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Final Fantasy XII (ntscj/pal/ntscus) (ps2) [Any %] [Segmented]

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Quote from AlecK47:
A/V good, no cheating detected

In all honesty I'm still a bit surprised that somebody was crazy enough to give FFXII an updated segmented run.  Not only that, but it was the same guy who did the last run and I figured that he was well and truly done with the game (as his comments suggested).

What with all the refinements and discoveries the game has seen over the past couple years, it's good that the game page is getting in update.  And a very good update, at that.  Easily the biggest problem with this run is purely RNG: the drops from the second round of Dustia farming were an issue and so the runner lost a good bit of time killing a couple more than was necessary for more drops.  That said, it's really hard to model just how likely or unlikely it is to get much more than the runner did, and apparently getting the ideal amount of loot there (as a couple of us RTA runners actually have) is somewhere on the order of 1/1000, so that one can slide.  Most other issues are more than made up for by segmenting less, which costs time in this game, meaning the occasional menu hiccup or such are more forgivable.  The game is likely to take far more time away than the half second most of those cost.


Additionally, I highly recommend that anyone who watches this give the audio commentary a listen, because there is a hell of a lot to explain in this game.  And most of the time we managed to explain it without constantly talking over one another...

Quote from Freddeh:
A/V is about as good as you can get for FFXII on PS2

Congrats to Youkai for another successful FFXII Segmented run, that crazy person!

In general, the routing is very tight, number of segments are kept to a near-minimum and movement throughout is pretty solid. The only real general issue I have with the run revolves around the menuing, it could definitely have benefited from being a bit more practiced and sharp. As Aleck said though, these are more minor gripes in the grand scheme of how much RNG he manipulated in this run, and some of his boss fights more than make up for it (The second Cid fight was a sight to behold for example).


Seconded on the Audio Commentary.

This is a solid improvement from Youkai for Final Fantasy XII Any% Segmented. The improvement really shows compared against the old one. A/V quality is easily acceptable. My only two gripes with the actual run itself are:

1. There's a faster zone to do Dustia Farming in, and this zone is only really done in segmented, however it was not used. Also, Youkai ended up killing a few more Dustia than necessary. Youkai has made it clear that he spent almost 500 attempts on that segment to get it right, and I can understand why he made the decisions he did.

2. While Youkai's menuing has improved since his last segmented run, it does get a little bit slow at times, which you wouldn't expect from a segmented run. This however, is by no means, a point for rejection.

Other than these two points, the run is really well done. The strategies are complex and well executed, and there weren't any really tragedies in the over all product.

I'm really proud to have watched most of this run being created and executed, and as a Single Segment Final Fantasy XII runner, this run is something to be proud of, as the runner, or the watcher. This is an absolute accept, and assuming this gets verified, well done Youkai. I'm very proud of you, and you really deserve this.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to William 'Youkai' Welch!
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Congratulations Youkai. We're all really proud of you Smiley
Don't know what to speedrun :(
Yay. Thanks verifiers!
You don't know how much I've been looking forward to this.

Is it online on YouTube or the like, so that I can see it before it gets posted on-site?
Don't know what to speedrun :(
Yeah here you go: