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FINAL EDIT: All items have been sold. Thanks again to everyone!
Thread title:  
Dibs on 7th Saga.  PMing.
Balls jerky
how much for chrono trigger and final fantasy Cheesy I know they both have 2 stars, but if you can tell me specifically what they come with that'd be gr8. <3

also ff legend 2
+2 against silly
I'm definitely interested in Dragon Warrior 2-4; even just DW2 and DW3 would be awesome. :3
PM'd all three of you.
How much for Secret of Mana, Mario Kart, Super Off Road, and whatever Final Fantasy's are still available?  Also, How much for the SNES console and controllers?
Interested in Life force, Metroid, The Guardian Legend and Secret of Evermore. Also interested in Chrono Trigger and FF Mystic Quest if none of the above peeps buy them.
Haters gonna hate
Jot me down for interested in River City Ransom.
Willing to teach you the impossible
dang... I will have to see what is left after i get home from work... Save me some NES and SNES controllers at least please!!
What model is the SNES (Original [SNS-001] or Mini [SNS-101])? If it's Mini I'd be interested. My SNES doesn't always play well with my current DVD Recorder.

Also, how much would the controllers be?
PM'd everyone.
torch slug since 2006
PM me about the working NES and Super mario/Duck hunt, assuming you could ship to sweden.
I will probably not take it but it would be good to hear your price.
Willing to teach you the impossible
Here is a list of things me and chessjerk have been PMing about just so others know that there might be a queue

NES and SNES controllers
Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest
NES Super Off Road
Magic Sword*
Sim City*
Genesis:1 Console, 2 Controllers,1 Plug

I need an SNES controller and would love to buy one from you... I only need one
Interested in all of these! Please PM me for details, prices, etc.

Super Game Boy adapter for SNES
Secret of Mana
SNES Console
1 Plug
2 Ten-Game Holders
Chrono trigger
Super Mario All-Stars
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Super Mario Kart
Super Mario World
I should have mentioned that I purchased Super Mario Kart and 7th Saga, so those are no longer available.  Sorry!
Updated first post to indicate games already sold, and PM'd Kiyura and Sasha.

Also, I found some more controllers and accessories. As soon as I find time to see if they work, I will update the list again.
Omg, I totally want that Sega Master System.
PM'd everyone, updated to include extra accessories.
All games worked first try on the NES you sold me.  Haven't tried Star Fox yet, but I'm sure it'll work great.  You're awesome.
Highly Evolved
What do you mean by "game cleaners?"

And is that the speedrun copy of DW IV you're selling?
Oops, I realized that "game cleaners" should have been "console cleaners". Apparently it's some kind of device that you insert into the NES and it cleans the connections in the console itself, I think. (They aren't mine, they belonged to my wife, so I've never used them before)

Updated the list to reflect that.

And yes, it is the speedrun copy of DW IV. I wonder if I should charge more for it since it is a collectible? Smiley
Jump, Gypsy, Jump!
What are you looking to get for one of the SNES consoles? I may be interested in the near future, maybe not right this second as I'm a little hard up for funds right now... Sad
The list is up to date again. Any more interest before I go to eBay and sell the rest as one big package?
Highly Evolved
Could you give me a price on the SNES consoles you have and the shape they're in?  I'm assuming the plug you have left is the composite?  No AC adapter?