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Final Fight 3 (Any %) (Single Segment) (Expert) [Character: Dean]
Final Fight 3 (Any %) (Single Segment) (Expert) [Character: Guy]
Final Fight 3 (Any %) (Single Segment) (Expert) [Character: Haggar]
Final Fight 3 (Any %) (Single Segment) (Expert) [Character: Lucia]

Verifier Responses

The standard stuff:

A/V is fine.
No cheating.
My run timings were all the same as Murph's in his video openings.

This is an interesting set of runs to verify, simply because running a game like Final Fight 3 is less about nailing a predictable route and more showing how well the runner can adapt and execute when the enemy A.I. plays favorably, and about managing the situation when it does not.  I don't think it can be overstated just how much randomness there is to a run like this.  How enemies spawn, what attacks they do, how well they stack and many boss actions are all at the mercy of the dreaded RNG.  All those things considered i'll break this verification down into a general section and then do the character by character specifics:  Keep in mind for a lot of the run it really just boils down to how friendly the enemy stacking was and how well muprh utilized his chances in those situations, or manipulated the enemies to set up stacking ASAP.  Instead of long stage breakdowns i'll just say right now that there are very few instances where murph isn't getting the most he can out of the run.  There are some spots that look rough and probably appear very slow or sloppy, but in a run with this level of randomness those things are expected and quite acceptable.

Overall:  Murph shows a great deal of knowledge and study about all the facets of the game.  Learning how to abuse the buffer windows, how to best manipulate enemies and bosses, and understanding how to get the most out of each characters varied abilities shows through in all these runs.  There's a lot of heavy execution that goes into a beat em up of this style, i actually would have been really curious to see a tas style input window just so viewers could realize how much nonsense has to be done on the SNES pad throughout these runs! 

Character specific:

Guy: Probably the best character in the game.  Murph makes really good use of all his tools in this run, especially the dash infinite and his very powerful normals and fireball special.

Stage 1 - Solid stage all around.  Dave got a little cheeky for a minute but a quick recovery is made.  Nicely done.

Stage 2 - Great setup to break the door for the shortcut.  That one dirk played mad strong and wins asshole of the stage award.  Callman is a boss that can really shit on a run so this was a beautiful fight.

Stage 3 - Rough start with the May.  But May's are such a brutal enemy to deal with this is expected to happen at some point.  I really like the grab on the arby to break the sign.

Stage 4 - First stage in the run where enemies really just don't want to play nice.  All in all a very nice job playing with a very unfavorable dealt hand.  The Drake fight makes up for enemies being dicks and is an absolute beat down.

Bonus stage - Lol at beating the current tas time.  I think we'll call that good.

Stage 5 - Very nice job managing the mays and joes.  These enemies are by far the worst things to deal with in Final Fight 3.  The computer skip is executed well and all of them get busted in short order without having to detour far from murdering the enemies along the way.  Very nice stage.

Stage 6 - Well done with the door skips.  The elevator fight is outstanding, joes can be such a run killer and they are slaughtered this go round.  The 6 may fight is very well done too.  Black doesn't give the most amazing pattern, but well done getting him into the infinite as quick as you could.  I applaude the ability to not panic when the screen didn't scroll in time and making sure to set up the kill that wouldnt softlock the game.  While that wouldn't have been a reject, it shows a lot of poise to make sure to get the proper ending and such at the end of a long and difficult run.

Overall - All in all this is a really solid run.  Guy is a fast and utility filled character, and those strengths are very much on display throughout the run.  Easy Accept.

Haggar - The mayor boasts some solid range and big damage in this go round, but his lack of a non knockdown infinite makes his journey a lot more difficult on the runner. 

Stage 1 - Very smooth stage.  End of the Dave fight was an unfortunate blemish but still a great start to the run.

Stage 2 - Again i love the plan to break the door to get to callman.  Middle of the stage was shakey but again this highlights how much more difficult it is for Haggar to control and manipulate the enemies than say Guy or Lucia.

