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Gex 64: Enter the Gecko (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Quote from ikkeserv:
A/V good, no cheating

A minor mistake in "Fine Tooning" and a big randomness factor at Rez, which is why I think this is a solid run and should be accepted. There were some minor wrong jumps which costs ~5-6s in total.
At the time of recording this was the WR run.

Quote from andypanther:
A/V quality was good and I can't see any signs of cheating.


The runner turns off the voices in the menu, so Gex won't say his famous one-liners. This is because they delay entering/leaving a level by some frames each time. The time saved by turning them off more than makes up for the little bit of menuing.


Many level transitions are optimally done by jumping in the void to skip traveling. This does not count as dying for the game, because you're invincible in the overworld. The void is just treated as a loading zone.

Out of Toon

Very clean level overall, the two skips were both executed without a problem. There a some things to clarify here:
- The strange looking jump, where the sound effect for the tailbounce can be heard but nothing happens (right before the first remote), was intended. This is because the tailbounce sometimes isn't executed, it happens very frequently in this area. So the runner decided to deliberately do a tailbounce before the skip on the rock, so he could be sure it wouldn't happen there.
- The slow looking waiting periods during the third trip to the level are necessary to kill the hunters, as they will only die if they're on screen.


Some very small mistakes here, but nothing major. The important tricks were all executed well. The runner played it safe when doing the elevator skip (a trick based on entering the loading zone with the correct camera angle) and took some time to adjust himself. The trick can be really random, so this is okay.
Some notes again:
- The waiting after the elevator skip is normal, because even though you're skipping the elevator, the game still gives you the same automated movement for a short period of time.
- The waiting when entering the fourth room of the level is also unskippable.
- Getting the firefly is worth it, as the powerup increases Gex' speed and jumping, allowing for a faster strat in the sixth room.

Gecques Cousteau

Of course, the N64-exclusive level has to be a water level. Not much to say about the second and third remotes, they're just swimming (aside from the famous Turtle Taxi Dance!). The first remote has a skip though (jumping onto the roof in the central room inside the Titanic). This very precise jump was done first try, nice! The tricky platforming section afterward was played very clean.
- The angle change when entering the main room of the Titanic is to reduce lag.

Gilligex Isle

This boss hasn't much room for improvement once you've gotten a fight were you hit all the blue fires first try. The only thing that can happen is that the guy in the middle randomly jumps over the blue fire, but thankfully it didn't happen here.


One of the most broken and also hardest levels in the run. The runner lost around 8 seconds on the second remote, because he got confused by the camera after the climbing section and jumped down at the wrong direction. He also ran into an enemy afterward, but this hardly costs any time. The important parts, the jumps over the voids during the first and third remotes, were all done perfectly.
About the skips here:
- The skip using a tailbounce during the first trip requires a firefly, the longjump over the gap before this doesn't. This means that the firefly could be skipped for the third trip. The reason this was not done here is the precision of it.
- After the tailbounce-skip during the first trip, it is necessary to reload the room. The remote isn't loaded before doing this.
- It is not faster to do the tailbounce-skip for the second remote.

One of the most clean looking levels in the run! Every trick was performed quickly and without mistakes. Scaling the tower on the first trip was done safely and two small tricks were skipped. The first of them only saves like 2 seconds when done first try and the other is a classic example of "high risk, low reward".

Mao Tse Tongue

A long level with many ways to lose time. The first remote has a trick that allows to skip an entire floor, in this run it was done second try. Everything else went well for this remote, including the ninja-skip in the dragon room. For the second remote, it all comes down to the jumping section right at the end. This can be a pain to do, but in this run it went okay.
Only one trick failed:
- The last door before the room with the dragon can be skipped by jumping off the rope during a 4-frame window right at the end. In a run, you always go for it, as it doesn't cost a single frame to try. It rarely ever works, so it's not something to hold against the runner.

Mooshoo Pork

This is about as fast as this boss can be done. The runner makes good use of the invincibility frames that the longjump gives him. Also keep in mind that the boss was manipulated here to start chasing after Gex as fast as possible during each phase. If he doesn't chase Gex, he will go back and make it impossible to pull the switch.

Fine Tooning

The first remote here contains the biggest mistake of the run: Right before the TV with the remote, the runner missed a jump. He saved himself from falling into the void, which would've been the end of the run. On the second attempt, he played it safe. At least 10 seconds were lost here from the fall alone, not counting the slower approach afterward. Everything else here was good, though.

The Umpire Strikes Out

Not much to say about this one, everything went well. Umpire is a level where you either make it through the route without problems, or you die and end the run.

Pangaea 90210

The runner lost 12 seconds at the end of the second remote, because he had trouble with the slope jumps. These type of jumps are surprisingly hard to time in this game, so it can be expected to fail them from time to time. The rest is mostly fine in this level, aside from some sloppiness here and there.

Honey I Shrunk the Gecko

Another level where the stuff that matters the most was done well. Both Super-tailbounces (the trick to jump twice from one of the pads when you have the green power-up) were executed perfectly. Some time was lost on the second trip due to a failed jump and getting stuck, but it was under 10 seconds.

