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Gauntlet Legends (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

A/V is alright. No cheating detected.

I can't complain about anything but that I kinda feel let down, lol. I didn't know what I expected after reading in the comments that the runner was going to use a timestop glitch.

I don't run this game, but played it quite a bit, and after seeing this run, I know I don't really want to run it myself. The runner handles the first 30 or so minutes of the run so great with really smart use of his super attack, potions and powerups, that I'm so sad that the timestop glitch exists. I wanted to see more of the runner doing all this cool stuff and not just running through empty stages and just fighting bosses!
So yeah, nothing wrong with the run from my standpoint, just with the game itself. Tongue

I'm also a bit sad the game crashes for the runner after he defeats the final boss, but there's not much one can do.

I would Accept this, even though I'd really like to see a no glitch (or at least no timestop glitch) version of this run, just so I can marvel in the awesomeness that the runner had done in the first third of the run.

Video: Good
Audio: Good
No Cheating

The run as a whole looks solid. There are minor slip ups such as enemies getting in the way or going the wrong direction for a second or two. I would say the boss fight preparation is very well done. Grinding early on for level 10 makes the run more consistent so this is understandable in a +1hour single segment run. As far as the timestop glitch goes, it can be done earlier on in the game but can make the bosses very difficult. There are a few points where turbo could have been utilized a little better.

Mountain levels: The early grind had me questioning the rest of the run, but it seemed to be effective in the long haul
Castle levels: Coming back to finish the levels for certain powerups was smart, although I would have liked to see the courtyard bridge skip
Fields: Not much to say here as this seems to be a fairly consistent world
Ice: Excellent navigation for grabbing runestones/finishing levels
Skorne/battlefield levels: Cathedral  and underworld were acceptable as was the battlefield navigation

Dragon: The runner is powered up by this point so it becomes a cakewalk
Chimera: This can be done fairly fast with or without the scimitar but it doesnt make a huge difference
Plague: Positioning is a little wonky at first but the fight goes well regardless
Yeti: Good use of the ice barriers for the fight
Skorne 1: The fight was done a little bit safer than I would have liked given the amount of health the runner had
Skorne 2: Some missed shots but the runner has all necessary powerups at this point in the game

The game crash itself can be controversial but in the end it is a glitch. The runner has gone through the game's levels so I do not see any reason to deny the run over this.

Decision: Accept

Video and Audio are great, eerily quiet time stop'd Gauntlet Legends with high framerate is a joy to see.
Not too sure about the route, leaving worlds only to walk back later. Also with the Extra Speed item + turbo running some multiplayer bridges with the hold switches are accessible in single player, but I don't remember the game well enough to determine if these would allow for faster routes through the levels.

I question the need for the Ice Axe of Unta, Dragon got bodied really fast. The other boss items actually help out and do damage though.
I feel like the leftover gold could have been spent on Speed or Armor to speed up the final battle.
But this run is a good start for this game on SDA. Maybe another runner will get the knack and attempt to beat this one.

I say Accept!

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Boyo003!'
Thread title:  
I want to thank everyone for taking the time to verify my run. I'm happy to know that the game freeze at the end didn't kill the run. I agree that it would be better to have a run without time stop. That is probably where the freeze at the end comes from; however I have not spent much time confirming that.

I want to apologize for not being around much to answer some questions that may have been posed. I also want to apologize to the moderators if I seemed too aggressive with making sure the run was in the verifying stage. Submitting this run made me more nervous then I could have imagined.

Knowing that this run is accepted I will focus more on a glitch-less run. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please send me a message. Thanks again to everyone you have made me very happy today!