Stage 3 - This is pretty much flawless.  Great setup and execution

Stage 4 - I love the use of haggars throws to minimize the trolling from the Mays.  Nice manipulation for the Drake fight and solid execution all around.

Bonus - Bulldozer vs the Mayor??  Get fucked bulldozer.

Stage 5 - A real smooth stage for the most part.  Computer room is going swimmingly until may and arby order up an xtra large fuck off combo at the very end. 

Stage 6 - Super shitty luck with the may death right after breaking the door for the skip.  The elevator is brutal and I can only imagine this is one of the biggest nightmares in the 4 runs combined.  Trying to control 4 joes with haggar is hard, and this run shows that.  Murph's ability to not crumble after the elevator and get through the 6 mays steadily is a testament to the quality of this run.  Black tried to shit on a quality run but a good bit of patience and execution put a stop to that. 

Overall - Very good run with a character that requires a lot more effort to control the enemies.  It may not be the prettiest looking of the runs, but there's a lot of work, planning, and execution in this so I gladly accept.

Lucia - Lucia is similar to guy without quite as much utility or damage in her arsenal.  When played well she can dominate the enemy cast however, and her dash infinite makes bosses look really free.

Stage 1 - Fantastic stage.  One dirk got his fun in but beyond that this is baller.  Dave got his happy ass curbstomped.

Stage 2 - Another solid stage.  Callman decides to be callman but a very nice improv to ditch the may and make getting him in the infinite much safer once you got ahold of him. 

Stage 3 - The beginning of this stage features the strongest ray i have ever seen.  That dude wanted it bad, she's just not into you ray, sorry bra.  Other than that bit of sexual harrassment this stage is absolutely crushed.

Stage 4 - I love the use of the triple side change during grabs to set up infinites on the fat bastards.  This is one of those stages where Murph's  knowledge of the game engine and how to abuse it really shines.  The Drake fight made me cringe only because it was one input error away from being perfect.  Despite that it was a quick recovery and still a fantastic fight.

Bonus - Oh look, perfect again.

Stage 5 - Not much to say.  May's and Joe's get very little of their bullshit off in this run.  Well done.

Stage 6 - Really the only stage where enemies noticably were not being cooperative in this run.  The elevator goes very very well, the start of the may section is cringe-worthy, but the fact that you got absurd stacking on all the 2 bar mays makes up for it in spades.  The black fight is soooo good.  To get a Black fight with only 1 escape at the end of a run this solid is really really awesome, and i cant imagine anyone beating this run anytime soon solely because of that.

Overall: I'd say this is the prettiest and best looking of the 3 "minor" runs.  It really shows Murph had a great deal of how to manipulate the game figured out by the time he did Lucia.  Absolute Accept.


Now. Ladies and Gentlemen.  We come to THE MAIN EVENT.


To run Dean on any level, let alone an expert mode difficulty speedrun requires equal parts manliness and crazy.  Enough manliness to go rip out an entire sequoya stump with one hand, and enough crazy that you would willing hammer your own dick to a 2X4 with a roofing nail.  This is the power of DEAN!

Dean is absolute shit garbage.  No one should attempt this run, unless you  have magnificent robot powers.  Even attempting to verify this run is dangerous, but as it is my duty, I give you my verification of DEAAAAAN.

- Runner picks Dean and actually starts the game.  ACEEPT!


I have to actually give details?  You are some sick little monkeys.

Stage 1 - Runner has not died from the horror of playing Dean through a stage.  Accept.
Stage 2 - jesus christ Dean is still going.  ACCEPT
Stage 4 - Drake gobbled 20 seconds of horrible luck right up his hairy bunghole, and this is still AUTO ACCEPT
Bonus - WTF DEAN YOU'RE SO BAD YOU CAN'T EVEN PERFECT THE BULLDOZER.  On PRINCIPLE i continue to ACCEPT, because somehow the runner has not spontaneously combusted from watching Dean slog through this game.
Stage 6 - Dean...elevator.  Dean + Elevator.  This run could be 2 hours long at this point and I'd auto accept just for getting through the elevator without a continue.  WHY DEAN???