This Old Cave

The ice fly (same effect as the firefly) really breaks the design of this level! The runner took his time to align the last jump on the first trip, which is understandable, considering the camera there and the fact that the run would be dead after failing the jump. The rest is really clean.

Gexzilla vs. Mecharez

The third boss is a highlight of the run. It only took the runner the minimal amount of cycles to kill him. The secret behind this is damaging him three times in each cycle: Once before he jumps onto a building, once for smashing the building under him and once for timing the second hit in a way that makes him vulnerable for a third one. For a long time it was believed that the timing for the third hit was luck based, but it turned out this was wrong and it can be learned.

Samurai Night Fever

Hardest level in the game, starting with the hardest trick in the run. The runner got the "swing skip" first try though. Unfortunately, this was followed by a failed "guard glitch" (the shuriken of the ninja was supposed to hit and destroy the door), so the door had to be opened normally. The mistake looks worse than it is though, because the time saved with the glitch is often negated by the pattern of the swinging blade after the door. The rest of the level was incredibly good, the moving platforms were jumped on during their optimal cycle and the damageboosts on the third trip were all successful. Really strong level.
A thing about the waiting period on the platform right at the end of the third trip:
- The elevator that leads to the roof is very glitchy and wont work if it is approached too fast, so the runner made a setup against this

Pain in the Asteroids

Some of the most risky tricks had to be performed here, despite it being the last level. But the runner didn't get nervous and just got them all without problems. There's really not much room for improvement. During that middle part of the level that leads to the elevator, you just HAVE to slow down a bit: Otherwise there's a good chance that the camera will glitch and be all over the place, so you will either have to continue blindly or fix it with a suicide.

Channel Z

There it is, the most frustrating thing about running this game: The final boss. The first phase isn't the problem, the runner did good there. But after that, it's 100% RNG. You have to use Rez' vertical attack to hit a randomly spawning button. On the first round, this isn't too bad as he only has one horizontal slash and three vertical attacks. The second round reduces the "useful" attacks by one and adds a useless one, the same goes for round three, making it the worst - You literally need to get the button to appear at your very position to hit it with Rez' attack. In this run it went good for two rounds, but then the game decided to be a troll: The button spawned at bad locations 3 times, wasting over a minute. This is a really unfortunate end to an otherwise very good run.

First of all: This game was glitchhunted extensively during the last months. Many new tricks were found and the route has changed, so this isn't the world record anymore. However, this run was only beaten (by the same runner nonetheless) because of the new stuff. In terms of overall gameplay quality, this run is superior. It gets every major trick done fast and makes even the hardest levels look easy. Of course there are mistakes, most notably during the middle part, but none of them wasted a significant amount of time. If you subtract them and take some riskier strats into account, there is probably around a minute to be saved from gameplay, but that wouldn't be realistic for a run of nearly an hour and a game this hard. The worst thing about this run is definitely the fact that a minute was lost on the final boss, but there's absolutely nothing that can be done about this, it's nothing but RNG.

Decision: Accept

This is by far the best looking run of this game yet, even the new WR doesn't have the same quality of gameplay.

Quote from doicm:
Final boss is a jerk.
Audio/video looks fine to me.
Time confirmed to be what runner claims with 57:37.
Some mistakes in run, although none reset worthy other than maybe final boss (which looks like a pain to deal with to begin with).
Camera angles in game are as bad as I remembered them, so extra points to runner for executing as well as runner did.

EDIT: ...I posted this response 30 minutes after "☆~Congratulations @exefromgermany on a new Gex 64 Any% Personal Best: 55:05 (World Record)  ~☆"

Still, submitted run should still be accepted onto SDA.

Quote from Crash41596:
Run time: 57:26 ~
Cheating: no
Audio/Video: Good quality

Despite this run not using the mooshoo pork skip, it's a really good run. It's a shame that it was found after this run was done, but that is one of the few down sides of this run. There were minimal movement mistakes, and great trick execution. I am going to say accept, but I do hope that exe decides to submit another run with the newer skip. A big congrats from your friend Crash  thumbsup.

AV good with no cheating.

About 5-10 seconds of mistakes but it is all made up with the amount of time saved by almost perfect randomness with final boss. accept

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Dominic 'exe' Lenze!
Thread title:  
I'm glad this got accepted, it's about as fast as this game can be done with the old route. Congrats, exe!

Let's now hope that this brings some attention to the game...
from PAListan
Omg thank you very much!

I'll definitly work on a run with the new Route! My new WR is much worser in gameplay than this run, so I'll grind the game for a "clean" run with very good RNG. The RNG in my 55:05 was perfect, the gameplay wasn't.
My Final goal and submission/improvement for SDA ist sub 54! It's very hard because of the perfect RNG and the new UltraTailbounce is an easy runkiller, but somedays it will happen ^^

Thanks again to all Verifier!
Congratulations exe, I hope we will see a better run in the near future.
New route, new tricks, no more pork => more fun Smiley