 | 0:34.33 | average
Level 1 can be done even faster, by using the hook instead of simple jumps at the beginning. Level 2 is a good example of what should be avoided; the longer the rope, the more speed you gain (and if the hook is released soon enough, the speed is preserved). It's not a big deal, mind you, as the level couldn't be shorter. Level 3, obviously, doesn't come as expected. Level 8 is excellent. After level 10, a time of 0:30.50-0:31.00 is easily achievable, so the performance so far is questionable.
--> Levels 11-20 | 00:30,17 (total after lvl 20: 01:04,50) | very good
Small/tiny slowdowns here and there, but excellent overall (level 20 especially).
--> Levels 21-30 | 00:50,67 (total after lvl 30: 01:55,17) | (very) good
Reasonable slowdowns. I think the beginning of level 24 can be done faster. Level 25 is a bit messed up, but nothing terrible. Levels 21 and 29 are really good.
--> Levels 31-40 | 00:55,88 (total after lvl 40: 02:51,05) | very good
No complaint. Reasonable slowdowns here and there. Level 35: no need to jump at the beginning.
--> Levels 41-50 | 01:53,08 (total after lvl 50: 04:44,13) | average/poor
Level 41 is costly; too bad because the character was well positionned to do it flawlessly. Level 44: again, no need to jump at the beginning. Level 47 is usually a pain, so good job on this one (despite the jump at the start...). In level 48 (and 49, but it's a bit more dangerous), the grappling hook could have been released much earlier. Waiting is dangerous and cancels the increased speed.

The final time is 4:44.13, which is decent. A perfect, "TAS" time would be around 3:45-3:50. I don't know what is the current world record, but it's probably between 4:00 and 4:30. But again, the game is merciless and the runner showed evident skills and dedication; besides I'm inclined to favor pure execution over unfortunate deaths consequences. So, as it is, I think this run deserves an accept.

(To the runner: as you say in your comments, turning on the on-screen timer can be an additional mean to detect cheating; plus it helps to time levels individually, for what it's worth. I asked you in the first submission to turn it on, but you probably missed the demand. Please do it if you're going the play the game again in the future.)

Decision: accepted

A/V is really good.

No cheating detected.

I have to agree with verifier #2, I'd like to see you keep at it and improve the run. Even if some levels were not done properly and the run taking a turn for the worse at the very end, it's still a really impressive run.

Decision: Accept!

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Zach 'ZachSK' Kessler!
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Feudal Family Lord
Thanks again for the positive critisism. As you expect, I will not Give up (Robot). The WR will be mine!
Congratulations.  That was a great bounceback.
Grats zach!!!