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I am relatively new to speedrunning and I want advice on how to get into it and good games for it, generally I play game like Legend of Zelda and XCOM: Enemy Unknown and own a Wii U and Wii and my computer, I can buy most games and generally prefer PC over consoles and would like some games to attempt and try to improve my ability, I am planning to buy some beat em up games like castle crashers, if you have any advice for a game to start and some tips it would be appreciated
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The best kinds of games to speedrun are ones that you enjoy. Generally you don't speedrun for glory, to be better than everybody else or whatever, you speedrun to get a new twist and extended replayability on games that you already enjoy.
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To FIX & HD Body Harvest 4 PJ64/Jabo
Hey, I may have a game for you.

Watch this vid for a great overview:

I made an HD retexture pack for Body Harvest for the N64. The texture pack is a work in progress as Java is the only level that is mostly HD, but the DL includes my full PJ64 folder so yu have a great emu all setup.

Here is the DL for my HD pack + emu:

This game also has an active speedrunning community here, though I would suggest playing it like normal as much as possible to enjoy what it has to offer:

If you did not know, Body Harvest was made by DMA, who later became Rockstar North and IS the first 3d GTA game! It is a blast and it almost became a full RPG while it's production was delayed by Nintendo. It also has heavy influences from their time with Nintendo such as Metroid (aliens attack space station, yellow and orange suit hero escapes to the planet, bug like aliens, exploration and backtracking to use items/vehicles/weapons that you find to progress. Here is an article about Nintendo's involvement:

The game has a hierarchy of jobs for each enemy, they are not just here to kill you, and some other unique mechanics. I highly recommend you check out the original instruction manual here:

I think of this game as "Grand Theft Metroid Harvest"  Best game ever!  Well, super under rated GEM anyway in need of a remake... or an HD update (wink-wink). 

The controller profile v4 is my favorite and it is setup for a logitech dual action. Control tip: DRIFT by tapping on the brake!

Some save states were to be used for testing the collision/invisible wall bug back in 2008, and still should be relevant today. Post #34 here for more info:

You may need to have a fast PC with an SSD. PJ64 is setup for BH in interpreter mode to stop a crash.

You should be able to just extract, setup your controller, set ROM directory and play. This is for the (U) version of the game.

I'm also looking for feedback and possibly help with the pack if you'ed like to. This game doesn't work 100% and you'll need to find ways to blast your way around the progress halting issues. Speedrunning strats can be used to progress where needed! I can help if you get really stuck! You can also look up cheats and use the "Power/Serious Weapons" cheat with a Sniper Rifle to blast a vehicle all the way across the map with you in it!

The only bad part of Body Harvest was it's graphics, but we all know that all GTA games have always had lower graphics compared to other games "at the time" due to the games open world nature... well, not any more:

If you try it, please let me know if it works for you in the Body Harvest thread here on SDA!
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There's actually a topic about this in the Casual Speedrunning section:

I'll post what I feel is the best answer from there.

Quote from Hsanrb:
General rule of thumb for picking your first one
1) Find a game you go back to, even if its once a quarter... if you naturally going back to a game over and over, your likely to know what games you should look to
2) Don't overcommit to one game, if the game loses its luster, don't keep playing. Your likely to turn a favorite, into something you hate at the turn of a hat.
3) My personal favorite, enjoy the games soundtrack... you're going to be hearing it alot, preferably the first few levels if your going to be serious and go for a top time.
4) Have something you can break with, whether its Dota, CS, MMO XYZ, something that isn't relevant at all to speedrunning that lets you relax.

Biggest mistakes you can make?
1) Pick a game because other people run it, it can raise interest, but people come and go, so it needs to be something you want to play.
2) Commit to speedrunning a game before you've finished it, you can add it to a list, but don't go routing before you finish, you'd have no idea whats up ahead.
3) Having too big of a library to pick from, running lots of games is ok, but not knowing what to play means more time not playing while deciding on something to play.
4) RPG's... you'll likely to find one you like thats too long to run. Most of the top runners of long games don't do full runs every weekend/month, sometimes its two runs a year, rest of the time researching.

Honestly, if you need people to tell you what game to speedrun and they give you actual games, your likely to be starting in the wrong direction. ONly you know what games you want to play, so why ask us?

I want to stress one of the biggest mistakes listed: "Commit to speedrunning a game before you've finished it."
Highly suggest you beat a game first to see if you enjoy it or not. Don't just decide on a game because it "seems cool enough" or the like. Exploring your options is the way to go. It could take you some time to find that game that really fits you. Don't sweat it. Cheesy

There are some other tidbits in that topic I recommend reading over as well.
i agree much to this thank much for hotlink