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Any% Segmented Run (45 Segments)

Verifier Responses

Audio and video are good. This run took me awhile to get through but finally sat through the last of it. I don't think there are many mistakes as it seems he super optimized it. There is no cheating and I'm fairly certain all the segments had no inconsistencies.


FFX Notes

Much of this is talking to the right people in the right there isn't much to it. That, and watching the cutscenes.
In the small amount of combat that is here, a lot of it is auto-piloted. Sinspawn Ammes' Demis only twice, which is pretty good.

The beginning fight is optimally done, passing instead of attacking saves time, and you don't get enough from fighting  that its worth it.
The section in Spira goes about as well as you can get. The battle here goes well, getting the first two attacks.
The Geosgaeno section goes as well as it can.

Klikk dies quick enough. I don't believe he can attack you much less, but, it's minmal if he can. Getting Grenades goes smoothly.
There is nothing to do but watch the cutscene and do the tutorial. Only one battle here seeming amazing

Grenade'd! Just grenading Tros is very efficient. Tidus doesn't do enough damage to really warrant him attacking and wasting time.
Swim up, watch cutscene.

I know where to go Wakka, thanks. This is just a long path of encounters, so, getting a small number again, is what you want to see.
2 is good. Anyway, Puzzle time! The rest is mostly cutscenes

Kimari fight goes well enough, at least he doesn't Jump more than once. Getting the Overdrive full in the garuda battle is good.

Sin battle goes well, the Overdrive is enough to kill him, and there are some dialog skips. Sinspawn goes well considering how strong Blender is.
Tidus BARELY dies, which I assume is the plan.

The path to the temple is filled with encounters and is a long path, normally.  The Lancet intro battle gets Valefor's Overdrive also, which is great.
Other than that, there is only 1 encounter! Sinspawn Geneaux doesn't kill Valefor, which is a feat. Plus, he ends with Overdrive.

Temple puzzles again. Also, screw the Jecht shot.

Robot House! Thunder is the only thing that one shots the small robots, so, skipping to Lulu is the play. The Oblitzerator doesn't kill you, so that's good.

Let's Blitz! Or, just run away for the 9:59 of the game, shooting for the goal at the last second. It's worth the reward you get.

Post-Blitz fighting goes well, regardless of how tedious the fight is. Tidus dying is unexpected, but, he doesn't seem to need the experience.

8 encounters of Mi'Hen Highroad is good considering how long it is, i don't think i could expect it to be lower.
The learning of Self-Destruct is necessary. At the inn, you get all of the Al-Bhed Primers.

The Chocobo Eater fight goes extremely well, getting 4 Overdrives from Valefor! Now we can skip some encounters on Chocobos.

Mushroom Rock Road is just full of encounters.
5 is on the low end here, including getting the right monster formation that lets Valefor fill up his overdrive. Also, fast menu-ing.

Sinspawn Gui can be an annoying fight. Tidus going first here is important, so he can Haste Lulu. After doing enough damage with Lulu, Valefor Overdrives.
He survives this while also getting recharged. Then Kimari can Self-Destruct, doing immense damage to it, killing the boss. The re-fight is a lot easier with Seymour
Just have him do all the attacks.

Djose Highrooad is also a long encounter stretch. 4, including the ability to get Stone Breath. The Djose Temple is one of the more confusing puzzles.
In this temple, he opts to use the Destruction Sphere to get a Magic Sphere, one of the better temple rewards.

7, 3 of which are Ambushes seems pretty bad. But, it fills Overdrives for later, so it works out

Extractor fight! Tidus gets his Overdrive full and barely doesn't die.

Rikku time! Now with the abilities to to Steal, Combine and more importantly Mix, this will get real. The rest is a long cutscene.

Thunder Plains, with 4 (including stealing a Soft, and more importantly, a Petrify Grenade) encounters. Very good for the first half

6, with the second Petrify Grenade stolen, makes a very good second half to the Thunder Plains

6 encounters, including the third stolen Petrify Grenade. Losing Tidus in the third fight is bad, but minimal.

Spherimorph is a very luck-based boss...normally. Rikku makes short work of it. The other relevant part is that the relevant party members are "used" in  the battle so they earn AP.

The Extractor/Negator fight is up next. Rikku survives the attack to be able to Use, in addition to Kimahri. She gets restored by Yuna, and uses Mix to finish it off.