Overall:  I'm not joking, this should have been ACCEPTED at the character select screen.  SDA is going to have a Dean run.  Wrap your fucking minds around that one children!

(Serious Overall:  While not as polished as the other runs, the amount of insanely good stacking in this run makes it a very good time.  Drake was a fucko but the odds of getting a run with this kind of A.I. cooperation and a good drake fight is not a torment i wish on any mortal man.  So yea, Accept).

Nicely Done Murph, this was a lot of work and it paid off.

Okay since the first verifier did a good job of covering everything, this means I don't have to go into as much detail.

a/v: Looks good to me.

Gameplay: I'm not really going to go into much detail  with each run, but I'll just say that running beat 'em ups can be tough because you'll never have a perfect run. There is too much RNG, and even if you execute perfectly, some jerk enemy will screw up your perfect plan. That being said, I think Murph does a good job of improvising when necessary, and goes into each area with a good gameplan.

Super detailed character analysis.

Guy: Dash Elbow too good

Lucia: Dash kicks too good.

Haggar: Dash clothesline into hammer too good

Dean: No good, but somehow beats the game.


I watched all the runs earlier and the quality for each run is good.  Much like what the 2nd verifier said, the first verifier pretty much summarized everything that needed to be said.  The fact that the runner was able to do the same run four times is very commendable and each character had their own advantages in getting through the runs.

And then there is Dean.

I suppose that if you have multiple characters to play as, you will have that one character that is very lackluster in comparison.  I mean, look at how he punches: he punches by slapping his backhand against someone.  WHO DOES THAT?!  Even pimps put effort in their backhand hits.

Really overall, while I do enjoy going into details in my verifications, there is no reason to do it here.  Each character did a great job in getting through the stage.  Even if Dean uses a puny backslap to fight in the streets.


Decision: Accept all

Congratulations to Sean 'MURPHAGATOR!' Murphy!
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All the things
Congrats Murph! Even Dean gets a chance sometimes.
SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
First off Murphy, congrats on another job well done.  Extra kudos for managing to do a run with Dean of all characters.

That said, what's next?  After all, we still need this little number in the game list:

I second verifier #2.

Good shit, Murph!  I loved watching these runs.  A job well done.  ^_^
B+Left, Left, Up+B, ★
Watching these runs unfold on stream was super entertaining. It's crazy how much stuff goes into running beat em ups like this. Grats Murph!

Quote from MAS8705:

Uh oh... incoming rant on FF2
Oh baby. This was quite an adventure getting all these submitted. I'm glad everyone liked them, because they sure did take some work.

Quote from zallard1:
Watching these runs unfold on stream was super entertaining. It's crazy how much stuff goes into running beat em ups like this. Grats Murph!

Quote from MAS8705:

Uh oh... incoming rant on FF2

Final Fight 2 sux. /rant

In all seriousness, Final Fight 2 is legitimately the last final fight game I would run. It offers absolutely nothing new or interesting compared to the first game, and has absolutely terrible enemy and boss design (Retu, the final boss, has absolutely no answer to the basic final fight infinite. YAWN). I'm already working on mighty final fight, I might do the original on a real difficulty thanks to the final fight double impact port, and I absolutely adore streetwise for reasons that no one will ever understand, especially not myself.

fuck dean
B+Left, Left, Up+B, ★
Quote from MURPHAGATOR!:
fuck dean
I got to verify a dean run.  My life is complete.

Oh and grats murph!
My feelings on The Demon Rush

Oh yeah, I agree with Murph about Final Fight 2, it's just a really boring game and doesn't add anything new from Final Fight 1. If anything, it detracts because it has less enemies and slower pacing than the first game.
Congrats on getting these out Murph. Dean finally gets his ten (and only ten thank god) minutes in the dim limelight.