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SS Easy any% run

Verifier Responses

In an ongoing effort to help clear up the verification queue, here is another game that has been sitting in verification limbo for god knows how long: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.  As always for the quality of the run, it is passable in regards of both video and sound.

Now before I get started with the explanation of the run, it should be noted the game's catagories needs to have the add-on of "With Deaths" as the runner does intentionally kill himself and does get killed during the run.  While the first one was intentional to save time, the other three were due to bad luck.  and from what I can gather, the time lost was about two-three minutes. 

Death 1: 35 seconds lost. (with about another 30 seconds due to platforming troubles)
Death 2: 8 second loss
Death 3: 14 second loss

Still considering how difficult it is to get through the game in a single go, I would say that three deaths isn't as bad as it sounds.  You can see that during a few parts, one man shooting the character can take off about 25%-50% the health bar, while one placed grenade or shotgun shot can kill you. So for the runner to get through the stages while avoiding death as much as possible, I would say the runner did what he needed to do.

Taking into account if you add up all the times at the end of each stage, we are looking at a final time of about 26:22


Ok Ghost in the Shell:

I could not find any sight of cheating or game manipulation.

I got the following times:

Mission 1 02:43
Mission 2 01:32
Mission 3 01:29
Mission 4 03:02
Mission 5 05:13
Mission 6 03:11
Mission 7 03:09
Mission 8 01:08
Mission 9 02:09
Mission 10 03:50
Mission 11 04:35
Mission 12 02:01

Final Time: 34:02

This was a very tough decision because the runs starts really good but in the end there are a lot of mistakes. Also the deaths look really bad.
Because of that I replayed the game and tried to reproduce  the jumps and tricks used in this run.
And I have to say I remember it was a horrible jump control and it really is.
It is incredible hard to make all those precise jumps in one go so I can understand that a few of them go bad.
The enemy can also be a really pain in the ass and shoot you down very quick.
after playing a lot and re watching the video multiple times I give that run a


but I want to mention that this is a very very close accept one more death a few messed up jumps more and this would be a reject. I belief the runner can do a better run with a few more tries but this game has a hard game mechanics that can you screw over any time.
SO for a SS it is in SDA standards but very close.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Greg 'Setz' Tyndall!
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SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
For a game that took so long to get verified, it is good to know that it was posted in a timely matter (much faster than the average game it seems).  Nice to have watched this run again and happy to know it has been shared for everyone to watch.

Congrats again to you Setz, with respect...
Verifier 1
Thanks for verifying!

I might eventually try to do a segmented run to remove the mistakes, but hopefully this one will inspire someone else to beat my time.
Lord Of The Beards
Quote from Setz:
I might eventually try to do a segmented run to remove the mistakes, but hopefully this one will inspire someone else to beat my time.

Not gonna lie i've been staring at my copy of the game and thinking of going for it if i have the time.  Then again i might just start work on the PS1 Ghost in the Shell for funsies
Fast Runs with Tiny Legs
I think this is going to be the first game I seriously run. My friend recently allowed me to borrow his copy, and the agile dynamics of Major and small level maps are too irresistible to pass up.