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Trying to get some money for a project I've been wanting to get started on, and I don't play any of these anymore. Would rather them go to someone who'd use them rather then just having them collect dust. All games are NTSC-U but pokémon games are region free (except for the N64 game I'm listing. It won't work on PAL consoles). Pictures can be provided on request. I'm also accepting best offer alongside the listed prices.

GB/C games:
Pokémon Red (Still saves): $25 shipped
Pokémon Yellow (Doesn't work, and I'd rather not throw this away 'cause I think it's fixable. I just don't know how): Best offer. I can include this with one of the other games for free if you want.
Pokémon Gold (Saves work): $30 shipped
Pokémon Crystal (Doesn't save, needs new battery): $25 shipped

N64 games:
Pokémon Stadium 2: $45 shipped

GBA games:
Pokémon Sapphire (RTC battery is dried up. Doesn't affect saving): $25 shipped
Pokémon FireRed: $25 shipped
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team: $12 shipped

NDS games (All NDS games have the boxes, inserts and manuals):
Pokémon HeartGold: $45 shipped
Pokémon Black: $30 shipped
Pokémon White 2: $30 shipped
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Bump, still looking to sell these.