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Yako: 2010-05-27 04:09:01 am
My gf and I were spring cleaning, and we decided it was time to get rid of our old games. I thought I would offer them to people on here first, seeing as how I really enjoy speedrunning. I'd be willing to sell them below the ebay price, with buyer paying shipping of course. I'm in Canada, and I haven't yet looked at how much shipping would be for any of these, but I will do so at a later time. I'm not gonna overcharge for shipping, I'll charge exactly what the post office tells me.

I bought most of the NES games at a garage sale, so none of the games have boxes/manuals, and a lot of them have names written on them. Also, I never managed to get my hands on a working console, so I don't actually know if any of these will work. But I'm sure I can work something out with anyone interested in any of these.

All games are NTSC-U. All prices in all posts in this thread should be in US Dollars.

NHL 94
Super Tennis
Tetris Attack

Romance of the Three Kingdoms VI
Wild Arms
Wild Arms 2
No cases/manuals for any of these.

Mike Ditka Power Football Case, no manual
Phantasy Star III Case, Manual in obvious used condition. Cover attached to rest of manual with scotch tape.
Where in Time is Carmen Santiago The "dictionary" for Carmen Santiago is probably missing a few pages, it's really fragile.

Sega Master System
I have original cases for all of these except After Burner. Ask for manuals until I update this first post to reflect which ones I have.
After Burner
California Games
Captain Silver
Dead Angle
Golvellius Valley of Doom
Great Baseball
Hang On & Safari Hunt
Rambo III
Reggie Jackson Baseball
World Grand Prix

Xbox 360
Xbox Live Arcade
Project Gotham Racing 3
Virtua Tennis 3
All of these also have original cases/manuals.
Thread title:  
Haters gonna hate
Some cool stuff here, curious how much you'd want for the following:

Mega Man 2
Phantasy Star 2 (and if this one has the hint book with it or not)
Wonder Boy 3
Ys:  The Vanished Omens
Waiting hurts my soul...
How much for the Game Boy Advanced Player w/Disc?
Back in the game!
I might be interested in that Gamecube and GB player.

I am definitely interested in:

Wheel of Fortune Family Edition
Zelda II
Dragon Warrior
Dragon Warrior IV
Super PItfall
I thought I had the manuals for all my Master System and Genesis games, but it turns out that I don't. I have the cases for all of the games on your list except for Mega Man 2, but none of the manuals. Sad No guide for Phantasy Star 2 either. Also, shipping seems really pricy because I'm in Canada. Because the games weigh over a pound, I have to ship them as a small parcel, which is 11.25 + packaging to ship. So I'd do these like so:

Mega Man 2 6.00
Phantasy Star 2 5.00
Wonder Boy 3 7.00
Ys:  The Vanished Omens 2.00
Shipping is 11.54 + packaging.
I guess I'd do this for $30 shipping included.
This seems like a bit much though. My inlaws have a trailer in the US, maybe I could go down with them one weekend and mail it from there... Not sure how much it would save. The alternative is to ship it in two packages, but that actually costs a bit more. Sad

GameCube w/ GBA Player              20.00
I have all the wires for the Gamecube but no controllers. Just making sure you are aware.
Shipping is 14.29 + packaging. I would do this for $30

SMB/DH/WCTM         1.00
Wheel of Fortune Family Edition 1.00
Zelda II                 2.00
Dragon Warrior         3.00
Dragon Warrior IV               30.00
Super PItfall         2.00
TMNT                 1.00
TMNT:II         3.00
Excitebike                 3.00
Total approx.       45.00

ZenicReverie has first dibs on the GameCube and the GBA Player. If he takes it, then the list of games ships for 14.29 + packaging, so I'd do the whole lot for $55.00 If he turns it down and you take it, shipping only increases to 21.72 + packaging, so I'd do everything for $75.00. Oh yeah, and the only game with a box is TMNT 1. No manuals for anything.

Let me know your decisions.
I'm gonna go through all my games again tomorrow to make sure that I have all the manuals that I say I do have. That goes for the Sega Master System games.
Waiting hurts my soul...
Oh, I have a Gamecube already though, I just wanted the Game Boy Player. I'll pass for now, seems like you wanted to keep those two together.
If Darius doesn't take both together, I'd be willing to let just the GBA Player go alone. Is that cool? I guess it'd be $15 for it on its own, shipping included.
Waiting hurts my soul...
Understood; that sounds like a good price.
Haters gonna hate
That is a lot of postage, but it is international I suppose, and I do like the game prices.

While I probably can't pay you for at least a week, I'm pretty interested.  I'll let you know for sure in a few days here.
Sounds good Breakdown, I'll hold them for you. Let me know when you know. Thanks!
Back in the game!
Apparently Dragon Warrior IV is a rare game?  I didn't know that.  I can't afford to spend that much, sorry.  The rest of them sound very fair.

Also, if you're ok with this, I'd like to buy the Gamecube without the GBP and the rest of those games for an even $20?  Basically only saves myself $1 based on your other prices (GCN + GBP for $20, less $15 for ZR's purchase makes $5, and $16 for the games).

Let me know.
Is that 20 + shipping or 20 shipping included? I could do it for 30 shipping included I think.

The GBA Player is yours for $15 if you still want it. My Paypal is
I sent you a pm to make sure you got this.
Back in the game!
Quote from Yako:
Is that 20 + shipping or 20 shipping included? I could do it for 30 shipping included I think.

The GBA Player is yours for $15 if you still want it. My Paypal is
I sent you a pm to make sure you got this.

This should probably be fine.

How much without the gamecube though?
Without the GameCube I could do it for 20, shipping included.
Haters gonna hate
Actually, just for clarification here are the prices in US or Canadian dollars?
Back in the game!
Quote from Yako:
Without the GameCube I could do it for 20, shipping included.

Lets do this then.  $20 without GCN.  And, yes.  US or Can $?
Waiting hurts my soul...
Quote from Breakdown:
Actually, just for clarification here are the prices in US or Canadian dollars?

It's a sad day (maybe not) when you really don't even need to ask that question:

Convert US Dollar to Canadian Dollar
$ 1 = $ 1.0158
$ 5 = $ 5.0790
$ 10 = $ 10.1580
$ 50 = $ 50.7900
$ 100 = $ 101.5800
$ 500 = $ 507.9000
$ 1000 = $ 1015.8000


But yeah, US dollars. And look at that conversion chart, because over the next year it's likely to get worse for you guys. Wink

My Paypal account is for any of you guys who needs it. Just find a way to let me know who you are when you pay please! Smiley
Back in the game!
My wife says she want's the GCN after all.

Also add Fester's Quest to the list.
I'll leave it at $30 shipped with Fester's Quest. Wink
Waiting hurts my soul...
Okay, since I know I'm actually getting something from you now, let's try and fill that package up a little more. Do you think Battle of Olympus and Stuntman Ignition would fit? I'm thinking $5 for both and hoping for no extra shipping, which would be $20 total. Thanks.
The gamecube and the disk weigh a bit less than 1 pound (430 grams). Shipping goes from 7.70 to 11.50 if you go over 500 grams. With the other 2 games, you go up to 671 grams. If I remove the cases for Stuntman and the GBP Disc, it weighs 490g, but I'm not sure how much the envelope weighs. So yeah, doesn't look like we can fit those in.
Waiting hurts my soul...
Alright, sounds like $25 for all of those then? Does that work?
Yeah, that does.
Haters gonna hate
All this talk of filling up boxes makes me wonder what you would want for a couple more.  As long as it wouldn't push up shipping I'd also like to get:

Lord of the Sword