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must be gettin' tired
Hello and welcome my name is StiWii Rage i'm a speedrunner of several games. Mostly by Videogame director Hidetaka Suehiro also known as Swery. Today i want to do my first stream at 6 p.m. CEST(GMT+2).
I will play Spy Fiction and show what you must do to unlock everything in this game. Also i will do it the fastest way possible(more or less). Now i don't no what else to say.
When you have interest watching an Spy Fiction marathon come to http://www.twitch.tv/stiwiirage
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Hey, if you're a fan of Swery you might want to check out a game called Extermination for the PS2. You might like it. Smiley
Hi, this is very interesting news about the fact that you decided to go through it today. I also want to know if you will pass other games? I also want to advise the stream mysite of this person