The first important thing is getting Tidus' Overdrive full. Then, after switching to the right weapon, Kimahri can Self-Destruct, doing immense damage.
This kills the two Guards, and causes Seymour to Summon Anima. Shiva kills  Anima with two Overdrives, being full after the second one.
Casts NulBlaze to be immune to Seymour's first attack, the second one heals her. She can then Overdrive, which kills him.
All of these elements have to be carefully planned, based on the order of Seymour's attacks.

Now, the Temple puzzle. Which can be annoying if you mess up. You can't Flee these two battles, so, this the quickest way to escape them.
2 encounters on the way back, filling up crucial Overdrives.

Wendigo time. By Petrifying the Guards, they don't cast Shell and Protect on death. Shiva successfully Overdrives Wendigo to death.

Having Tidus dies AS Auron shows up saves a dialogue screen. 6 encounters in this segment is low.

2 random encounters, then Petrify the only obstacle.

Petrify Grenades from earlier make short work of the forced battles. Also, because of Kimahri's 'level', one Lancet fills up his Overdrive.
Finally, you reap the benefit of knowing al-Bhed...Underdog Secrets, one of the better Mix elements, which you are given more than you need, and they sell for a high price.

Evrae can be difficult, normally. Here is the first of many battles that will make use of mixing Underdog Secrets, in this case, with a lvl 1 Sphere.
Stealing 2 Water Gems from Evrae is also a challenge while beating it. That, and refilling Rikku's Overdrive.
Bevelle makes you fight all of these guards, but with all the Useable items, it looks a lot easier.
The segment continues with a Temple, which again, can be very confusing if you don't know where your going.
Planning the best route through this is also important.

Via Purifico. In the first section, Shiva's Overdrive is built up. Then, the Aeon fight(s). The final one of these, Bahamut, is made to look easier.

Via Purifico, pt.2. Undead Evrae, which is easier now that it is Zombie'd. Healing items hurt it instead of help, which make the fight way easier.
2 encounters on Highbridge

Seymour Natus and Mortibody fight is a big one. Or, it would be, if not for Quartet of 9. The important part here, is that Rikku end the fight with overdrive full.

The Calm Lands is a large open body of encounters. 7, including some Steals and an odd Bribe

Defender X! First, Rikku Mixs, giving Tidus the Quartet of 9s, he uses a Gem, she dies in one hit gaining Overdrive full, Tidus uses another Gem for the kill.

Into Yojimbo's Temple for the next segment. The fiend inside drops a Peaceful Shield. Mt. Gagazet is next.

Biran and Yenke fight, which is harder without Mix. But with the Dream Powder from s36, it kills one and leaves the other within one hit of death.
1 encounter only, due to the Peaceful Shield. In addition, all of the Gil is Bribed away and Rikku, again, fills he Overdrive.

Seymour Flux and Mortiorchis is in this segment. This fight, Rikku combines Underdog Secrets differently for Trio of 9999, which affects everyone.
Two Gems get used, killing Seymour, and Rikku ends the fight with Overdrive full. The trials are done with one try and in the quickest order.
Sanctuary Keeper is also in this segment, with another Trio of 9999. One Gem kills it.
The segment ends in the Blitzball Stadium ruins.

Here, Tidus takes off the Peaceful Shield to fill up Overdrives. Also, time to match tetroids.
Anyway, here comes the Spectral Keeper fight. After the Trio of 99 and Tidus' Gem, Lulu can pimpslap the boss to death.

Yunalesca, which if played normally is a challenge, is hard because she has 3 stages each with a lot of health.
Stage 1: Rikku starts with the Trio of 9999 then, as normal, Tidus uses a Gem, filling her first stage
Stage 2: Hellbiter gives all of your party Zombie, which makes curing them harder. The other problem is that in the next form, she casts Mega-Death, which kills all party members who aren't a zombie.
Stage 3: Because of surviving with Zombie, Mega Death is useless. Lulu can use her Overdrive and do more than a gem can normally, killing stage 3.

Sin's Left Fin, like any other boss, is powerless against Trio of 9999. As is his Right Fin, making sure in each fight that Rikku fills her Overdrive.
Sinspawn Genais/Sin continues to work like every other fight, as you would expect. Yet another Sin fight. This time, after Trio of 9999, Tidus casts Haste.
That is mainly because this fight is on a clock, the clock being the number of times you get "Drawn to Sin".

The first fight fills Rikku's Overdrive, because the last boss couldn't.
Next is Seymour Omnis. Because of Trio of 9999, you don't hace to worry about the circles behind Seymour, they normally represent what he is weak to.
But, because of Mix, the fight is simple.
After the fight, Peaceful Shield is temporarily taken off to refill Rikku's Overdrive, which as always, is the crux of the speedrun.

It's fairly easy to avoid the crystals in the Tower.
Jecht time!
This is one of the few different fights. Your starting party is always Tidus, Auron and Yuna. Chocobo Wing gives Haste to everyone.
Kimahri uses Smoke Bomb to turn off the Pagodas, which charge Jecht's Overdrive and heal him.
The Gem sends Jecht into his second form. The third Gem kills him.
The battle against your aeons isn't too tough (because you can't die here). Shining Gems are enough to kill them. Yu Yevon himself is just a Phoenix Down away from death, because he is a zombie.

Each segment flows into the next, and all the planning is well shown. I cannot many reasons not to accept this
Decision: Accept. Good Job Caracarn

Audio/video quality is just fine. Everything looks consistent between segments, and the various strategies work well. Don't see many mistakes at all, probably whatever else can be optimized is up to the fickle RNG.


Quote from Essentia:
I'm going to go ahead and let everyone know that this is Essentia. I have to say that this run is amazing. The major improvements over my run are:
-manipulating more criticals
-better management of AP and the sphere grid
-avoiding detours to fill Rikku's OD
-fewer segments

Timing: The last in-game time seen is 9:35 when he loads the final save. After that, it's about 20 min 59 sec real-time to the final boss's death, which would give a final time of about 9:56 (due to rounding up). This is a substantial improvement over my time of 10:25.

Audio/visual are fine, and no signs of cheating (especially since the runner live streamed all of his attempts). There are only a few little mistakes (problems with menuing, accidentally activating the tutorial panel) throughout the run, but no major mistakes. The runner mentions a few tricks that were discovered too late to incorporate into this run, but each of them save only seconds. I'm definitely accepting this. Congrats!

I'm not going to go into detail  since the runner pointed out most things in his run comments, but there are a few things I want to mention.

Saving: I noticed that it seems to be slower when you save in an empty slot, as opposed to saving over an old FFX file. I compared your saves with my run, and it appears to be 1-2 seconds faster to save over an old file. Then I compared how long it takes to load 1 FFX file (I'm assuming that's how many you had on your memory card) as opposed to 4 FFX files on my card, and it was less than 1 second difference. I'm thinking the optimal thing would be to have 2 save files on the card and always save over the older one, but then again it might depend on the specific memory card you use.

Segment 1: The input for Auron's OD can be a bit faster if you roll your thumb over the d-pad instead of pressing them one at a time.

Segment 2: Since you made an extra segment here, I was expecting you to manipulate both preemptive on Sahagins and ambush on Geosgaeno

Segment 3: I still would like to see this segment with no piranha battles, but I can understand why you accepted one.

Segment 5: It's possible to get only 1 piranha battle in Besaid, but it's very rare. (I've had it happen once.) It wouldn't have been worth going for, unless you could find some other way to get the needed mana spheres.

Segment 6: I always used fire with Valefor/Lulu if I didn't need a specific element, but I guess you used thunder because it has a slightly faster animation?

Segment 7: The Fin battle was definitely faster than mine, but Echuilles looked seemed slower to me. So I compared your Echuilles battle with mine, and it turns out mine was about 3 seconds faster, and I still got the 6 mana spheres without overkilling it. (Did I get rare drops, or do you always get 6 mana spheres when 4 scales are onscreen?) I didn't use cheer at all, used dark attack twice (meant I didn't have to do as much damage since the boss didn't heal itself with Drain Touch), and needed one critical hit somewhere in there in order to kill it before the second blender.

Segment 11: I love that you were able to get a goal with 4:59 on the clock!

Segment 14: I'm glad to see that using Valefor against Chocobo Eater worked out so well, since that was one improvement I thought of after I was too far into my run.

Segment 15: Too bad about the menuing. I understand why you did it now instead of the next segment (so that Kimahri's HP could get healed when you save), but unfortunately the mistakes cost more time than it would have taken to touch the save sphere an extra time in the next segment.

Segment 16: I still don't think it's fair that you were able to get a critical self-destruct in only 12 tries! Tongue

Segment 18: I know you accepted the ambushes because you wanted to fill ODs, but this segment still looks a little ugly.

Segment 21: I think it's possible to enter the travel agency before Rikku speaks, but your movement has to be perfect.

Segment 22: I love the idea of having Rikku attack your own party members to save time.

Segment 25: When you mention little things in your comments (such as missing the skip for Wakka's grunts), I usually know what you're talking about. However, I've never noticed the delay before Brother talks. I checked my run, and it takes the same amount of time for Brother to start talking as in your run, so I guess I got the delay too.

