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Gears of War (Any %) (Segmented) (Insane)

Verifier Responses

Alright, so I spent a lot of time trying to pay Faux-Pie back for all those names, but sadly I must bow to the true "Zomb-Zizzoster" because I cannot come up with 70 names...

Onto the run itself.  No cheating is involved, and everything is legit.  Any glitches used (Seeder 2 skip, Spotlight, Act III cavern skip) I believe are explained in the commentary, but they are legit and explanations for them can be found on YouTube.

Act III skip


The beginning of the run really does not look all that clean, and it is sad that it really isn't all that possible on Insane with the lancer or Hammerburst to make it look otherwise.  The speed part of it is superb and even has some improvements over my casual run.
The art of the active reload can be studied by watching this run.  EVERY SINGLE reload is a perfect active reload.  there are 2 that "aren't" but they were not triggered by Mow-Sly, so they are excused (this time).
With a 20+ minute improvement over the currently hosted run, I cannot think of a reason to reject this run.

Congratulations to the true master of this game, Dough-Fly.

Ok, I'm a very frequent insanity play on GOW, and I got to spend the entire run with my jaw on the floor.  This was incredible.  All active reloads! Crazy amazing luck, I swear like half the run is spend with so little health I was actually biting my nails, even though I knew it was going to be ok.  The act 3 skip, the spotlight glitch, everything was perfect!  I cannot gush enough about this run! I watched it 3 times in one night!

*Deep Breath*

Ok so on to a more proper response.  I found nothing of note wrong with this run.  I think there were two points during my first viewing I was confused about the route, but listening to the commentary cleared it up.  The 20 minute improvement and inclusion of all active reloads made this run look super clean...after the sniper was picked up.  In the start of the run I'm sure that things may have been a few seconds faster if the hammerburst was more cooperative, but I see no reason to say anything but:

Miles out of Miles
Would Accept

Will return with segment times at a later date as I am typing this from a work computer.

Ok, time to have my two cent in this process.

Absolutely amazing run.
20 minute improvement over the old run. Just shows what happens when you sit down and actually try other things instead of the norm.

I'd say Youkai is Miles ahead of the game.

Accepted with no reasons to reject.

This is a very fun game that's best done co-op.

Audio and Video is fine throughout.

Really impressive run.  Never seen OOB in this game before.  I like how the runner set an incredibly high standard by not accepting failed active reloads.  Boss fights were damn good.  Really nothing much to say except this is a very solid run.

I'd say ACCEPT for no other reason except COLE TRAIN BABY

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to William 'Youkai' Welch!
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The TrUest of Shades
Congrats Youkai, keep going for gold man
SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
And the dance continues to see who is the better GoW player.  Congrats on improving GoW Youkai.
The Great Farming Empire
With a 20+ minute improvement over the currently hosted run, I cannot think of a reason to reject this run.

...Wait. Doesn't that mean this is faster than the run on Casual? Wow, Congrats Youkai!
Edit history:
brassmaster: 2013-02-24 04:10:27 pm
This is faster then Youkai's casual run.  My casual run still beats this one by about 5 minutes.  It's been accepted but has not been posted to the site yet.

Also MAS, Youkai is the better GoW player.  I'm too chicken to run this on Insane.
Don't know what to speedrun :(
Yeah Sonikkustar I beat my original casual difficulty run but you have to remember that was the first run of the game ever for SDA and my first run of the game. So it was slow and I was a lot worse and not nearly as nitpicky and we learned a lot about the game since that running of it. As Brass said I'm still 5 minutes behind the current record run but I think 5 minutes considering the difficulty difference is pretty dang good. I'm kind of sad I couldn't get it closer but it wasn't for lack of effort. Anyway I'm pretty happy with it. Glad it was accepted Smiley