Segment 26: Very nice that it takes only 2 Pains to fill Shiva's OD, so that worked out well.

Segment 32 & 35: I was wondering why you do the sphere grid in the middle of these segments instead of at the beginning of a following segment (where you could be sure to do it without mistakes)? It wasn't a problem in 32, but as you said, in 35 it was sloppy. Since there weren't any HP/MP upgrades, I don't see any reason you couldn't do it later.

Segment 38: Now I feel really dumb for mixing Quartet for the Ghost.

Segment 40: I think the Flux battle is hilarious! Still no fair that you got a battle like this in only 2 attempts. Tongue

Segment 43: You must always have good luck on the second fin. On most of my attempts, the second fin refuses to ram the airship until after Gravija.

Segment 45: Very nice BFA strat (thanks Nitrodon!) There's even an improvement right up to the end of Yu Yevon. Great job!

Audio/Video are amazing, so much that I hope there is a lower quality video that is much lower in file size when the run goes up.

I watched him try segments on his stream, and the amount of time and dedication Cara spent on this run is amazing. He would try segments for months, and never seem phased or bored (too much). The run quality is great, and I am pretty sure there is no cheating (I never noticed any and never saw a cheat screen during his streaming [he reset a lot so it probably would have showed]).


Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Tristan ‘Caracarn’ Helwig!
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Surreal: 2012-08-27 08:36:44 pm
Congrats Caracarn =]. The amount of resets needed for these segments must've been brutal.
Congrats Caracarn! Cheesy
Claimh Happy
Congratulations. I cannot even pretend to know how this must feel, both the process and having be accepted.
Congrats, Caracarn!  Having been following this for awhile, I've glad to see it is finally passed verification!  Cheesy
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puwexil: 2012-08-27 09:43:36 pm
Professional Second Banana
Congrats Caracarn!  Now quit stalling and get those comments written for your SS run.  Wink
Pheenoh the mean-o
Watched most of these segments done live, and Caracarn set the bar very high. I remember the one Thunder Plains segment he reset almost 1,000 times over (was it 1,000+?), if that puts in perspective how motivated he was to really cut down the time on this run. Congrats Cara! Cheesy

I'm not scared, ya' hear!
Feudal Family Lord
Good Job Caracarn, i loved watching this unfold
SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
a 21 minute improvement over the current run, with a possiblity that the final time is under 10 hours.  Can't wait to see where those improvements were placed in.  Congrats Caracarn.
Fucking Weeaboo
Long live Queen Essentia's run! Sad
Claimh Happy
Possibility? This run is sub10 by a sizable chunk.
SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
Quote from Sir VG:
Long live Queen Essentia's run! Sad

At least she still has the FF6 run to her name.
I wonder, how much longer would a run without previously collected primers be? It seems to me that its technically a New Game +....
Fucking Weeaboo
Quote from Melodia:
I wonder, how much longer would a run without previously collected primers be? It seems to me that its technically a New Game +....

The current run by Essentia is listed as NG+. I don't know if this run does the same thing as hers or not, as I haven't watched it.
Edit history:
Caracarn: 2012-08-29 12:49:53 pm
This is New Game Plus, and it should be listed as such.

I never even realized that about the saving, Essentia. I actually was saving over an old file for the first 8 segments or so, and then I started saving to the empty slot for the rest of the run, without even realizing that it took longer.

The main reason for the extra segment was because of the luck required to get only 3 Demis on Ammes. If I had gotten ambushed by the Sahagins or Pre-emptive on Geo, it would have ruined that.

I've never gotten only 1 Piranha battle in Besaid, I didn't even know it was possible :p

Thunder is a few frames faster than Fire

I'm pretty sure I was aware that Echuilles was going to be slower because of the luck required to kill the Fin without using Lancet. I always thought you needed the Overkill to get the 6 Mana Spheres though; I guess I was mistaken.
Edit: I just remembered though, I needed the Overkill for the maximum AP, otherwise Kimahri would have been short on AP before Gui.

I agree about Segment 18 in retrospect.

I probably didn't choose the greatest spots for doing menuing in this run, but it was usually because I didn't feel like doing menuing at the beginning of a segment I knew was going to take a lot of attempts.

There is a somewhat new strategy for the fins that guarantees it to ram. You need to hit the left fin twice, and the right fin 4 times, and it will always ram after that.  However, the left fin can ram more than once, which would be a reset.

Thank you to all the verifiers.  Single segment (re)submission incoming soon Smiley
Sea of Green
Congratulations, Caracarn! Excited to watch this when it goes up. Smiley